Thursday, February 11, 2016

#ProductReview: Happy Kid Essentials Child Safety Locks

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I have been slowly adding more and more safety locks round my house. My two year old has decided that it is fun to empty everything. She gets into the bathroom cabinets to pull out the toilet paper. She gets into my dresser and pulls out my socks and underwear. That one is rather embarrassing when other people are around. If you have tried installing baby locks, you know some types are more appropriate for certain doors and drawers than others. You also don't always want to drill screws into your furniture, so the ones that have 3M tape are better for those situations. My latest lock is made by Happy Kid Essentials. They have provided me with a six pack of the adhesive cabinet locks in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

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Each end of the lock has a small piece of 3M tape. You simply clean the surface that you want to attach the lock to, pull off the paper protecting the tape, and stick it to the surface. You should make sure the lock is set at a length that will actually allow you to place the lock as well as keep the door/drawer closed. You do this by removing the plastic slide cover from the end, aligned the plastic strip so that the ridges on the end are in the slots on the plastic strip, and then replace the slide cover. You can make the cover completely lock in place or push it almost all the way closed so you can remove the plastic strip later on. It is possible to place the lock and remove the plastic strip but leave the ends taped onto the surface. This way you can use the lock only when you need to.

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I have placed these locks in three different locations. One is on the double doors of my pantry. Three are on cabinets in my bathroom. Finally, two are on drawers on my dresser. The baby lock on my pantry is only there to keep my daughter out when she is refusing to eat the food I give her, but otherwise it is left off. For this reason, I put one lock connecting two doors on the cabinets in my bathroom. This allows me to test to see if she will actually pull the lock completely free by pulling on both doors. When she discovered the locks, this was the first thing she tried to do. I was happy to see that she could not get them open. They open every so slightly though which did allow her to slide some fingers between the door and the frame, but she didn't pull them open far enough to actually hurt her. I put a lock on each of the other two cabinet doors in the bathroom so that the locks wouldn't be as likely to be pulled off. She went from the first set of doors straight to these ones. I noticed that these two locks held the door tighter to the frame. The final two locks on my dresser drawers have dissuaded her from even trying. When she saw them there, she walked away. They have been a little annoying for me just because I am not used to having them on there, but it is well worth not having my underwear all over the house. These locks make me very happy.

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