Saturday, August 27, 2016

#ProductReview: IHome | 5 Ft Purple - Nylon Shielded 2-in-1 Android Micro USB 2.0 & iPhone Lightning Cable #ihome

IHome Charging Cable 1

I recently took a chest of seven drawers and turned it into my charging station for all of our electronic devices. They had been plugged in all around the house, but mostly in my kitchen where I constantly worried about them getting ruined when I was cooking. There are five of us in the house, so we each have our own drawer and then there's a drawer for extra cords and a drawer for the plugs. I am currently trying to find USB surge protectors to review to use instead of the power strips I currently have because that would just make life so much easier. Until that happens I have been replacing the shorter charging cords with longer ones so that it isn't too difficult to plug in each of our devices. Honestly, if I had really thought it through, I would have put all the plugs in the drawer in the middle instead of the bottom one and this would be mush less of a problem. Anyway, the longest cord that I have seen is the five foot IHome Nylon Shielded 2-in-1 Android Micro USB 2.0 and iPhone Lightning Cable. They have supplied me with the purple version in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

IHome Charging Cable 2
IHome Charging Cable 3

The pictures show you my chest of drawers. The cords are all plugged into the surge protectors (power strips) in the bottom drawer and then run up behind the drawers and into the drawer it needs to be in. I have velcro strips behind each drawer to hold the cordsalong the back because some were getting caught on the corners of the drawers. This also makes it easier to locate each cord when then accidentally fall behind the drawer. I have at least two cords per drawer and believe it or not, my laptop even fits in it. However, I obviously used the longest Android Micro cords to stretch to the top drawers and left the shorter ones for the bottom drawers. My Daughter's drawer has been a constant problem. The longest cord I had barely reached into her drawer. With the IHome cable, I seriously considered rearranging all of the cords and using it with the topmost drawer because it not only reaches into my daughter's drawer, but also sticks out about three feet from it. Since it is purple though, her favorite color, the cord remains in her drawer for her kindle fire. The excess cords just makes it so she can sit at the dining room table and have the tablet plugged in while she plays it.

IHome Charging Cable 4

The cord is coated in nylon which makes it sturdier than most cords. I would highly recommend using one of these in your vehicle. It is so easy to have your phone plugged in while driving and then tug a little too hard on it thus causing the rubber coating to break. I have exposed the underlying wires of at least three cords while using them in my truck. Some of that is because they get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter which damages the integrity of the rubber. Mostly though it is from the cords being tugged on. The nylon coating *should* prevent that from happening. I know that I love having it be used for my daughter's tablet because she never actually unplugs it. She just pulls on the tablet until it comes free. That has also damaged a cord or two. The IHome cord has yet to be damaged. Every device that I have plugged into has charged just fine, but I can honestly tell you that I have no idea how long it takes to charge anything. I couldn't tell you those numbers even with their original cords so it doesn't really matter to me how long it takes as long as the device it charged in the morning when I unplug it. So far, everything that has been plugged in has gone from completely dead to fully charged over night.

IHome Charging Cable 5
IHome Charging Cable 6

Now, I don't have any iDevices that use a lightning cable. So I honestly cannot tell you how well the lightning cable portion of it works. I do really love how they have both the Android Micro USB 2.0 plug and the lightning cable plug connected in one single string. They are connected using a piece of elastic. The Android plug fits inside of the Lightning cable portion without stretching the elastic. That will hopefully keep the elastic lasting longer.

I absolutely love this cable. I need at least three more...maybe more than that. With the five foot length, I will have no problems with any thing in the charging drawers being able to reach their cords. We could even open the drawers completely without worrying about them coming unplugged from the power strips below (which has happened with other cords). It comes in Navy, Black, Purple, and Pink so we can identify whose cord is whose easier. I hope they come out with even more colors though. A red and orange would be great so each family member can have their favorite color. I need them for my vehicles as well. I absolutely love this cord!

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