Saturday, April 30, 2016

#ProductReview: Hacart "Cobra" Stainless Steel Men's Link Bracelet #Hacart

Hacart 1

My husband is actually one of those guys that wears manly bracelets, rings, and has his ears gauged. These are things that I love about him. Some guys look girly wearing such things, but I think it makes him look like a bad a$$. He has had this one stainless steel bracelet since long before we got together over 13 years ago and always wanted a second one to go on the other wrist. Unfortunately we have never found one that fit his unique style and personality. Until now that is. Hacart Jewelry has supplied me with their "Cobra" stainless steel men's link bracelet in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Hacart 2

Hacart Jewelry makes unique stainless steel jewelry that suits people who want to have something a little different than your standard jewelry. They have earrings that look like there's a spider crawling through your ear. A bracelet made of skull links, and rings made to look like claws. These all look like something you would see a bad biker wearing. Don't think that they are only for men, some of these items are for women as well. The "Cobra" bracelet is supposed to look like there is a snake wrapped around you wrist. The design on each link is made to resemble a cobra and the clasp has the triangle shape that you would see on the back of the cobra's head. Each section is made of thick stainless steel and connected very securely together. It even has some weight to it that helps remind you that you are wearing it and is comfortable. It weighs just over two ounces.

The clasp is easy to use. You push down on the triangle and it opens. Then you simply loop the hook over the bar of the opposite link and let go. It is really easy to use with only one hand. However, that is the only complaint that we have about the bracelet. We love that it is easy to get on, but it is also super easy to get the bracelet off. My husband was wearing the bracelet while working and it came off. He is a computer programmer. All he did was set his arm down on the table to use his mouse a certain way and it just slid off his wrist. The really good thing is that it weighs enough that when it came off, he felt it come off. Even if it hadn't happened sitting at his computer, he would have felt it. That will prevent him from losing it. He really loves the bracelet, but he might not wear it every day for fear of losing it.

You can purchase the Hacart "Cobra" Stainless Steel Men's Link Bracelet from their website at and Amazon at

#ProductReview: 2_ ArtToFrames 20x16 inch Custom Photo To Canvas, Gallery Wrap #arttoframes

I love being able to put pictures of my kids up on my walls. That probably seems like a weird thing for someone to say because who doesn't love that? For 6 years I was not allowed to hang pictures because of our previous house always being for sale. When we finally sold it, I had pictures up within two weeks on my new walls. I had all these professional pictures taken of my oldest son that never saw the light of day and now I am making room for the select pictures of my other two kids that I am able to have done. There are some key pictures of my oldest that I decided I had to duplicate with my daughter and now with my youngest son. I have a canvas print of my oldest at 27 months old (his two year pictures stunk so we got new ones at 27 months). My daughter just happened to turn 27 months at almost the same time that youngest turned six months so an all kid photo shoot was a must. However, I could not get the canvas print of my daughter in the size I wanted. I needed a 16x20 inch print and JC Penny only offered a 10x20 inch one. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Art To Frames was looking for reviewers for their 20x16 inch canvas wrap! They supplied me with one 20x16 inch Custom Photo To Canvas, Gallery Wrap at a deeply discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Art to Frames 2
Art to Frames 1

The picture that I used was a high resolution picture. Everything for the custom print is done through Amazon. You pick out the picture that you want to be used and can position it on the canvas diagram so that it is a "full bleed" wrap or has a white border on the frame portion of the wrap. I wanted to zoom in more on my daughter, but it wouldn't let me zoom so past the frame. That is the only real negative. There are places where you can zoom more or crop your picture for canvas prints, but this one didn't let me. Now what I really needed was a 16x20 inch wrap, i.e. the canvas needed to be rotated 90°. This is possible to do if you have some kind of photo manipulating software. I have photoshop, so I rotated my picture and resaved it in the high resolution format. Now you might be thinking, "Why didn't you just crop it as well?" Honestly, I didn't want to do anything that might jeopardize my picture quality and then affect this review. For my first canvas print from Art To Frames, rotating the image was the only thing I was willing to do so as not to make the image grainy. If I had, I might not have known whether the poor quality was my fault or theirs. So I rotated it and then uploaded the image to Amazon for my order. It is just that simple.

Once the image was uploaded and positioned on the diagram, I submitted my order. They had until May 5th to get it to me and I received it a whole week early. It came in a large box with lots of cardboard padding to ensure no damage occurred in shipment. I took a picture of the packaging so you can see how protected it was.

Art to Frames 3

It comes with a metal hanger to put it up on your wall. The people making my print realized that the hanger needed to go on it so that it was a 16x20 inch wrap instead of 20x16 inch wrap and put the hanger at the top of my picture. It is a really large square hanger which will allow you to use just about any nail or screw or even multiple nails or screws to put it up on your wall. I ended up using a single 1-inch nail and it hangs perfectly.

Art To Frames 4

Overall, it is a fantastic print! I am completely in love with it. The frame is about an inch and a half wide giving it a lot of support and has around eight staples on each side to hold the canvas on the frame. There are two staples in each corner for extra security. The photo quality is amazing. It looks beautiful on my wall. We love it! Super easy to order and gorgeous!

Art To Frames 5
Art to Frames 6

You can purchase a custom canvas print from Amazon at