Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#ProductReview: Russian Piping Tips #RussiaPipinTip

A hobby of mine is making cakes and other desserts for my loved ones's birthdays. I like to figure out their favorite dish and put my spin on it to turn it into something extremely special for them. Over the last three years, I have amassed at least 40 cake pans, various fondant rolling instruments, and a small selection of icing piping tools. My collection of icing piping tips has been in need of increasing for a while so I can make ever more decorative designs. This is why I signed up to review Comenzar's Russian Piping Tips. I have received a set of 23 Russian Piping Tips, one coupler, and ten piping bags at a deeply discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

There are 23 piping tips that come in this set. Each one is supposed to be a flower. The idea is that normally you have switch out multiple piping tips in order to make a single flower, but with these tips, you only need one tip to make the same flower. That is why each tip is considerably large and needs to use a special coupler. The coupler comes in four pieces. The only explanation I have for the multiple pieces is that it makes it stronger. You can't squeeze this coupler and have it break in half with this design. Since you will be pushing a rather large amount of icing through the coupler and piping tip, it needs to be very sturdy.

These tips are stainless steel which makes them dishwasher safe. They are al heat and cold resistant. When my icing started to melt inside the bag, I stuck the entire thing in the freezer with the tip still on it. The tip was perfectly fine, though I will tell you that the icing hardened inside of the tip making it a little more difficult to get it out which really means that you probably shouldn't leave the tip on when you get the icing cold again. The tips won't be damaged if you do though. When you go to put them in the dishwasher after using them. I suggest you rinse as much of the icing out of the tips before putting them in the dishwasher. There's almost a tablespoon of icing that gets left in the tip when you remove it from the coupler. Which leads me to my next suggestion, you should probably have double the amount of icing you think you need when you are using them just because of how much gets left in the tips. If you need multiple colors, you'll have lots of icing not getting used and will need extra to make sure you don't run out. Better safe than sorry I say. Also, you will want to make your icing thick. If you make it from scratch or buy it, you want thick icing in order for the flower shapes to be clear. I honestly did not make mine thick enough, but you can still identify some of the flowers on my cupcakes. All you have to do to make it thicker is add more powdered sugar. My recipe calls for four cups of powdered sugar, but I probably should have added at least another cup, maybe more.

These tips work great. I love the flower shapes that I was able to get to show up clearly. My only complaint about them is that I have no idea what each tip's flower is supposed to be. I think that they should engrave the name of the flower on the tips. There's a ton of surface area where they could have the names of the flower on them and that would help just about anyone in figuring out which tips to use. I can identify the roses, but I am unsure what the other ones are. Otherwise, I love them. I have to keep them separated from all of my other ones because they are so much larger. They come in a really nice box so that won't be a problem.

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