Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#ProductReview: Halloween Haunters Standing Strobe Reaper Prop #HalloweenHaunters

I love Halloween! It is a tie between Halloween and Christmas for my favorite holidays. I just LOVE to decorate and collect things to decorate with. Christmas is all about homemade crafts, but Halloween is all about the crazy things I can put on my porch and lawn. My kids absolutely love the things that make a lot of noise and if I can set them up to turn on automatically, even better. That's why the Halloween Haunters decorations by TCP Global are perfect for us. In exchange for my honest opinion, I received their Standing Strobe Reaper Prop. There are a lot of different things available, but I liked this one the best.

Halloween Haunters

The reaper comes with everything you need to use it immediately in my video, you will see me take it out of the box, set it up, and immediately use him. Actually, you'll also get to see me fumble around trying to figure out what activates him which takes a little time. You will want to see the whole video though because I turned him on to surprise my son and his friends when they got off the bus. So you get to see three six year olds see it working for the first time in daylight. Anyway, he stands five feet tall. I have him on my porch so he is actually taller than most kids and the same height as the adults that will be walking by for trick or treating. He comes with the poles and stand to stand him upright. His head and arms are repositionable. We ended up eventually putting a hand on the porch railing to help keep him standing up when it is really windy. Otherwise, he stands perfectly. He is mostly made of a really long cloth that covers the stand, but inside of the cloth is his rib cage. I was a little surprised by the rib cage until I turned him on. There is a light inside the rib cage so when he turns on, the ribs are visible through his robe. There are holes cut in the robe that make almost a face. My son had to point that out to me. The head and hands are plastic, but he has lights in his eyes so they turn on as well. He makes scary laughing noises too. The sounds last about a minute.

Now, how he is activated...I thought it was a motion sensor at first, but the sensor is in the back of him which didn't make sense to me. You cannot move the sensor at all. It is sewn into the robes, which is great because you won't pull the cords out of it when you move it around or store it at the end of Halloween. Instead of being motion sensor, it is a sound sensor. If you clap loudly near him, he will go off. I haven't hand him go off from someone talking near him though, so the noise does need to be reasonably loud. I am putting a skull near him that does have a motion sensor so when the skull goes off, it will activate the reaper. We will have a chain of effects going off, but I think it is pretty cool.

He's really sturdy and made of really nice quality materials. My kids play with him every time they go outside and he is still working two weeks later. He came with batteries, which I believe were two double A's. So it doesn't take a lot to keep him powered. I really love him. I wish I could get more items and I really wish I had a tree in the yard because they make a ton of things that hang. We are going to plant a tree this spring, so in the future I will slowly be collecting more items from the Halloween Haunters collection for my tree.

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