Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Check out AvaStars! Create a Doll that looks like your Child! #AvaStars

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Make magic for your child with a doll/action figure in their own likeness! AvaStars is a unique store where your child can pick from a few characters to have a doll or action figure created that looks like them but fits the character they picked. I was asked to come check on one of these stores that just opened up in a mall not too far from here. It is such a unique opportunity that I could not pass it up. I wasn't sure if my four year old would really understand the concept, but he latched onto it immediately!

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I'll be honest, I was expecting a store like Build-A-Bear. It seemed like a similar concept to me with designing your own doll, but there's a photo booth for them to take pictures for the doll's creation. I was not surprised by the tv screen for the animated video also created from the pictures they take. They actually generate a preview of what your doll will look like and animate it according to the character your child picked out into a short video that you get to watch immediately. Below is a picture of one of the doll cases they had on display.

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Here's how it works:
1. You and your child find the person running the booth and get creating the character the doll will become. Your choices vary by gender and some characters can be either gender. Girls have the option of being a Pop Star, Princess, Fashionista, Cheerleader, Veterinarian , Fireman, Special Forces woman, Martial Artist, Ballerina, and Goth Girl. Boys can be a Fireman, Special forces man, Cool Rocker, Martial Artist, Skateboarder, and Goth Guy. After picking the character, you have to put in the matching information for your kid for hair color and eye color as well as payment/shipping information.

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2. Your child will step in the photo booth to have a few pictures taken from different angles so they can match facial characteristics on the doll and create your video! This is assisted by a person, thank goodness because my son needed several retakes since he didn't hold still very well. They will ensure that the photos they need are properly taken. In the pictures below, you'll notice a headband on my son. They try to get your hair out of your face because it helps to get your face shape better that way.

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3. Walk over to the television screen to watch your doll/action figure in action! My son picked the martial artist. The video shows what the doll will looks like. Then the doll started a martial arts battle! The video obviously will be based on the character your child picks. This was a super exciting moment for all of us. It was a little weird seeing a four year old's face on a full grown doll, but my son was very excited watching "himself" performing martial arts. The video is something you can access on their website later on and download to keep forever. Drake's video is below.

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4. Wait patiently for your doll to arrive in the mail! This has been a challenge for us. Our doll was delayed and I don't know why. I didn't tell my son that because after a week of it not in the mailbox (it takes two weeks typically), he stopped bugging me about when it would come. It's just easier to surprise him with the doll when it does come than to try to explain a delay to him.

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Find a store near you!

AvaStars has a couple of different locations and they are planning to expand to more over time. Right now you can find them in Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio (my location). Their exact address can be found here:

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