Tuesday, May 25, 2010

KainsHottie History
Chapter 5: Words from Beyond

I have debated on whether to write this story or not just because anyone who reads it can no longer be an instrument of my Grandma's will, but there are so many people in the world, there will still be plenty to show me signs. So here it is.

When I was in 7th grade, my dad's mom was living with us and had just been diagnosed with lung and brain cancer. My grandma believed with all her heart in an afterlife. She believed that people who die can contact those of the living world, but most people don't pay attention well enough to know when their dead loved ones are communicating with them. My dad on the other hand always thought my grandma was loony for believing such a thing. Since my grandma had a death sentence from cancer, they had many discussions about how my grandma was going to haunt my dad to prove that she was right. Dad actually was freaked out about the idea that my grandma might appear to him when he was indecent or something, so they made a deal on a signal. They decided that when Grandma died she would send us a sign to let us know that there was an after life and she would send us this sign to tell us when things were going to be ok. Since she would be dead, they figured she would have knowledge of the future as well. All that they needed was to decide on what the sign would be.

At the time of the discussion, my mom was gardening and humming Yellow Submarine. She does it unconsciously. We call it her happy song because she never knows she's doing it until we point it out to her. They decided that it would be our sign. However the stipulation is that it has to be by people who don't know that it is a sign for us and has to be out of the ordinary. So if it comes on the radio, that doesn't count.

So the real reason why this is so important. The night my grandma died, my dad was flying a plane through a really bad storm. Apparently bad enough that the pilots were even a little freaked. When the storm broke and they were finally able to relax, the co-pilot on the flight breathed a sigh of relief and whistled Yellow Submarine. My dad asked him what he was whistling, and the man said he wasn't. The captain then said that the co-pilot was whistling Yellow Submarine and the co-pilot firmly believed that he hadn't been whistling at all, but my dad and the captain heard it. After they landed the plane and my dad went to his hotel room, he found the light blinking on his phone saying he had a message which was my mom telling him that my grandma had passed away while he was in the air. My dad is now a believer in after life.

We have had other situations when the song has popped up or even the image of a Yellow Submarine that always was followed by something bad situation being resolved or something good happening. For instance, my college graduation in 2005. The party was a combination with my aunt's wedding, so people dressed up for it, but Brian's brother's girlfriend came in a yellow submarine shirt. I have felt that it was a sign of my grandma being there with me and being proud of me. Since 1994, we have had lots of signs pop up and it has always been a good omen.

Friday, May 21, 2010

KainsHottie History
Chapter 4: Even More Family

So I haven't written anything for a while. Life has been busy and I haven't really had the time. Our house is up for sale again, so I have to try to keep it clean. I am finishing up the class I've been teaching this quarter (3 sessions to go). We've also been preparing for the arrival of my baby boy. It's just a little hectic. I figure I need to write about my Big Bro though before I am too tired to do so. I am getting to a point where I am uncomfortable most of the time and I think I need to start taking naps. Anyway, on with my memories of my Big Bro.

Big Bro was always very busy when I was little. He's 10 years older than me, so you can imagine that he didn't really want to hang out with his very little sister as a teenager. From what I remember, he kept to himself most of the time when he was home. He listened to Ozzy records in his room. Yes, I said records. Occasionally I would find my way into his room and listen with him while he rearranged baseball cards. I remember that he worked at Little Caesar's pizza for a while and was always complaining about how the tomatoes hurt his hands. I also remember a few of his girlfriends who would actually talk to me. One girl used to bring me Kool-Aid points so I could get the junky toys they had available (which I loved). She was one of my favorites because she really seemed like she cared about what I was into.

When we moved to Ohio, Big Bro stayed in Florida. This means there was a lot of time apart and I didn't really know my Big Bro for a while. I don't remember exactly what year it was, but a years apart, and my parents decided it was ok for me to go visit my brothers. So I started spending half a week with Middle Bro and half a week with Big Bro. Sometimes I would visit twice so I could spend one week with each. This is when I really started getting to know Big Bro. He had lived in a trailer for a while where I would sleep on the couch bed. We watched MTV and would read a lot of books. Big Bro got really into reading when he lived alone. We would go to used bookstores and look for Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins books for me every time I visited. Many times we found very rare and old Bobbsey Twins books that I collected and only a few years ago sold on eBay. We also worked on puzzles. Big Bro loved to do puzzles.

As the years went by and Middle Bro started having issues with his ex-wife, I spent more time with Big Bro than Middle Bro. He had worked for a locksmith business and later owned one. I would ride around with him on calls and fill out his paperwork for him. He would also take me to hockey games. I never knew I liked hockey until I went to a live game. I saw a hat trick my first game and also saw a guy get his nose busted in a fight. It was very thrilling. I had a blast. Big Bro and I got closer through sharing our creative writing. He became the one I would talk to about my boyfriend issues. We had many great long talks. We also played a game called Realm on the internet. It was a glorified chat room where you could fight monsters. Very simple, but we enjoyed it.

Now, Big Bro and I share an appreciation for education. He is working on a degree and we can talk about school for hours. He now understands what I have been doing for the last...oh...practically my whole life it seems. He is also married to a woman who is a year younger than me, so I get along with his wife wonderfully! Being so close in age really helps communication. Also, I think I am more like Big Bro than any of the others. I just feel like I can talk a little more freely with him and like we share more common experiences even though we have been apart so much.

Each of my brothers is very unique. I share a lot in common with each one and each thing is different. With Big Bro, I share a love of education and a strong sense of independence. I also share in his sense of logic and creativity. Iwouldn't have it any other way.