Monday, January 24, 2011

Trying out Solids

So I already wrote about how successful apple juice mixed with cereal was for Drake and have the video to prove it. Well on Friday (1/21/2011) we attempted green beans. I was told from a friend that you start with the "sour" vegetables first so he doesn't get used to only eating the sweeter foods. Made sense to me. If he develops the taste for veggies right away, maybe he will continue to like them later and not ONLY want to eat fruit. Well, I have a video of the green beans feeding which will be up as soon as the battery charges from the camera.
Drake Picture1

Drake Picture2

Drake Picture3

He liked eating them just fine, but when he started screaming his head off to say he was done, the screaming didn't stop for 2 hours. I tried giving him water to helps wash it down. The result, he puked up the water all over me and continued puking green beans until bedtime. He was not a happy camper. They gave him gas too. I haven't given him any more green beans since, but we'll try again in a few days. He also got REALLY REALLY constipated. It took well over 48 hours for him to go...I think he neared 60 hours. He was extremely unhappy all day Saturday. At one point he screamed for an hour and a half straight. I don't mean the kind of scream that says "I'm tired" or "I'm hungry." This was pure pain with him trying to to poop. Poor boy. I recorded the sound to send to Kain at the game store in order to justify why I wasn't leaving the house. I'll see if I can get that up too. It's pretty bad.

Anyway...With the green bean debacle and constipation, I decided to listen to the doctor. He said I could try baby prunes to help him get things moving. Which to me says that I don't HAVE to start with the veggies. You know, veggies hurt my stomach too. Something about acid reflux and something in veggies tears me up. So I suppose it is the same for him. Fruits on the other hand hardly ever bother me. It appears they don't bother him either. He scarfed up those prunes today (video on the Videos page). He even smiled while eating them. He never started screaming while eating them, so it was hard to tell that he was done. I just decided to stop making an even bigger mess really. He had it ALL OVER him. It was hilarious. I have a picture of the finished eating scene.

Drake Picture4

He laughed at me laughing at him. It was a good time. An hour after starting the prunes, he started rubbing his eyes and i put him in the swing. Now he's been asleep for almost an hour. He keeps trying to wake up, but hasn't yet. I guess prunes are filling. Honestly, since he finally got unblocked, he's been pretty happy. Sleeping a reasonable amount too. I guess he's growing again. I was told that when he sleeps a lot, he's growing and when he acts up like crazy, something is about to change. So far it has held true every time. When he gets super cranky (no matter what the cause), he does something new like walk in his walker, laugh, roll onto his side, and act like he is trying to chew food. Well since he just learned to roll from his belly to back and has been trying so hard to go the other direction, maybe that will be the big change. He also has a tooth coming in, so that could be a big change...He's also trying to form words. That would be fantastic. =) He watches your mouth so intently and moves his lips making sounds, just not the right ones yet. He wants to talk so bad. He says "Gee" for everything right now, but he is working on the "ungee" at food time. Very soon I think. We also are starting to weed out his 3-6 month clothes. Time for 6-9 month cause he is such a BIG boy.

Well since he is still napping, I want to put a few comparisons of his size to his daddy.
Born 7 lbs 15 oz & 21 inchesBorn 7 lbs 11 oz & 20 inches
1 mo. 10 lbs 6 oz & 22 inches1 mo. 10 lbs & 3 oz (I think, but just under Drake)
2 mo. 13 lbs 2 oz & 24.25 inches2 mo. over 13 lbs & 24 inches
3 mo. 14 lbs 15 oz3 mo. I think he was about 15 lbs
4 mo. 17 lbs 6.5 oz & 26.5 inches4 mo. 17 lbs 2 oz (I think) & 26 inches

When I was looking at Daddy's baby book this weekend, the differences between them could VERY easily be explained by Drake being 9 days late and Daddy being born 1 day late. It's amazing how similar they are.

Time to feed Drake and tried to get something done around the house.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Latest in Videos

We had an appointment on Tuesday with the Pediatrician for Drake's 4 month check up. He now weighs 17 lbs 6.5 oz and is 26.5 inches long. He has gained 5.63 lbs and grown 2.25 inches in two months! He's a big boy. The doctor told me that it is ok to put him in a saucer now, but not a walker. Oops. We won't tell him that he's been using his walker for a month and a half now. We were also told that it is now ok to start spooning food in his mouth, specifically apple juice mixed with rice cereal. So yesterday we tried it. HE LOVED IT! He was grabbing the spoon and trying to shove it in his mouth. He now has ate it three times and his enthusiasm was not a fluke. He was very ready for the change in food and delivery. =) We are very happy about it. Unfortunately he acts full fairly quickly with the cereal and then an hour later wants his bottle. At least he's being consistent. I thrive on consistency and being organized. So the change in our routine is stressful on me, but it needs to happen. =) In the next few days we will try Gerber's First Foods green beans. See how he likes that. I am sure I will have a video of that reaction. For this blog, I have the video of his cereal reaction. I also have him trying to crawl, our cat Esmerelda playing with him, his typical reaction to my singing, his freak reaction to my singing...and I think more.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blogging from my iPod

So my hubby's found an app for our iPods that allows us to blog. A little time consuming, but now I should be able to post more often. Those of you that actually check my Facebook status know that Drake is learning to screech and he is teething. This really is not a good combination. He will be content one minute, screeching yet happy. Then the next minute he is chewing ferociously on his hand screeching with tears rolling down his cheeks. I have been so confused on how to handle it since he isn't eating solid foods yet. I can't give him teething crackers and teething rings piss him off. Why? Because he has to turn them just the right way to get into his small mouth. He gets frustrated trying to turn it. Then he gets mad. Then he screams and cries. I have tried orajel on his gums, but he swallows some and that makes him gag. It doesn't help that he is getting over a cold and still has sinus drainage. I just can't win. We had just got him used to having cereal in his bottles which tremendously cut down on the spit up only to have snot cause him to spit up again combined with him sticking his fingers down his throat for teething. So I am back to wearing half of what he eats. I had such a nice 2 weeks of less laundry, decreased stink of iron on everything and a very happy Drake. We have our 4 month check up on Tuesday so we will see then what the doctor says about the snot and the screeching. I do worry he might have an ear infection, but he has no fever. We need to get back to happy baby because he was making so much progress with tummy time and trying to walk in his walker. He is currently passed out in my lap thankfully, but my lunch is no where close by. Eating is so overrated, but some how the weight is not melting off if me like it should with how little I actually take in. Time to get creative to get my food.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Mommy's winning stuff!

I have decided I love twitter. I love the ability to find out about giveaways that help me out as a mom since I am not working. It helps me to feel like I am helping out with our expenses. So I have started following a few people who put up frequent mommy giveaways. Right now, I am trying to win several things. Here are some links for some mommy related giveaways.

Want a slushie maker? Here's your chance!

New thing to try. RelaxZen shots. Never heard of them until I read about them in a blog. They are giving away a free sample pack. It is supposed to help you relax enough to get through the day and to sleep at night. Worth a "shot" huh? =p

#Win a My Little Pony Friendship Adventures Prize Pack twister/cards/poster from @kidtoons @ourkidsmom ends 2/2 - I have decided to try to win this for my niece. I think she will like it =)

#WIN a DYMO LabelManager 260P Cordless Rechargeable Label Maker RV $65.99! @ourkidsmom ends 1/21 #S4YR - I am trying to win this labeler. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a VERY organized person. I hate being unorganized. I'm actually a little obsessive about it. So this post actually gets me more entries for the contest!

Mommy and me giveaways - Currently giving away an EcoUsable water bottle

Also, if you go to Mommy And Me Giveaways on facebook, you can try to win some Mommy Teething Bling. Looks so cool. Teething rings you wear as necklaces! How smart!

Networking Witches has tons of giveaways including a trip to Disney World, but I am trying for the spa treatment. Could really use this: Enter @NetworkingWitch #Giveaway for IROHA Nature’s PEARL Tissue Mask