Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Emotional week

The last seven days have been pretty emotional around here for me. First my Big Bro and his family moved to Ohio. They packed up their stuff and now live with my grandparents. I am thrilled to have them around. I am hoping to get to know my sister-in-law better and be able to have another female friend since I have so few. Also, their daughter will be around to play with Drake now. That is going to be a blessing for him. They met for the first time this past week and she was already trying to play with him. He can't do much yet, which was disappointing for her, but I know that in the next few month he will be able to do more with her. I think she will be very happy watching him grow up.

The next thing is that I entered a writing contest this week where I had to write about a beautiful moment. I wrote about my wonderful Christmas this year. I posted it on here just before this entry. It was emotional because it reminded me just how blessed I am.

Finally, the main reason for this entry, a friend of mine passed away yesterday. I won't say we were great friends, but we were friends. She sat next to me for two years in my church choir. We share the trials of learning new songs and overcoming the first sopranos with our second soprano part. Many times we gave up and joined the firsts because it was just easier than having our part mess the song up. It is hard to believe that she had cancer. She wasn't very old. Her son is in college, but she would come and talk to me about my college experience and how her son was doing. Sometimes she asked for advice as well since I was fresh out of the same university that he was attending. The last two years I was not around much due to my job and then the pregnancy. I feel terrible that I was not around for her to talk to. Though I don't think she was with the choir all that much of late. The last I had heard was that the cancer was in remission. Damn my new motherly instincts because only a week and a half ago I was talking about her to my hubby. I told him about how much I miss singing in the choir and can't wait for our house to sell so I can return. I even talked about my friend and wondered how she was doing. My instincts told me that she wasn't well, but I had no idea. It is amazing how things become clearer after becoming a mom and yet other things are suddenly a haze from the lack of sleep and exhaustion. She will be greatly missed. I know I will see her again when we sing together in the best choir of all. Good bye my friend.

My amazing Christmas gift

My writing contest submission on the theme "A Beautiful Moment"

I am a new mom. My son is four months old this month (so three and a half for Christmas). Like has been much harder than I anticipated with my son since he has acid reflux and hates to take naps. I spend much of my time standing and holding him. However, when we get those wonderful moments, nothing could be better. This Christmas, we had a lot of places to go and lots of family to see. Everyone wanted to see the new addition. My husband's dad's side of the family has been rather distant from us in the past, but with Drake, I think that is going to change. Drake gave us a Christmas miracle. The whole Seabolt family had not gotten together since Christmas 2006. This was the Christmas immediately after my father-in-law passed. He died of cancer very quickly. The shock of it hit the family hard and left us all hurt and I think afraid. We were afraid that getting together without him would make us forget that he had been there. Afraid that it would just remind us of all the hurt of losing him. It has been hard on all of us. Last year (2009), my husband, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and I visited my papaw-in-law for Christmas. It was just us and a special sad moment. Well this Christmas, Drake brought everyone together. We went to see Papaw (Drake's great grandfather) and as we pulled in the driveway, my husband noted that two of his cousins were standing outside. We walked in the door and I personally about started to cry as I saw two of my husband's aunts standing in the kitchen. We hadn't expected them to be there at all and the joy and love in their faces was so overwhelming that I think I even squealed in delight. Then we saw papaw who was a beacon of shining light in the midst. He was so proud to be seeing his great grandson. He never thought he'd live to see the day. Drake is the first and he thought he looked like my husband immediately. He was just so happy. When he got to hold him for the first time, it was like seeing my father-in-law holding his grandson. He and Papaw looked so much alike. The entire room was quiet for that moment. Pictures were taken, but no words can express the love in that room. The joy in Papaw's face. We had planned for the trip to take only an hour or so. We were there 3-4 hours. My husband's Uncle and most of his family came, bringing almost the entire family there. Drake was passed around from person to person as everyone wanted to meet/greet the new boy. He was so good too. He only fussed for his food and to have his diaper changed. I couldn't have asked for a better time. I was so terrified that he'd be miserable since the first three months had been so rough, but it was like he knew he needed to be good. He knew everyone there needed to be loved and to give him love. My husband's aunt Gail cooked a feast for all of us. We hadn't expected any food. She made their family old time favorites which just made my husband so happy. It was an old time family Christmas. We could not have asked for a greater gift and I truly believe that was my Christmas gift from my son. He may not be old enough to understand Christmas in the sense the media makes it, but he knew the gift of family, love, hope, and joy. I left that night feeling truly blessed.