Thursday, September 29, 2011

Extra Life 2011

Have you ever heard of the charity where you play video games for 24 hours and the money goes to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals? I hadn't until I saw this post on The Divine Miss Mommy. You collect sponsors at a minimum of $1 per hour of game play and then you play video games for 24 hours. Now at first I was like "That's some serious gaming..." Then I looked at the actual website (located here) and found out that while they have a specific date in mind that you play continuously, you do not HAVE to do it all at once. You can play some before the October 15th official day and even some after it. I guess you have to log your hours, but as long as you reach the 24 hours your are supposed to play, they are happy. It turns out that there are some places, like churches, that do a 24 hour lock in to show their support. The other awesome thing is that you can play on ANY system. It says that Xbox, PS3, even your iPod counts. Play on your phone, so long as you are playing games. Easy and fun. Something that you probably can accomplish in a week without even trying. All the money raised goes to saving kids lives. What a great way to show support and actually be helpful. So would you be interested in signing up for the event? All you have to do is go to their website and click on Register Now! to get started. Then find yourself some sponsors. It's only $24 to sponsor, but they can give more. And to help you with your wonderful, generous hearts, The Divine Miss Mommy is giving away and XBOX 360 4GB CONSOLE WITH KINECT! Win a new system and then break it in with the marathon! How cool is that?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Winning for Christmas?

Giveaway #1 Quest for Zhu with Heck of a Bunch. ZhuZhu pets the movie! Wouldn't my niece love this? I had no idea they were going to make a movie, and I think this would make a wonderfully cute Christmas present...Especially if I manage to win some other ZhuZhu giveaways. Ends 10/6
Christmas Picture1

Giveaway #2 Shari's Berries Review & $50 GC Giveaway from A Mom's Balancing Act. These gift baskets are really cool. They look absolutely fantastic. I want one for myself, but I can't pass up the chance for the "A Tweet for Mommy and Baby" basket for my aunt and her future baby girl. She doesn't want anything pink, so this yellow basket would be good. Ends 10/4
Christmas Picture2

Giveaway #3 Bright Starts Having a Ball Pop & Roll with Thanks, Mail Carrier! This is a cool little roadster. It will either be for Drake or for Mary. It's a rather big present to give to Mary if I get it, but it would be really cool to get it. Ends 10/11
Christmas Picture3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Set of Giveaways

I have decided that listing over 20 giveaways on one page might be a bad idea, so here's a new post to continue my extra blogging entries in these giveaways. Giveaway #1 ZhuZhu Babies with Heck of a Bunch. I am trying to get a set of ZhuZhu Puppies for my niece, so I figure why not try to get some of the babies too. Let's just make her a Christmas/Birthday of ZhuZhu. These things are so cute anyway that I might have trouble parting with them. Ends 9/26
Giveaway Picture1

Giveaway #2 Spooky Buddies on DVD with Heck of a Bunch. Lots of people are giving away this DVD. I have passed up a few giveaways, but I just seem to keep coming back to it. So this will be my third attempt to win it. If I were to crazy enough to win them all, then I guess multiple people will be getting it for Christmas! Ends 9/26

Giveaway #3 KICKER-I KICK150 iPhone/iPod Clock/Dock/Radio/Alarm GIVEAWAY with The Ethertons. We have a big problem the the antenna on our alarm clock. The hubby likes to wake up to music, but half the time we wake up to static which of course scares the crap out of me and leaves him still asleep. So I am awake when I don't have to be and I am pushing him out of bed to get ready for work. Well, this is the best option I can figure. An alarm clock he can plug his ipod into and wake up to whatever music he wants. Then MAYBE I will stay asleep as well. Ends 9/30
Giveaway Picture2

Giveaway #4 The Litter-Robot with Real Mom Reviews. A present for me! It's a special, very expensive litterbox that holds the litter, scoops it, and puts it in a bag for you. All you have to do is add litter from time to time and change the bag when it gets full. How nice? this looks like an electronic litter box that just might not get clogged. All the others I have had in the past would clog and break. I found myself cleaning it more just because the stupid things wouldn't work right. This looks very promising and anything is worth a try when you are hoping to be pregnant again for real soon. Ends 9/29
Giveaway Picture3

Giveaway #5 $25 Target gift card with Real Mom Reviews. Who doesn't like gift cards? I can always use money for Target. They have some of the best baby stuff around at good prices! Ends 10/3
Giveaway Picture4

Giveaway #6 DINOSAUR TRAIN LIGHTS AND SOUNDS TRAIN with Tatum's Family Reviews. Drake likes Dinosaur Train some. He hasn't watched it a lot, but he normally is entertained for a little bit. This toy train should be something he would like. He seems to like trains and loves pushing things with wheels around the floor. Since this has lights and sounds as well, it should get his attention and hold it. He loves lights and sounds. Ends 9/19
Giveaway Picture5
Giveaway #7 Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman from Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House. When I was pregnant with Drake, my mom and I looked at these and I really wanted one. I honestly didn't know where I would put it or if I really needed it. Well now that he's here and I have been using a computer chair to rock him, I really would like one of these. I especially want the ability to put my feet up. So on the nights when he just won't let me lay him down, MAYBE I can go to sleep in the chair with him. Ends 9/19
Giveaway Picture6

Wisharoo Park with bassgiraffe's Thoughts
18 and Over Book Giveaway with Sweeping Me
Boon Frog Pod with Children Teaching Mama
18x24 Custom Canvas with The Freebie Junkie
A Wifi Tablet from Budget Savvy Diva
Pediped Originals with Our Kids Mom
Timmy Time: Hide and Seek DVD with Our Kids Mom
Dora the Explorer : Enchanted Forest Adventures DVD with Our Kids Mom
Thomas & Friends : Day of the Diesels–The Movie on DVD with Our Kids Mom
Dora’s Storybook Adventures 3 DVD Box Set with Our Kids Mom
Kidtoons Sid the Science Kid with Our Kids Mom
Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur DVD with Our Kids Mom
Halle Joy: Jewelry with a Heart with Lindsay Blogs
Timmy Time: Picture Day DVD with My Evansville Mommy
Eitech with Taking Time for Mommy
Sock n Boots Compilation book with Taking Time for Mommy
Rockin’ The Road 75.00 Walmart Gift Card with Real Mom Reviews
Mother's Touch Thermometer with The Social Junkie
Brass Locket with Jewelry by Janelle

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Giveaway Post

So it's time for another giveaway post. It's getting close to Christmas and I have some birthdays (other than Drake's) coming up too. So...Time to enter giveaways to try to save me some money. This post will continually be edited as I enter more, so keep your eyes posted for other great gift ideas.

Giveaway #1 #Win Disney’s Spooky Buddies on BluRay & DVD #Giveaway ends 9/25 with Giveaway Blogdom. Who doesn't love a good Disney movie with cute dogs? We already have 2 of the Christmas Buddies movies. I figure we should add in the other holidays when I can. Cute dogs dressed in costumes that I would never in my wildest dreams think of doing, but think is great to see on other people's animals. Ends 9/25
Giveaway Picture1

Giveaway #2 Exhibit Kids Review and Giveaway with Giveaway Blogdom. This giveaway is a specialty line of clothes. These are by up and coming artists and have a limited run of 250 shirts. They are cute and I have one or two children in mind for these. Ends 9/28
Giveaway Picture2

Giveaway #3 Celebrate National Gratitude Day with (5-Day Giveaway) and A Frugal Friend. This is for a gift basket of smiley face items. You are to enter it with the intent of giving it to someone who is deserving. I know several someones, so I might have to divide it up among a few people if I win. Ends 9/17.
Giveaway Picture3

Giveaway #4 ZhuZhu Puppies – it’s not just hamsters anymore!! (Review & Giveaway) with A Frugal Friend. This would be for my niece Amberlee who collects Zhu Zhu pets. It's pretty cute looking and would make a great Christmas/Birthday present. Ends 9/22
Giveaway Picture4

Giveaway #5 Fisher-Price Little People Zoo Talkers Animal Sounds Zoo (Review & Giveaway) with A Frugal Friend. Drake has the safari truck and the train thanks to my best friend Raechel. I know that she plans to give her nephew the zoo and it would be cool if I could win this for Drake as well. Ends 9/20

Giveaway #6 GIVEAWAY: 6 BOXES OF BIG G CEREALS PRIZE PACKAGE with Tatum's Family Reviews. This isn't for Christmas, but hard to not enter a big giveaway for free cereal. This is like a $20 value. It will last us forever, but YUMMY! Ends 9/26
Giveaway Picture5

Giveaway #7 Elegant Baby with Mama to 4 Blessings. I am going to try to get the girl socks and towel for my aunt who is expecting a baby girl next month. I think it would make a nice Christmas present for her and the baby. You always need socks and towels I have found out. Especially if you end up losing the socks to the animals or placing the towel on the ground because your little one squirms too much. Ends 10/12
Giveaway Picture6

Giveaway #8 Dora the Explorer: Enchanted Forest Adventures with My Wee View. Now my hubby wouldn't really like me trying to win this, but we now have a Diego DVD and Diego travels with Dora sometimes. I think that we should round it out and have some Dora too. I intend to enter any giveaways that have either. They advertised this dvd on the Diego DVD and I honestly want to watch it myself. It looks really cute. So here's to trying! Ends 10/1
Giveaway Picture7

Giveaway #9 Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Storybook Adventures (trio pack, 2 Winners) with My Wee View. As I said....Entering any Dora or Diego giveaways. This set of stories was actually advertised with the Enchanted Forest on the Diego DVD. I want to see all of them even if Drake doesn't! 9/17
Giveaway Picture8

Giveaway #10 Dora the Explorer: Enchanted Forest Adventures with Mommy Kat and Kids. Another chance for the same show! Ends 10/8

Giveaway #11 I See Me! Personalized book with Mommy Kat and Kids. We have the Pirate book that is talked about in this review. My friend Raechel got it for Drake for his birthday and it is AWESOME! Now that I know about these books, I figure I should try to get more. I have always loved the personalized book my grandma and aunt got for me and I hope that my son will love his too. Mine is a Christmas book, so I am going to try to win a Christmas book for him too. Ends 10/1
Giveaway Picture9

Giveaway #12 Aquadoodle Basic Mat and Doodle Buddy-Review and Giveaway with Mommy Kat and Kids. This looks really cool and I think my niece Amberlee would enjoy it. A mat that uses water only to draw on it. No ink and no mess. Also it rolls up! So it can be stored anywhere! Ends 9/22
Giveaway Picture9

Giveaway #13 Dinosaur Train: Dinosaur Big City DVD-Review and Giveaway with Mommy Kat and Kids. Drake and I have watched a couple of episodes of Dinosaur train and they are pretty good. They'd be better with more music since that is what ultimately makes Drake watch tv. They provide lots of interesting dinosaur facts through out each episode and make learning interesting. Ends 9/16
Giveaway Picture10

Giveaway #14 Dora the Explorer: Dora's Halloween Parade DVD with Mommy Kat and Kids. Glad I decided to try to win Dora DVDs because there seem to be a lot of giveaways for them. Since Halloween is right around the corner, I think it is suitable to try to win this. I need to increase my children's dvd collection. Ends 9/22
Giveaway Picture11

Giveaway #15 Win Step 2 Lift & Hide Bookcase with My Organized Chaos. This is really cool. It is a toy box (which we desperately need) and a bookshelf as well. Now Drake doesn't have a lot of books because he rips pages right now, but we do have some hard books and several electronic books that can go on the shelf for him. I really want the toy box part though! Ends 10/3
Giveaway Picture12

Giveaway #16 Celebrate National Gratitude Day with with Thanks, Mail Carrier!. Well I found another giveaway for this gift basket and I really do want to win it. I have a special person in mind to send this too! I hope I get it on one of the sites! Ends 9/16

Giveaway #17 HABA Building Blocks First Letter Fun with Thanks, Mail Carrier! These blocks look really cool and I am torn who I want to give them too. They will either be for my niece or for my friend's daughter for Christmas. I really like that some of the blocks have a chalkboard side for the kids to write whatever letter they want on them. Really Cool. Ends 9/21
Giveaway Picture13

Giveaway #18 QuickSmart Scuttle Bug & Scramble Bug with Thanks, Mail Carrier! This is a really neat scooter for toddlers. Drake does already have a radio flyer, but who can pass up getting him an Orange scooter. They have an Orange Bull Ant that I think he might like. He's not going to be ready for it for a little while, but it would be great for Christmas. Ends 9/23
Giveaway Picture14

Giveaway #19 Hallmark Makes Back to School a Special Occasion {Interactive Story Buddy Review & Giveaway} with Thanks, Mail Carrier! We are always looking for more books to stockpile and read to Drake. To get a stuffed animal that reads along and have him cuddle with would be a wonderful addition. Ends 10/4
Giveaway Picture15

Giveaway #20 Halloween Express {Review & $75 Gift Certificate Giveaway & Coupon Code} with Thanks, Mail Carrier! Well Halloween is coming up and what I had planned for Drake to wear is going to be just a little too big. So I need to get a new costume which would be much easier with some extra money. This $75 code to Halloween Express would be perfect. I am leaning towards this cute little tiger costume pictured below. Ends 10/5
Giveaway Picture16