Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black Friday Giveaways!

Woo! Black Friday is coming fast. Are you an early morning riser for deals and lines or do you want for the big rush to be over and steal the left overs? I normally end up going out at like 9 AM. So I miss the 6 AM stuff, but otherwise I can still get some good deals. We got our TV 5 years ago that way. Well I came across a giveaway hop that is giving away gift cards. Who doesn't want or need a gift card to help with the holiday spending? I know I can certainly use them! Here's the button for the hop if you're interested!

Black Friday

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Some of you know that I like scrapbooking stuff. Really I like all of the different things like stickers, punches, paper, stencils, rub-ons, etc. They are all so neat. Well up until recently I only used the stuff to make cards. I can make some really neat cards. I won't say that they are awesome or the best or anything like that. I like them and so do most people that I send them to. I am sure people make better ones though. Here are some examples of my cards in case you like them. I would be happy to make cards for any occasion for you. Just pay the cost of the supplies because I am not made of money nor do I have everything available out there.

Scrapbook Picture1
From 7/11/11

Scrapbook Picture2
From 7/11/11

Scrapbook Picture3
From 7/11/11

Scrapbook Picture4
From 7/11/11

Scrapbook Picture5
From 7/11/11

Recently a friend of mine and I decided that we would start trying to make real scrapbooks. I made a few pages the Origins (a gaming convention) because my husband had a big tournament that I was not playing in. I didn't want to spend twelve hours in the hotel, so I signed up for a scrapbooking class. To be honest, I didn't learn much because of my card experience. I did learn a few things that make scrapbooking much easier and faster to do though. I wanted to share my knowledge with my friend since she was interested in taking the class too, but was unable to go. We found out that both of our husbands were going to another tournament in New York for 4 days and decided we'd try to find babysitters for the kids so we could have a kid-free weekend to make scrapbooks. It was a huge success I think. I was able to make 20 pages and we had a blast too. We made a HUGE mess which was also fun since we didn't have to worry about someone waking up from a nap and getting into everything. No clean up necessary until I had to take her home and pick up my son.

Scrapbook Picture6
From October 2011

Scrapbook Picture7
From October 2011

So why am I blogging about this? Other than the fact that I had such a good time I want to share, I am going to enter a scrapbooking Punch giveaway. Upcycled Scrapbooking is giving away this Martha Stewart Punch in honor of Halloween and 100 You Tube followers. Now that I am really getting into this, I will be entering any scrapbook giveaway I can find. I know that there are software applications out that that can make it easier and all, but then I have to worry about printing them out, how much ink I have, or the money for printing them at some place like walgreens...I'd rather do it the old fashioned way. It's more fun. Plus I have someone to do it with which makes it more enjoyable.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Girl in the Mirror

Days like today leave you wondering what else there is out there. I stopped by the restroom after my meeting and found myself staring in the mirror. The girl I saw there stared ahead as if I was not there. She was washing her hands. Scrubbing and scrubbing as if there was something there that could never come clean. Tears streaming down her face, but just a blank stare. No life behind those eyes. I could see her as clear as day. I went to the sink in front of the reflection and began to wash my own hands out of some curiosity of what she might do if I were right in front of her. I began to scrub my hands as if I were her. I mimicked her as best as I could, except for the tears. I couldn't conjure any thought that might cause similar crying. I also didn't really want to cry, I had to return to work after all. As I washed, the girl began to register that someone was in front her. A spark in her eyes led me to wonder what she was seeing. Was she seeing me or her own reflection? The scrubbing slowed and I saw the confusion enter into her eyes. Deep brown eyes that had once looked almost black began to take shade. The lost look disappearing and recognition took place. She reached out her hand as if to touch me. I knew all she would feel was the mirror though for she was on the other side of the glass. Continuing as I had before, I tentatively reached out my hand as well so she would continue to believe me to be her reflection. As my hand neared the glass, I felt a cold wind at my back. Something very odd was about to happen. We reached forward and just before our hands touched, I had time to think, “Why is this happening to me?” The girl then grabbed my hand and screamed, “Why are you copying me!?! You’re not the one that just got fired!” That’s when I realized that the mirror was not there.

This is a short story for a contest. Not my best work, but I felt like writing a bit.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Books of 2011

This year I have read a LOT of books. I am a huge fan of Paranormal Romance. They aren't all raunchy stories like you may think when you see the word romance in the category. Some don't have anything more than innuendo. Sometimes those are the best. Leave it up to your imagination even more so than in other books. I know my husband certainly doesn't mind me reading them. Of course he claims I am simply reading porn, but until he actually reads one, he'll never know for certain.

The reason for this post is that I stopped by a book blog that has some book giveaways and saw this fun idea for a mystery prize. The blog Ashley Suzanne has posed the challenge of picking my top 5 books of this year and writing about them.

My Number one favorite book was Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. This was the 5th book in the series. I randomly bought one of Patricia Brigg's books when I found out I was pregnant with Drake because I needed something to occupy my time that wasn't strenuous. I fell asleep easily then and got tired very quickly in the first trimester. I fell in love with that book and quickly bought ALL the other books that were werewolf books that she had written. I developed this fascination with paranormal books at this time. I finished all the books and then had to wait for Silver Borne to come out this year. This particular book actually shows how Mercy's relationship with Adam progresses. It took four books for them to actually be a real item and this talks about how pack dynamics are going to interfere. She and Adam are betrayed. Mercy loses her home and her young apprentice. Her life is completely turned upside down and I LOVED it. I especially loved how she handled the uprising in the pack by bringing a gun to a werewolf fight. She's a coyote, so she decides not to play by the rules. Awesome!

Books Picture1

My second through seventh favorites (yes I said 7th) were the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent. My first werecat series. I have always loved cats. I also love playing cats in role playing games. The Bastet are my favorite shifters in Changing Breed (White Wolf role playing game). So this series about werecat shifters just screamed "READ ME!" to me.

Stray 1

The first book in the series, Stray introduces you to the main character Faythe. I love that spelling. Faythe is in school working on her master's degree. She's a werecat and doing her best to get out from under the pride's rules and protection. You see, there are several different prides in the US and each one has at most 2 tabbies (females). The first is the matriarch of the family in charge of their territory and the second is the daughter of the family. Male werecats can be made, but females are only born. So a female is a hot commodity and Fayther wanted to get away from the expectations of her to pick a husband, run a territory and have babies. However, as the title suggests, there's a stray in Faythe's territory and as you might guess, he's out to get her. This story tells about how she becomes the only female enforcer and learns to take a bite out of the strays venturing out of the free zone and into her territory.

Books Picture2

My third book, the second in the Shifter series, Rogue is about what happens after Faythe becomes an enforcer for her father, the pride's Alpha. She is working throughout the book putting strays out of her lands and back where they belong. During this though they discover that a bunch of females, humans no less, are disappearing. However that ends up not being the only ones going missing. There's a hint that there might be a foreign cat in the woods and Faythe has to figure out who it is and why it seems to be getting closer to home. She also has to deal with the emotional turmoil of her old fiance and the human she dated in college. What happens when a werecat dates a human?

Books Picture3

Book four. Pride is about what happened after Faythe accidentally killed her ex-boyfriend. She's on trial with the council and no one wants to believe her other than her pridemates. The council is a joke and throughout the story, you come to find that there might be other motives than charging Faythe with infecting a human (i.e. creating a stray) and then killing him in cold blood to cover her indiscretion. The unfair trial reveals a plot among the council to start merging prides and forcing rules on the tabbies that do not give them to option to choose their mates. Instead, they want to force marriage on them and force more tabbies to be born through legalized rape if necessary. It's a really disturbing thought for a feminist, which Faythe is.

Books Picture4

The 5th book that I am going to write about is Prey. The fourth book in the shifter series. So who is the prey? After the trial from the previous book has started the hidden plot of world domination, you would assume that Faythe is now the prey in a game of cat-and-mouse with the available men in her world. However, she is not the prey. Her wonderful boyfriend Marc is the one under attack and Faythe has decided to devote all her energy to making sure he is found and kept safe. She is also trying to balance her duty to her pride and try to maintain her father's image among the other prides during this trying time.
Books Picture5
Books Picture6
The final two books in there series, I am going to leave to you. Read the whole thing because it is AWESOME. Especially if love having a second love interest through into the mix. The romance side starts making a little more impact on the stories from here, but you should find out on your own.