Sunday, March 4, 2012

Something Sunday: 1st Trip to the Aquarium

Today, Drake and I went to our local Aquarium with my long time best friend/sister Aunt Roo. That's what we are trying to get Drake to call her. We had talked about taking this trip back in September, but this was the first chance I had to get away from all our other obligations. I also really wasn't sure if Drake would enjoy it or even understand anything he was seeing. I was afraid he would have to be kept in his stroller the whole time and wouldn't have any fun. Boy was I WRONG! For one, we weren't allowed to take the stroller through the exhibits today. I have no idea why. Two, he LOVED it. He actually held onto one of our hands nearly the entire time and dragged us from exhibit to exhibit. He loved it when Aunt Roo would let him stand on the "displays" so he could touch the glass and point at all the sea creatures. He was fascinated with the turtles and the penguins. His eyes about popped out of his head when he saw the penguin display and then later when we went into the gift shop, he found a penguin stuffed animal that he just had to have. That was a funny thing too. He walked up to them and was like "YEEEAAAHHHH???" pointing at it, but not grabbing it. He never grabbed it even when I told him he could so we could buy one. He waited for me to pick it up and hand it to him. Then it was like "Don't you dare take my penguin!" he was just all cuddling with it for the next ten minutes until we got to the restaurant for lunch. He even fell asleep with it in the car. He wasso good and really seemed happy almost the whole time. Only twice did he act like he was going to throw a tantrum and one of those times was when he realized we were leaving. It was an awesome trip and made me realize that he is finally ready for those types of outings. FINALLY! Zoo HERE WE COME!

Aquarium Picture 1
Aquarium Picture 2
Aquarium Picture 3
Aquarium Picture 4
Aquarium Picture 5
Aquarium Picture 6
Aquarium Picture 7
Aquarium Picture 8
Aquarium Picture 9
Aquarium Picture 10
Aquarium Picture 11

What was the first place you took your kid to experience? What other places do you recommend for a toddler where they don't have to sit still the whole time? Drake is an on-to-go little man so we need places to use his abundant energy. If you don't have kids, do you remember where you were taken when you were little? I would love to know more about my readers, so please share!