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Superfood Snacks Review

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Are you into all natural foods? What about things that give you a boost through out the day without forcing you to think about eating six small meals a day? What about foods that are natural appetite suppressants? Well I have something that will fit all those needs! Introducing Superfood Snacks! Let's start with a little about the company before I get into my review of their products.

We are a sustainable superfood company from the island of Kauai. Our focus is on creating cutting edge organic products using raw ancient superfoods and specialty ingredients from around the world.. We source the highest quality organic & wildcrafted fair trade ingredients for all of our recipes. We use a unique 5 element food combining based on ancient techniques to balance our recipes with all 5 tastes and deliver amazing healthy products for your whole family.

Our organic raw chocolate superfood line is packaged in the very first ever-printed package that is made with NatureFlex TM non-gmo, sustainably sourced, 100% biodegradable and compostable materials. We are the pioneers in the food industry to deliver our delicious superfood products in sustainable packaging. To read more about how we package our Raw Chocolate Superfood Line in Biodegradable & Compostable materials, click here.

So it all began preparing for a long hike on the beautiful island of Kauai. We had very limited room in our packs and wanted to be as light as possible. So we mixed almost all of the ingredients that are in our original raw Chocolate Goji Treats together in a bag and brought out into the back-country as our food supply.

We wanted to have the most potent organic superfoods ever in one mix that would provide all the nutrients vitamins minerals and antioxidants we need to keep us nourished, happy and energized for the hike. So there it was hiking out in the wilderness with a delicious raw balanced superfood mix and continued to trek along.

Throughout the hike we encountered a few hikers that were quite malnourished as they had run out of their food supply and still had many miles to go. We offered them a small handful of our organic superfood mix and almost instantly they felt nourished and energized again to continue along on thier hike.

We later encountered them again and they immediately began to tell us how wonderful and energized they felt for many hours after we gave them just a small handful of our organic superfood mix, and asked if they could have some more. We then gave them more of the organic superfood mix and continued on our way.

That's when it was all clear.

These foods are so powerful that just a tiny bit which appears to not be much at all in regards to substance, it was more than enough to re-energize those hikers we met that they couldn't stop telling us how amazing it was and how much it helped them.

So now the inspirations all started to come through, this is all wonderful!. So now how could we create a raw chocolate superfood energy snack of this quality with all the same ingredients and package it in a sustainable way so that out on the trail you could just bury the package and know it will compost back to the earth leaving no trace. That way it would be full circle sustainable.

That started off almost 2 years of research to search for suppliers of biodegradable non-gmo, sustainably sourced, compostable materials. Through supporting small fair trade organic superfood and specialty ingredient farmers and packaging them sustainably, we would be providing a truly sustainable organic product and lay a foundation for a new level of conducting business.

We are very honored for the opportunity to provide you with Superfood Snacks Sustainable Organic Superfood Products.

Thank you and Mahalo for your support!

Have the BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!

~ Quoted from SuperfoodSnacks.com

Review: I have been very happy working with Superfood Snacks. I requested a single sample and was sent one of each of their products to review. They were very generous with me. Here's what came in my package:

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The product that I wanted to try first was the Green Chocolate Dream. The facts:

  • High ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) antioxidant rating
  • Balanced with all 5 elemental tastes
  • Contains ancient superfoods
  • Boosts energy and vitality
  • Contains Goji Berries, Raw Cacao, Maca Root, and Chlorella

Considered an "exotic meal replacement," I can honestly say that it definitely works just like that. The first day I tried them (you only eat two balls at a time), I noticed an increase in energy and that I wasn't very hungry for several hours afterwards. I thought that it was my imagination. That something couldn't work THAT fast. I ate two the next day after my son ate almost all my breakfast. When lunch came around, I hardly ate anything and still wasn't that hungry at dinner either. The same thing happened on day three, which meant my bag was all gone. It has a natural appetite suppressant that is AMAZING! You should know that they are pretty chewy. By the time you finish the second bite, your jaw has gotten a work out. They have really good flavor and actually remind me a little bit of fig newtons but without any breading/cookie outside. I like fig newtons, so I thought they were pretty tasty.

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I have so far also tried one of the other packages, the Chocolate Cherry Qi. I actually thought I would prefer the cherry, but I really liked the Green Chocolate Dream better. The cherry flavor is not as strong as the chocolate flavor, so if you don't like overpowering cherry, this is definitely for you. They are still yummy, so don't get me wrong. I still like them. Here's some of the ingredients you will enjoy in the Chocolate Cherry Qi: Dried Cherries, Raw Cacao, Pumpkin Seeds, and Blue Green Algae.

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The final product that I will be trying shortly is the Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy. I am sure that like the other two, you will find them to be chewy and satisfying. Enjoy the wonderful flavors of Brazil Nuts, Raw Cacao, Chia Seeds, and Mango. While the Chocolate Cherry Qi did not suppress my appetite as long as the Green Chocolate Dream, it still did and I am sure the Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy will too.

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I have one big final thing to say about these wonderful Superfood Snacks. All of their bags are BIODEGRADABLE!!! So not only are their foods super healthy for you and make you feel good, but you can also feel good about knowing that the packaging isn't destroying the environment either. How wonderful is that? Why doesn't every company package their foods this way?

Buy some Superfood Snacks for yourself! You can get some for yourself at http://www.superfoodsnacks.com. Also, check them out on:
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Google+ at https://plus.google.com/106297108716576688688/posts.

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