Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Awaken: The Patronus (Volume 1) Book Tour

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Title: Awaken
Series: The Patronus
Author: Sarah Ross
Publisher: 4 Corners Press
Format: ARC [eBook]

Description: Lucy Donovan was supposed to have a weekend of fun in the sun, celebrating her upcoming graduation from college. In a split second, everything changed. A drunk driver ended Lucy’s mortal life. Lucy opens her eyes to a world she never imagined possible and a new destiny: as a Patronus, a guardian of spirits. Adjusting to her new role and abilities while negotiating this confusing realm will test her limits and push her further than she ever dreamed she would go. From wayward spirits who don’t want her help to soul stealing vampires, and even a stuck-up British royal, Lucy must brave them all to save one spirit she can’t bear to lose. Further complicating her confusing life is an inexplicable yet growing connection she feels to a member of her team, Max, whose mysterious behavior leaves her both confused and intrigued. Waking up dead was just the beginning of her problems. Lucy’s death is about to become the greatest adventure of her life.

Review: All I can say is WOW! I had a tough time putting the book down in order to take care of my 16 month old. I was instantly hooked after the first chapter. I normally focus on reading paranormal books about werewolves, shapeshifters, and vampires (in that order). In this series the paranormal creatures that I love are the bad guys. There isn't anything good about the supernatural that steal souls. Lucy is bound to protect those souls from the very creatures that I find irresistible, but Sarah Ross makes my favorite creatures into something I definitely don't want to run into.

Lucy is a very young Patronus waking up from her death to find a whole new realm exists beyond what she has always believed in. She has been selected, a great honor she's told, to be a Patronus and to protect the souls of those not selected. She is one of the people that stands between the soul and it's final judgement, making sure that the soul gets to go where it deserves. There are two catches though. Since waking, she has found herself completely and utterly attracted to another Patronus named Max. She doesn't understand these feelings because they are nothing like anything she has felt before. To confuse things more, Max seems to feel the same way about her, but isn't saying much about it. What does she do? Take the reins and reel him in or wait for him to come to her?

In the midst of this weird attraction, she also learns that her baby sister (who has leukemia) is finally going to be passing on. She is determined to protect her sister's soul and help her transition even though she has yet to take on any real assignments. When I say assignments, I mean she has only trained. Nothing else other than a single run in t=with her first vampire that almost killed her...again. The problem with her insistence of helping her sister is that Lucy is not one of the Patronus's that goes to earth and brings the soul to her new realm. She is supposed to wait in her realm for spirits to be brought to her and then she keeps them safe until their final fate is decided. What does this mean for her? She has to train to be a Guide. A process that can take hundreds of years and she only has three days. Can she do it? Read the book to find out! You will be amazed!

I found the book very refreshing. It is so different than the other books I read and still has the supernatural elements I love. I absolutely can't wait for the second book to come out. Well I can wait because I have to since it won't be released until late Summer or early Fall of this year.

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