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Title: Chapel Chronicles Volume One
Author: Emma T Capps
Desription: The Chapel Chronicles is a 44 page book of hand drawn, full-color comics, a weekly web comic, and a collection of greeting cards and collectibles. The Chapel Chronicles follows the adventures of an 11-year old girl named Chapel Smith as she navigates tween life with her own quirky brand of humor. Whether it’s clashes with her babysitter, struggles with household chores, finding a love of pop music, or an unexpected prickly companion, each comic delivers something delightfully unexpected. Chapel’s spunky and sweet wit make her a character appealing to fans at any stage of life. Chapel’s voice is also an authentic inside perspective of tween life because its author is also a teen, 15 year-old Emma T Capps, an award-winning artist, author, and cartoonist.

You can read Chapel comics at or at The Chapel Chronicles has been reviewed in a variety of national publications. Press reviews and high res downloadable images are available at Chapel Collectibles, including the comic book, greeting cards, charms, earrings, prints, and more are available for sale at

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Review: To start off with, WOW. For a 15 year old, this girl really has things worked out. The above picture is of the folder I received with everything for me to review. It cam with a Fact Sheet and Author Bio, a birthday post card, a thank you post card, a Father's Day greeting card, 4 high resolution comic strips, a personalized letter from Emma T Capps thanking me for doing this review (on her own Chapel Chronicles stationary), and the actual Chapel Chronicles Comic book (book 1). I was very surprised with how much thought has gone into this review package because it is honestly more than I have gotten from any other company/sponsor.

Chapel Chronicles Picture 2
Chapel Chronicles Picture 3

The above pictures are of the two post cards. I didn't take a picture of the greeting card because I was getting frustrated with the glare from my flash. Anyway, the quality of these cards are very much like something you would get out of an actual greeting card store. They aren't something that was printed off of a personal printer. The artwork is very crisp and neat. I actually am a big fan of the style of art that is the entirety of The Chapel Chronicles. I used to collect stuff like this when I was a kid and teenager. I think it is very original. It looks professionally done with a child like quality.

Chapel Chronicles Picture 4
Chapel Chronicles Picture 5
Chapel Chronicles Picture 6
Chapel Chronicles Picture 7
The four images above are the four high resolution pictures. You can see that one of them is her Christmas comic and one is for Halloween. The other two are about music and looking for a confiscated iPod. Seeing as Chapel is 11, this is probably something that happens a lot. I really like the Halloween comic. Chapel (and I would also assume Emma T Capps) loves anime. Chapel has three costume choices and decides on Cardcaptor Sakura (from an anime I am not familiar with). What I find funny is her mom talking in the background asking why she is "cosplaying Tomoyo-Chan." To be honest, I had to have my husband explain cosplaying to me a couple months ago, so to see it in this comic series is just hilarious to me. I would normally have just said roleplaying in the past.

Chapel Chronicles Picture 8
Chapel Chronicles Picture 9
Finally, we have the actual comic book. From the glare you see on the first picture of the cover, you can see that it actually came in the plastic that normally covers comic books in the store. I was actually very happy to see that. This kept is doubly protected since it came in the folder. It only took me a few minutes to read through the entire book. It has four chapters: Chapel vs. Fred, Chapel's Chores, The Gaga Saga, and The Elegance of the Hedgehog. The first chapter is dedicated to games. These comic strips cover Chapel playing games like Risk, Chess, and Battleship. She plays several with her babysitter Fred, but also with her best friend. I find it interesting that Chapel normally loses, but something funny always happens along the way. The second chapter covers things that Chapel is supposed to do. She does things like clean her room, homework, and washing dishes. These strips depict the typical teenager that always gets distracted and makes messes. The third chapter is about Chapel's obsession with Lady Gaga. Now, Emma T Capps says that she herself is not obsessed with Lady Gaga, but Chapel absolutely adores her. It features funny clothes and disagreements with her mom about Justin Bieber. The final chapter is about Chapel's beloved pet hedgehog. It starts with her wanting a dog, but when she goes to the Humane Society to get one, she comes home with a cuddly hedgehog instead.

Overall, I found the comics very entertaining and enjoyable. It's appropriate for any age, but I think a young teenager would be thrilled to get this. Since I am going to be switching the purpose of my blog to book reviews instead of doing everything under the sun, I hope that I am able to review book 2 when it comes out.

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