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Tuesday Talk: Darby's Story and Bangle Bear Review #LightningBookPromos

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Darby's Story: The Life of an Adopted Dog by Martha Steward

Darby's Story is an inspirational book about how adopting a pet can bring so much joy to you and your family. Darby lived a full fifteen years and touched many people with his big heart. Darby also had an adventurous side. This inspiring book of Darby's life shows just how bringing a rescue pet into your life can entertain and enrich. Darby was an incredibly loved family member. In an industry where we see so many devastating outcomes, do what we do. Children and adults of all ages should hear this story, it inspires caring and compassion for all living creatures.

Review: Darby was a dog that the Steward family rescued from a shelter because Martha and her son felt that they needed to expand their family. Her son was six years old which gave having a dog the perfect opportunity to teach him some responsibilities. The entire book is pretty much a listing of their favorite memories of their fifteen years with Darby and ends with the unfortunate end to Darby's life. It is an inspirational story about how a family can grow to love a pet as an actual member of the family (which I can completely relate to). The story ends with some helpful tips from the author on how to handle grief and loss of a loved one (human or animal) which can be very useful to anyone of any age. I enjoyed the story. The only complaint I have is that the transitions between memories are somewhat lacking within the different sections. Every memory in a chapter is related to the chapter title, but I felt like when one memory ended and another began in a new paragraph, it could have been better conveyed by simply adding a space between the paragraphs.

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Bangle Bear: The Tale of a Tailless Cat by Martha Steward

Bangle Bear is an adventurous story of an adopted tailless cat. Within the pages, Bear teaches her human pets what 'cat time' is, that presents are a good thing, and any time is second breakfast. You will discover cats have many interests; the odd places they sleep; are cats truly politicians, and what snacks to share. The tender moments Bear expresses love and devotion to her family members. You will want to share. . .

Review: Bangle Bear is a rescued Manx cat. This story is all about how Bear, as she is primarily referred to, finds her forever home with the author. Martha Steward is no stranger to raising a variety of animals, but Bear is special. Being a Manx means she is tailless, has fur that feels like a rabbit, and is one heck of a hunter. The author tells us all about how her life changes to adjust to Bear's lifestyle. She also gives a few helpful tips on how to bring an adult female cat into a home with existing animals, how to treat common feline ailments, and how to have a happy loving relationship with your pet. It's a cute story that could be very inspirational to others. Her final message is to adopt and spay/neuter your pets. The only complaint I had with this story is actually the same complaint I had with Darby's Story.

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