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Monday Motif: Glistening Haven Excerpt #PromoBookTours

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Title: Glistening Haven
Author:Jill Cooper
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Description: Susan Monroe doesn't ask for much: good grades from her children, a house with room for a pool, to be the best Tupperware party host in New Haven 56.

But inside her tranquil 1950s styled community, a monster lurks. A monster that lives inside Susan, and every one of her superficially perfect neighbors, held in check by the oppressive police state that rules over them.

Susan happy life is torn apart when her teenage son goes missing the same night an explosion rips apart the community. Susan knows it’s only a matter of time before the police start breaking down their doors.

Before the reconditioning begins and Susan's identity is lost, she must do one final thing.

Find her son.

Excerpt:Susan clasped her hands in front of her. “Well, I know how stressful a move to a new city can be on you and especially the children. You’ll have to make sure they’re okay with the process, won’t you?”

Diane nodded, tears glistening in her eyes.

“New job? Is that why you moved here?”

Startled, Diane blinked her eyes. “Moved here? Moved here? Don’t you know? Don’t you know what this place is?”

Susan’s smile stretched like an elastic band and her heartbeat quickened. “Of course I do. It’s a great community. We have friends, families, jobs. Every weekend there’s a sock hop downtown. Our children can grow, thrive. So now you go on and tell me, why did you move here?”

Diane swallowed, glancing down. “So my children could grow up safe.”

Susan squeezed the woman’s wrist. She wore the same bracelet that Susan wore, that they all wore. “Why don’t you invite me inside and I can start to show you the ropes, okay? I’ll explain a few things to you. Trust me, there’s a lot of misinformation out there.”

“I could put on some water for tea.” Diane said and pattered inside, leaving Susan to step in and close the door behind her.

Susan adjusted her skirt and heard the sound of playing coming from the living room. Peeking her head around the corner, she saw a sofa and furnishings already in place, with cardboard boxes stacked against the wall. The two boys playing on the beige rug were four and five, or thereabouts. Cute children, Susan thought. Each had thick blond hair, with bracelets on their wrists. Around their necks, Susan saw red marks.

She gulped down a quick breath of air. How horrid the process was, just horrid.

Susan clicked down the hall and found the kitchen. Diane sat at the table beside a window that overlooked a small cramped yard. If it was big enough for a barbecue grill, Susan would have been surprised. Diane and her husband were quiet, holding each other’s hands while their eyes were somewhere else. Susan knew what it was like. She knew exactly what they were going through.

She sat beside them and outreached her hand on top of theirs. “It’ll be all right.” Susan said softly. “You’ll get through this fine. In a few weeks, you’ll begin to feel better, fit in.”

The husband glanced at Susan for the first time. His deep brown eyes held sadness she could feel. “We were living in Ohio. The kids just started school. We weren’t hurting anyone.”

Susan knew. She understood. “This is the way things are. It can be a good life if you accept it.”

“And if you don’t?” He asked quietly, angrily.

“You’ll go away,” Susan said. “And those children, those beautiful children will grow up without a father. If they grow up at all.”

He squeezed his eyes shut.

“Will the tea be ready soon?” Susan asked.

Diane nodded. “It should be in a minute.”

“Good,” Susan patted her knee with a big smile, “we’ll sit over muffins and you can tell me about the new jobs you’ve gotten. And I’ll tell you all about my big Tupperware party next week. Wouldn’t it be nice to get out and meet some of your neighbors?”

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