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Sunday Scribbles: Shadows of Pain Review #LightningBookPromos

Shadows of Pain 1
Title: Shadows of Pain
Series: Shadow Series, Book 3
Author: Ashley Dawn
Desription: Revenge is sweet….unless you are on the receiving end of it.

“Do you know of anyone who would want…you dead?”

Officer Daniel Jenkins was no stranger to the dangers his job posed but usually he knew who was trying to kill him. Being stalked was a completely different ball game, and he wasn’t sure there were any rules…

“…I need you.”

Terrified didn’t even begin to describe how Kami felt with the stalker targeting her. As an FBI agent you were trained to handle stressful situations, but being the victim put the whole process in a different light.

As the killer gets closer, so do Kami and Daniel, but will they live long enough to see their love bloom?

Only God can save them from this unknown killer…

Review: This story is the third one in the series and I have to say that I actually felt like I was missing a little information when I started. I started off with book two for a book review and of course I can't pass up continuing to review the series when they come my way. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to read book one, Shadows from the Past. The story jumps right into action and you find yourself reading about a troubled man questioning his belief in God who finds his way into a hospital bed. He is surrounded by "family" and friends (family is in quotes because none of them are blood related) who are very devout Christians, but also are love him the way he is. Where I felt like I was missing information was in the relationships between these people. Apparently a great deal of information about each of them is in the first book so I spent some time just trying to understand how they were "related" to each other when in fact most of them are not related at all. That said, the rest of the plot seems to be very easy to follow and will leave you in suspense. These stories are all crime related and focused on the Riley family. The Riley's have a lot of law enforcement in their ranks and after taking down a major crime family, that family is out to destroy everyone they hold dear. This results in the discovery of how God is always active in their lives as well as finding true love in some cases. This particular story is centered on Kami and Daniel. Neither are a member of the Riley family, but their law enforcement partners are. Will Daniel no longer be the troubled man and learn to accept God in his life? Will Kami be able to get over her troubled past and accept that Daniel just might be the man God has planned for her? Will they both live long enough to see where their relationship might go? You'll have to read to find out!

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