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Thursday Climax: Rite of Passage Excerpt #FMBTours

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Title: Rite of Passage
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press; Faery Rose edition
Description: June, 1947, Sebago Lake, Maine. Robert McGregor has the perfect life until he meets Courtney Wellington at a reunion. Courtney is the stuff that dreams are made of: exquisite, vulnerable and desperately alone. But Courtney’s identity is more extraordinary than he could imagine. The 40th in a line of powerful witches, Courtney and her friends have elaborate plans for Robbie. He’s been chosen to wed her in a ceremony foretold a millennia ago. A ceremony to keep humanity from chaos and self-destruction. Though fearful and suspicious, Robbie is drawn to the young beauty. When Courtney is kidnapped by a rogue sect of Druids, she becomes a pawn in a deadly struggle. A struggle that will span the Atlantic, threaten their lives and lead to a confrontation effecting the fate of humanity. Rite of Passage combines classic romance with gripping action. Surprise and deception confront Robbie and companions as they struggle to wrest Courtney from the sinister Druids. Unbridled passion, non-stop action and plot twists will keep you turning pages well into the night.

Excerpt #4:
I watched the whole intriguing show unfold as I made conversation. Everyone seemed as animated as Jon and Gretchen, slapping me on the back, laughing, recounting adventures and stories. Cigarette smoke clouded the eight feet that separated me from the object of my desire. Courtney did her best to avoid looking at me. The dining room staff refilled our wine glasses as if we were guests at a Roman orgy. When the chef invited us to take part in the sumptuous lobster buffet, I rose. I needed a break and some fresh air. Sneaking away, I headed out to the courtyard for a chance to make sense of the scene playing out before me.

I walked to the boathouse and beyond, out onto the dock where I leaned against one of the thick pilings. The festivities inside were so boisterous I hoped not to be missed. Somewhere in the background the sound of loud, gruff voices echoed; commands and laughter came from men a hundred yards into the lake, joking, and scolding each other as they prepared the massive display of fireworks.

I studied the tranquil waters of Sebago. As I was about to turn around and head back to the house I inhaled her jasmine scent and felt the warmth of her slender fingers as she placed them over my eyes.

“A penny for your thoughts,” Courtney whispered, giggling. “Actually, in your case, I’d give ten shillings.”

I took her hands away and turned. She was dressed in her riding clothes again.

“Where did you come from? I didn’t hear you,” I asked, marveling once again at her apparent ability to appear out of thin air. “How did you manage to change so quickly and why?”

“I keep explaining but you don’t listen, Robbie. I’m a witch.” She made a scary face and laughed.

Suddenly I understood. It all made sense. She’d been telling the truth from the beginning. The catch was I assumed she was joking, which she expected. The mysteries, the stories, the smaller group of guests, Simon’s arrival. It all resonated. It was a plan, all of it. I shook my head, feeling disoriented. I had no idea where all this was going. Part of me was terrified. That part wanted to run away, get in my car, and head back to reality. But there was another part. That part felt exhilarated, challenged. Adrenaline surged through me. I had to stay and see how this played out.

Courtney saw my expression. “Are you all right, darling?” she asked.

“I’m fine. I thought you were angry with me, because of my comments about your party. You seemed to be ignoring me,” I said, managing my best pout.

She took my hands. “Haven’t you learned I could never ignore you?” Her voice was sultry, seductive as she pulled me to her. “I understand how confusing and difficult all this must be for you. I really do, dear.” She stood very close, arms hanging around my neck as she began caressing my lips with hers, teasing, playing over and around them at first. Suddenly she found my tongue, doing things I’d only dreamed of. I floated, then sank, drowning gloriously as I fell into the warmth of her supple body. She released me and backed away, giving me a delicious smile. “Does that feel like I’m ignoring you?”

“I could have been mistaken.” I grinned, pulling her close and taking her in my arms. My lips found every inch of hers, the enormous eyes, the sculptured ears, her delicate nose, and that wonderful mouth I could never get enough of. I took its full measure. As I became aroused she rose to meet me, pressing close as our bodies melded. There never was, never would be another woman to excite me this way. Whatever else was happening, I had no doubt that Courtney meant what she said. We held each other breathlessly. I opened my mouth to speak.

She put her hand to my lips. “Don’t even try,” she whispered, her fingers clutching my back. “It would be a waste of breath. There are no words to describe what we feel.” She released me. “Go. Change quickly, darling. Meet me at the stables. There’s a special place where we can watch the fireworks. I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a magical story that will change your life, change both our lives forever.”

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