Friday, August 31, 2012

Quantum Scale Review and Giveaway #CharismaMedia

This review and giveaway was written/sponsored by Devoted Mommy of 3. I have not personally tried out this scale, but I will be happy to forward questions to her.

If you struggle with your weight, what do you hate the most?

For me (Devoted Mommy of 3), it's seeing that number on my scale & being petrified someone else will see it, too. What if you had a personal scale, just for you, that didn't show that number every time you stepped on it?

You can have it! Quantum Scale is revolutionary. I've never seen another like it. Not only is it personal. for one user, it only shows how many pounds or kilograms you've gained or lost! Remarkable! I literally read the directions twice to be sure!

When I emailed the company to ask to review it, I thought I would receive a long instruction manual & bulky item. Instead, the directions are about a paragraph long & it took 1 button to program.

Quantum 1

My scale is a light shade of blue although they have many other colors. It's so streamlined that you have put it almost anywhere-under your bed, a linen closet, even a dresser drawer. Feather-light & running off of 1 lithium battery, it is truly the wave of the future.

Quantum 2

Upon initial usage, it blinks your weight one time, very quickly, then stores the number in its memory bank. I love that it's personal & no one can make it give up its data. It's yours & confidential. It's the best workout buddy you'll ever have.

There's a shade of color to match just about any decor. You can see them all here: I didn't specify a color, but they nailed it by sending me the blue. But, they're all light & happy shades to make the weigh-in ordeal less gruesome.

The display is bright & digital. No more balancing act to read the dial. My old dial scale moved every time I did. It made me into a contortionist & I still couldn't achieve an accurate reading. Now, I can stand up straight and get my plus or minus easily just by glancing down.

I'm taking it to my doctor's office on my next visit. She's so going to want one!. My plan is to celebrate quite a few minuses with my Quantum.

Take a few minutes & go take a look at these scales. Read all about them. I am confident you'll be as excited as I am. When you get one of your own, you won't be disappointed. With the holidays approaching, you might find that they help fill your list. Try it. Love it.

Enter via Rafflecopter below for a chance to win one! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Devoted Mommy of 3 received 1 scale in order to review it. No other compensation was received. I was under no obligation to post a positive review. Review written by

Disclaimer: Sponsor is responsible for prize fulfillment. None of the participating, promoting blogs (i.e. Identity Discovery) have received compensation nor are responsible for the product.

Charisma Media Network

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Win a Nook Color!

Nook Color

Welcome to the Nook Color 8GB Giveaway!

BuyDig has teamed up with Kate n' Kaboodle and co-hosts News Wahl and Colleen's Book Nook to bring you this wonderful Back to School giveaway!

This fabulous giveaway includes a 8GB Nook Color and a $25 Barnes & Noble Giftcard!

Nook Color 2

My husband (from Identity Discovery) has a Nook Color that he got for Christmas this past year. He LOVES it and I am completely jealous of it. I have a Nook Simple Touch. It doesn't have a backlight which drives me nuts! This giveaway is awesome for people like me who need to upgrade and for those that want an inexpensive tablet.

The Barnes & Noble 8GB Nook Color features the 7 inch VividView Touchscreen that displays 16 million colors ultra-bright. This touchscreen is specially designed for remarkable clarity, minimal glare and is ultra responsive. The Nook Color is fully customizable so you can make the text bigger, choose your favorite font or read in portrait or landscape.

Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Textbooks, Comics...if you want to read it, the Nook Color can deliver in seconds with it's built-in WiFi capabilities! With over 2.5 million titles available, there is something for everyone. There is an endless list of free books and you can even save up to 90% on textbooks!

Concerned about storage? Worry no more! With 8GB (up to 5,000 books) of built-in memory and expandable storage up to 32GB with microSD memory card, there is plenty of room!

Whether you want to watch movies with Netflix, read your favorite book, listen to music, check your Facebook, search the web or enjoy a wide variety of apps, the Nook Color is for you!

Nook Color 3

Read Kate n' Kaboodle's Review here and check out her other Back To School giveaways!

Connect with BuyDig

Online, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, G+

Buy It

BuyDig currently has the 8GB Nook Color available on their website for $149!

Win It

One winner will receive a 8GB Nook Color and a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card!

Enter on the Rafflecopter below. US Only.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Identity Discovery is not responsible for prize fulfillment, nor did I receive any compensation for this post.

Finding Alice Release Day Party Aug. 31st

Finding Alice Picture 1
Cursed with an intense version of empathy Alice runs from a wasted life to start a new one somewhere no one will know her; Hell, Michigan. Alice works at a hole-in-the-wall bar in the middle of nowhere mostly keeping to herself to avoid the overwhelming emotions of those around her. Alice allows her best friend to convince her into taking a few college classes without realizing it would drastically change her life forever. From her first day of class she was hooked on him; his scent, his eyes, the way he talked to her inside her head.

Throughout her struggles she learns about true love, true pain and the truth of her own heritage. Alice must quickly find out who she is because after all everyone else is out to find her. With Angels and Bounty Hunter’s in constant pursuit she finds protection within a group of Fallen Angels. These Fallen Angels vow to do anything to protect her; for it is their belief she will save their kind and all of mankind.

We're having a Book Bash to celebrate Andrea DiGiglio's amazing book! We'll be partying it up from 12-3 EST on the event page August 31st.

Here are some of the fun things we'll have as prizes.

Finding Alice Picture 2     Finding Alice Picture 3

Finding Alice Picture 4

Hope to see you all there!!

Release Day Diva
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Thursday Climax: Doxology Preview

Doxology Picture Title: Doxology
Author: Brian Douglas Holers
Publisher: BDH Productions
Desription: After a lifetime of abuse and loss--from fights with other boys staged for his father's entertainment, to the death of his only son-- sixty one year old Vernon Davidson is angry. He's ready to get back at God, his paper mill coworkers, and everyone else in his north Louisiana town. Constantly drunk to numb his pain, the normally cautious Vernon spirals into recklessness; drinking on the job, facing down a younger man at work over a parking spot, scandalizing his former fellow Baptists with displays of his nakedness. Meanwhile Jody Davidson, Vernon's estranged nephew, struggles to survive a similarly tragic past by self-imposed exile, inserting himself into a new, seemingly different family a thousand miles away. The two men are reunited when Vernon agrees to retrieve Jody for his dying brother so they can say goodbye-and that's when they each embark on a journey that will ultimately change their lives.

Brian Holers’ Doxology examines an impossibly difficult question: how does a man go about forgiving a God he has grown to despise after the tragedies and endless disappointments he has faced?

Read the first chapter at

About the author, Brian Douglas Holers:
Brian Douglas Holers
For Brian Holers, life is a gift that plays out with unbearable sweetness. Inherently drawn to the opportunities all around him, Brian has forged his own way. An arborist by day and a novelist in every moment he can steal, his head is filled with stories which can’t be contained. Be it writing, blogging or ranting to friends, his voice is passionate and compelling.

Brian’s debut novel, Doxology, is a tale about a man with a violent and haunting past. Doxology is full of real, sympathetic characters who struggle but still believe in God. Raised Christian, Brian now lives in a Jewish home and pulls on a faith beyond denomination to instill his books with a universal message of hope and redemption.

Currently, Brian lives in Seattle Washington with his wife and son. He spends his days taking care of trees both above and below ground. His interests span politics, history, economics and baseball and his writing focuses on the development of men and their emotions.

To learn more or just say hello, you can reach Brian via his blog, twitter account, and Facebook page.

Purchase the book: -

Barnes And Noble -

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The new Hunter Moon Cover Reveal!

Hunter Moon Picture
Hunter Moon

Bawling cattle tore Shelby Flint from her bed. With lawyer fees to pay in her struggle to keep her ranch from the clutches of her greedy cousins, she couldn’t afford the loss of even one calf. When she sees a large wolf circling her cows, she aims and fires. While the wolf escapes, Shelby can’t seem to get away from her troubles when a marijuana grower sets up shop on her land, sabotaging her property and eventually coming after her. Adding to that, a handsome game warden is poking his nose into her business and working his way underneath her skin. Shelby will have to fight harder than she ever fought before to keep from losing her heart and everything she ever loved

Buy on Amazon

Here is the New Cover!

Hunter Moon 2

In celebration of the new cover Cait Lavender is giving away 3 autographed copies with her NEW cover and a $20 Amazon or B&N GC (Prints to US or digital INT) Ends 9/11 @ 11:59PM EST. She is also having an awesome Cover Reveal party hosted by Release Day Diva tomorrow at 3PM PDT (6PM EST). You can join the party at

Fill out the form below to enter to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Free Blogger Opp: Jewelry Candles!

Jewelry Candles 1

Jewelry Candles was so happy with the turn out from the event that Elitemama hosted for them that they are hosting another one. This time I am able to pass this info along to you because I missed joining in on the first event.

For those of you who are not familiar as to what Jewelry Candles are, here is a brief discription: Jewelry Candles are almost like Diamond Candles. But, they are different in many ways. Their candles are made with 100% soy, they come in over 18 different scents, and each candles has a hidden gem inside. Each candles contains on piece of jewelry. You might find a rings, necklace, pendant, a pair of earrings, bracelet or even an anklet. Each piece of Jewelry can be worth anywhere from $10 to $7,500! Sounds lovely, doesn't it.

And now for the best part, the giveaway. The giveaway will begin 9/7 and will end 9/21. It is open to the US. There will be 2 winners, meaning 2 candles as the prize. The candles are going to be a mystery, so the winner will get whatever candle Jewelry Candles chooses.

There is no charge for the giveaway, but it is requested that you share the giveaway signups (as I am doing right now). (NOTE: This is not mandatory, but it would really help). Let's try to get as many bloggers as we can. There were over 50 bloggers promoting the Jewelry Candles giveaway last time. But for this event, let's make it bigger!!! Let's gather as many bloggers as we can =) All bloggers get 2 FREE links! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email the host at She will email everyone with the HTML, so please make sure everything is correct before hitting submit. Thank you all so much for your help.

Sign up here

Naked: Blackstone Affair part 1 Release Party Aug. 29th

Naked: Blackstone Affair Picture 1
Brynne Bennett is living the good life. An American art student at the University of London and part-time photographic art model, she’s putting her life back on track with school and lots of hard work. When ultra successful London businessman, Ethan Blackstone, buys her nude portrait, he isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. He wants Brynne in his bed and makes plans to keep her there no matter what. His dominant nature captivates and ensnares Brynne despite the demons she carries inside her. But there are secrets in this relationship. Huge secrets. Can Ethan free Brynne from the torment that has marked her? Will Brynne let him or will the specters from her shameful past resurface to destroy the naked passion that consumes them?

Get Naked...and find out in The Blackstone Affair...

We're celebrating the release of this amazing book August 29th  from 12:00-4:00 PST on the event page. The theme is the Olympics!! It's going to be so much fun. Hope you all can make it!!

Take a look at some of the awesome prizes we'll have up for grabs.

Naked: Blackstone Affair Picture 1

These super fun tote bags that Raine made herself.
Naked: Blackstone Affair Picture 1

These adorable pens that Raine also made

And of course, we'll have ebooks and bookmarks from The Book Swag Shop as well. Hope to see you all there!

Release Day Diva
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Juno Lucina Giveaway Event

Juno Lucina Picture 1

When I saw this event listed, I just had to join. I don't own a lot of jewelry nor a lot of diamonds. This just looked so pretty that I wanted to be a part of it.

Juno Lucina has been the symbol of childbirth for over 1000 years. She is the Roman goddess of childbirth and she protects mothers and their newborn babies. This pendant resembles Juno Lucina's hands that are cradling and protecting the heads of both the mother and child. Check out their NEW website for more symbolic gifts, the story behind them, and a discount code! These make great "push presents" for the new mom in your life.

Juno Lucina Picture 2

GIVEAWAY: one lucky winner will get the Juno Lucina Signature Pendant! This gorgeous piece is 14K white or yellow gold and has a total 1/5 carat weight with natural diamonds. Retail price is $499. Please use the form below to enter--there is a single mandatory entry so do that one and then as many or as few as you'd like. Ends September 17th.

Thanks to Emily at Baby Dickey for organizing this giveaway! You can read her personal review of the Juno Lucina pendant on her website.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Juno Lucina or Baby Dickey in any way, nor did I receive product or compensation for this post. By posting this, I am entering into a referral contest for my own pendant from Juno Lucina.

In the rafflecopter form there is an entry to tell Emily where you entered. Please be sure to tell her that you entered at Identity Discovery because I have the chance to win something for myself if I refer the most people. I would very much appreciate this!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Destiny Unhinged Book Tour Starts Today!

Destiny Unhinged Picture 1

Destiny Unhinged Picture 2
Destiny Unhinged

VANESSA anxiously waits for her birthday, a boyfriend and some much needed excitement in her dull and boring life.

She soon finds herself torn between two guys. Well, I guess that is what she would call them, even though one is a dead Alien King.

MAX, a dead alien who is trapped in limbo between two worlds and longs for Vanessa, his destiny, to help him home and become his Queen. He offers her his world, his heart and his future.

TOBY, a good looking guy who shows an interest and a desire to be with Vanessa, has confessed that he too has a destiny that he's meant to be with another. However, it’s a destiny he doesn’t want.

The connection that Vanessa has with Max is strong but the desire she has for Toby may be even stronger.

Will she accept what Destiny has in store for her or find a way to escape to find one all on her own?

Purchase on Kindle / Smashwords /Diesel Ebooks / Barnes and Noble

Destiny Unhinged Picture 3About Kimber Shook

I'm a huge sci-fi fan. I love all the paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi genres, of course, when romance is thrown in, it just makes it even better.

I grew up with a desire to write. Now being considered a middle-aged woman I have decided I'm running out of time. I stopped taking for granted the amount of time I have left to live and take matters into my own hands by actually working on a dream.

Writing a novel, Destiny Unhinged. It's a great feeling to say I'm not just waiting for life to come to me, but rather I'm going after it and not letting go.

Connect with Kimber Shook
Twitter: @KimberShook <>
About Me:
Library Thing:

Follow the Tour
Kimber Shook and Promotionalbooktours is be giving away a swag pack and a $50 Amazon Giftcard to one lucky winner open to US International winners win digital ebook and giftcard. Fill out the form below for a chance to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Crimson Groves Book Tour Starts Today!

Crimson Groves Picture 1

Crimson Groves Picture 2
Crimson Groves by Ashley Robertson

Abigail Tate was a normal human girl. Until the day Bronx the vampire barges into her life and turns her against her will. Held captive while forced to deal with never ending cravings for blood, Abby prays for a way to escape. Only when an opportunity arises, it's with the aid of an innocent human named Tyler--except vampires are forbidden to interact with the unbitten. But Abby quickly learns this human has secrets of his own...secrets that can either help her or get her killed. Only Abby discovers that she was the one with the biggest secret of them all.

**June 2012 Extras added to the e-book version only (including the first chapter of the sequel Crimson Flames (book #2 of The Crimson Series)

Add to your Good Reads shelf

Purchase Kindle / Paperback

Crimson Groves Picture 3
Ashley Robertson resides in sunny Orlando, Florida and loves reading and writing about everything urban fantasy and paranormal romance. When she isn't writing you'll find her spending time with family and friends, training in her home gym, traveling and exploring new places, drinking fine red wines, and making gourmet coffees with her Nespresso machine.

Follow Ashley Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Blog

Ashley Robertson is giving away 3 Book Swag packs!

Crimson Groves Picture 4

Follow the Tour
Enter to win a swag pack brought to you by Ashley Robertson and Promotional Book Tours. Open to US Residents (International winners will receive ebooks and egiftcard) a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Destined Death Book Tour Starts Today!

A Destined Death Picture 1

When the tour is over the author will be giving away two free copies of A Destined Death to random people who comment on any of the blog posts on the tour (see entire tour list at the bottom of this post).

A Destined Death Picture 2
A Destined Death by Lisa Rayns

Elizabeth Tarkson has it all figured out. She has a plan. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. At least she does until the day she turns eighteen, and a gorgeous stranger crashes her birthday party.

But this stranger knows things about her that he shouldn’t know, and as he slowly reveals his secrets, she discovers the world she thought she understood is much larger than she'd ever imagined. She is swept into a whirlwind of secrets, death, and attraction all involving him. Will she uncover the truth about her tragic past in time? Or will she be forever bound to…

A Destined Death

About the author, Lisa Rayns:
Lisa Rayns
One beautiful Autumn day, a ten year old girl decided to write a poem for her family for Christmas. In the poem, she hoped to express everything that was in her heart. What began as a nice gesture, soon created a spark of creativity and a love of writing. It started with essays in school and research papers that weren't assigned.

The little girl grew up and when her full life was at its absolute busiest, she sat down at the computer and began her journey to write a novel. With four boys, a husband, a full time job, and a house to remodel, it wasn't easy. But she set out to follow her dream anyway.

Hold on to your dreams, no one else will.

Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Purchase the book: - A Destined Death on Amazon

Barnes And Noble -

Tour Stops:
Aug 27 - Review -
Aug 28 - Excerpt -
Aug 28 - Review -
Aug 29 - Review -
Aug 29 - Review -
Aug 30 - Review -
Aug 30 - Review -
Aug 31 - Review -
Aug 31 - Interview -
Sept 4 - Review -
Sept 4 - Review -
Sept 5 - Guest Post -
Sept 5 - Review -
Sept 6 - Review -
Sept 6 - Review and Interview -
Sept 7 - Review -
Sept 7 - Review -

This book tour is brought to you by

Déjá Vu All Over Again Book Blitz #CharismaMedia

Book Tour Button

Déjá Vu All Over Again Picture

Déjá Vu All Over Again by James Strait

It had long been debated that the end of days for planet earth was set in concrete as December 21, 2012. Mathematical savant Ana Christensen was merely following her instincts when working a theorem in a direction and style that could never have been accepted by traditional mathematicians. As a result she stumbled upon an ancient Mayan creation, a time loop beginning in 3114BC and ending on the long contested twenty first century date. In a dynamic race against time, Ana and her male compatriot battle the forces of individual evil, bureaucracy, paramilitary mercenaries, and most powerful of all…destiny.

About the Author, James Strait
James Strait Picture

The author retired from professional aviation after a career spanning three decades and involving almost every aspect of aeronautical pursuits. His post aviation activities involved him in broadcast radio where he has hosted "StraitTalks" in the Philadelphia market since 2006. As a result of interviewing the right on air guests he was hired to write the 2008 release "Weird Missouri". Weird MO has maintained categorical best seller status on Amazon and Barnes and Noble ever since its release. When not writing he is cycling through the beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania country side where he lives with his artist wife.

Social Media Connect with author:

Buy the book:
Amazon -

Barnes and Noble -

Smashwords -

Tour Stops:
Rachel - Stressed Rach -
Susan Peck - My Cozie Corner -
Liz- Devoted Mommy of 3 -
Kechell - K is for Kechell -
Jacinta - Thrice the mischief, 3 times the love -
Niki - nikita- Niki's Book Corner -
Nicole - Pretty Opinionated -

This book tour is brought to you by Charisma Media

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Free Blogger Opp: Bloggy Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway

Bloggy Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway

Calling all bloggers, Sign up for the
Bloggy Whatcha Want Christmas Giveaway!

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, Diva Fabulosa, Dishin With Rebelle and There’s a Contest 4 That
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You’re not going to want to miss this awesome event! Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog has an awesome event in the works for Christmas, hurry and get a spot, the good ones will fill up quickly!

About the event:
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Free Blogger Opp: Winter Wonder Week for Christmas

Winter Wonder Week Picture

Winter Wonder Week is a week-long event to celebrate the Winter Holidays with lots of prizes & gain followers at the same time! This is our 2nd year hosting Winter Wonder Week, and last year was awesome (this year will be even better!) There will be 4 prize pack giveaways and a Grand Prize (Cash collected when signing up – final total to be announced) for a total of 5 prize packs. Winter Wonder Week will from December 8 – 15 and be heavily promoted. All giveaway posts need to be live no later than 3 p.m. on December 8th.

Why Participate?
  • Increase Your Exposure/Gain new followers
  • Meet other great bloggers and make new friends.
  • It will be fun! You’ll see an increase in traffic as well since we have something unique that other group giveaways don’t…the hidden elf! Each day 5 blogs will be given an image to host on their blog – entrants are encouraged to hop through the linky to find those images for bonus entries!
  • We’re doing the hard work for you – you just need to create a blog post for the giveaway with the Rafflecopter embedded. We’re even writing a post for you – so all you need to do is copy and paste! You don’t need to get a sponsor – we’re taking care of all of the prizes

The Fine Print:
You have several options for participation, and there’s even a free option!

  • Free Option – To be eligible for this option you need to create a post announcing sign-ups for Winter Wonder Week and link back to this post. When filling out the sign-up form let us know you posted and share the link to your post. This option will get you your first link free. If you choose the free option you can still purchase other options.
  • Other Options
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    • $10.00 – Host a {pre-coded} like or follow page on your blog (great for extra traffic!) There will be a limit of 5 like/follow page hosts.

All proceeds go towards the Cash Grand Prize; there are no administrator fees for this event!

Payments should be sent via PayPal to (send as a gift please to avoid fees) or if other arrangements need to be made, please just let us know. There is a Facebook setup to help keep everyone updated and connected on what’s going on. Feel free to request access: Winter Wonder Week Facebook Group

There will be a limit of 100 bloggers. You can find the sign up form here:
You can find the sign up form at

Happy National Dog Day! From Disney

Disney Picture


Happy National Dog Day from Drake, Fenris, and Ursula!

National Dog Day Picture

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Cinema: Disney Announces Sequel to Marvel's Avengers

Disney Picture

Marvel Picture

The Walt Disney Studios has announced a release date for Marvel Studios’ sequel to the biggest Super Hero blockbuster and third highest grossing film of all time, Marvel’s The Avengers. Joss Whedon returns to write and direct the UNTITLED MARVEL’S AVENGERS SEQUEL set for release May 1, 2015.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Blogger Opp: The Fantastic Vampire-ific Tru Blood Halloween Giveaway

Welcome to The FAntastic Vampire-rific Tru Blood Halloween Giveaway!! My Little Goober and Sister's Saving Cents are going to be giving away 4 Prizes listed below. We are giving away One FREE facebook Link in turn for Promoting the Giveaway. (We ask that you promote at least 3x a week through the duration of the contest) *** Remember the more we promote the more we all benefit***

The Giveaway will go live on 9/15 at 12:00 am EST and end on 9/30 at Midnight!!


1) D.L. & Company Glass Forsaken Candle and Diffuser Set: See picture here -->,

The Fantastic Vampire-ific Tru Blood Halloween Giveaway Picture 1

2) True Blood: The Complete Fourth Season (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (2011):See Picture here ->>

The Fantastic Vampire-ific Tru Blood Halloween Giveaway Picture 2

3) and a Tru Blood Fangtasia Cocktail Set: See Picture here ->>

The Fantastic Vampire-ific Tru Blood Halloween Giveaway Picture 3

4) A Mystery Prize!! Any money that was collected that went above the cost of the prizes above will go to the mystery prize. If no extra is collected above the cost of the first 3 prizes then we will not include the 4th prize. So make sure you sign up for the extra links! Let's make this thing HUGE!!

The Fantastic Vampire-ific Tru Blood Halloween Giveaway Picture 4

This should go over great just before Halloween and there are a ton of Tru Blood fans out there!! This will be a Rafflecopter Giveaway and as long as you post about the sign ups your first link (facebook) will be FREE!! You may opt out of posting about the giveaway by paying $3 for the first link.

Please send Payments to

*******It would be helpful but not required that you join this facebook group I will send out the html and rafflecopter via email but CHECK CHECK CHECK your spam!! I will also post it in the group!

*****There is also a blogger referral prize of $25 PayPal cash to the person who refers the most bloggers to this giveaway!! You may purchase other links (and I would because this is going to be huge) for $1 each. The paid link choices will be twitter, Networked blog, pinterest, email sign ups or RSS feed.

There are also 5 Co-Host spots available for for a $10 fee. This will get you a backlink on every site that the giveaway is hosted on. I am going to give you an idea of what I mean. Let's say 100 bloggers sign up for a FREE link in the giveaway then you guys would have 100 sites linking back to you!! This is great for site stats!! It's also pretty cheap advertising!! (This is not a page host)

**There will be an emailing to everyone at a later date after I figure out how many page hosts we will need. So you will have an opportunity to bid on those later.

**** Also note that there is no admin fees on this giveaway. Any money that goes above and beyond the price we have paid for the Prizes will just bring up the value of the mystery prize!!

For any questions please email or

Sign ups can be found by clicking HERE and say that Identity Discovery or Phaedra Seabolt referred you!

Friday (Non)Fiction: The Day of First Sun Review

Day of First Sun Picture Title: The Day of First Sun
Author: Sheryl Steines
Publisher: CreateSpace
Desription: In this Young Adult Fantasy, Annie Pearce and Bobby “Cham” Chamsky are tracking the vampire Sturtagaard who they believe is creating a zombie army. Before they find him and learn why, the FBI recruits them to solve the murder of the mortal Princess Amelie: who they believe was killed by magical means. Amelie’s magical boyfriend Jordan is missing and with him the key to finding her murderer. The key, a magical glass Orb used to capture and trap souls, is the vital item needed to create the zombie army. The vampire Sturtagaard needs it and when Annie and Cham finally catch up with Jordan, they encounter Sturtagaard too. While in custody, Jordan is murdered and the Wizard Council becomes aware that there is a mole in the council who is hampering the case. It becomes clear that Amelie and Jordan’s death is collateral damage in a plot to overthrow the ruling Wizard Council. A trap is set using the Orb, knowing that someone is desperate to have it. Annie and Cham need to hurry before the magical holiday, The Day of First Sun, a time when the magical energy created on that day can expose their world and endanger the non magical society as well. The Orb, the Wizard Council and the world are waiting on Annie and Cham.

Review: Wizards, Vampires, and Fairies, OH MY! This book has a little of everything you like to read about in the paranormal genre. The main characters, Annie and Cham, are both wizards working in the Wizard Guard. Their job is to keep all the paranormal creatures under control and keep their world a secret from normal humans. In this setting, the realm of magic is hidden, mostly due to the Salem Witch trials from US History. This was not always the case, but before those days it was much easier to hide who you really were even with performing magic. However, now things must be contained and Annie and Cham (friends since they were nine years old, partners in the agency, and eventual lovers) are the best Guards out there keeping the peace.

The start of the story is all about Annie trying to capture Sturtgaard, an extremely old vampire. He had at one time kidnapped Annie's sister and tried to drink from Annie. This caused a mutual hatred of one another that fuels Annie's eventual capture of Sturtagaard. What they don't expect is that a very high profile case comes to them through the FBI that is linked to Sturtagaard. You would think that this would give them more fuel for the fire, but Sturtagaard knows when to talk and how to get what he wants. You can take a guess what ends up happening with him. This situation isn't completely without Sturtagaard getting some punishment.

The rest of the story revolves around the high profile FBI case that ends up nearly taking down the entire Wizard Council. This event is destined to happen on The Day Of First Sun, hence the title. This day is a special wizard holiday where the world is flooded with good magic that can be harnessed with the right artifacts and used for the destruction of the world. You'll have to read to see how this turns out. I found the book to be very interesting and exciting. I would have liked a little more of Annie and Cham's relationship to be explained, but I think that is probably going to happen in book two, She Wulf (which I will be reviewing shortly).

Interview with the author, Sheryl Steines:
  1. Sturtagaard seems to be a very important vampire in this series. Other than the incident where he kidnaps Annie’s sister, is there more to their mutual hatred of each other?

    Annie and Sturtagaard's hatred is more than just his kidnapping Samantha.  I was actually going to explore it more in She Wulf, but got a little sidetracked as the story moved forward and it didn't seem like an appropriate side story.  My original intent for him was to always be an annoyance to Annie.  She despises him because of the demon he is and what he does and yet, he's been extremely helpful to the Wizard Guard when giving away information and they don't want to get rid of him, yet. Basically, he's been involved in a lot of cases that Annie had and I have special plans for him in the future.

  2. How did Annie and Samantha lose their mother and how did they come to have an Aloja fairy taking care of them in her place?

    Emily died when the girls were very young, but the Aloja fairy came into the family much earlier than that.  Zola was brought in when Annie was born because they discovered she was a special baby that needed the protection of an Aloja and because Emily wasn't magical at all and needed someone around who could reverse the children's magic.  Book three, which is still untitled, is going to answer a lot of questions about Annie's early life and why Emily and Jason died.  Emily died partially because she wasn't magical and partially because she was protecting Annie.

  3. We know that Annie joined the Wizard Guard because of her love of magic and the black arts, but what did her sister end up doing? Was she a wizard too?

    Samantha is a wizard too. She's proficient and smart but she wasn't as adventurous as Annie.  She prefers a more quiet lifestyle and works for the Wizard Council in the law department.  She was never interested when their father tried to teach them all that he knew about black magic.

  4. How were wizards created? There was a short description of them having an extra chromosome, but was this just a deformity that ended up creating a new group of humans?

    I tried to make it seem like magic could be possible and linked it to extra chromosomes, so yeah, it could have been considered a "deformity" that was passed through the generations, creating an amazing secret world.

  5. Will we ever learn what actually happened to Annie’s father?

    I had always planned at some point to bring up the history of Annie's dad, but I didn't really know when or where that was going to happen until the end of She Wulf. I realized that I had a perfect opportunity in book three to answer all of the questions about book one while I continued the story from She Wulf. So we'll learn the history of Annie's dad and why he died. 

  6. I am going to be reviewing book two in the series, She Wulf, but would you like to tell my readers something about it now to tease them?

    She Wulf, a time traveling adventure, where Annie learns of an ancient prophecy about herself.  She's faced with an incredibly difficult decision that changes the course of her life and sends her on a journey through the past as she battles ancient demons, vikings and herself.

    You can check out Chapter One here:

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Steven Spielberg directs two-time Academy Award® winner Daniel Day-Lewis in “Lincoln,” a revealing drama that focuses on the 16th President’s tumultuous final months in office. In a nation divided by war and the strong winds of change, Lincoln pursues a course of action designed to end the war, unite the country and abolish slavery. With the moral courage and fierce determination to succeed, his choices during this critical moment will change the fate of generations to come.

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, David Strathairn, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Spader, Hal Holbrook and Tommy Lee Jones, “Lincoln” is produced by Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy, with a screenplay by Tony Kushner, based in part on the book “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. The DreamWorks Pictures/Twentieth Century Fox film, in association with Participant Media, releases in U.S. theaters exclusive on November 9, 2012, with expansion on November 16, 2012.

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Cover Reveal for the "My Merlin Series"

Cover Reveal for the "My Merlin Series" Ever My Merlin coming this Fall!

My Merlin Series Picture
My Boyfriend Merlin

He was a little older than he was letting on. By a few eons…

In this modern day teen Arthurian, 17 year-old Boston high schooler Arriane, aka Ryan, DuLac just found out the guy she's been crushing on, hot biker Matt, is a little older than he was letting on. In fact, he is really Merlinthe Merlin, King Arthur's Merlin, the greatest wizard who ever lived. Frozen in a cave for over fifteen hundred years, he's woken for a purpose. But Ryan's not impressed. Tired of being a relationship loser, she'd rather kick his legendary behind.

Sure, the world has been crazy ever since the sword and the stone fell out of the sky like a meteor. But despite gruesome gargoyles, a deadly new world of magic, and the guy driving her crazy, Ryan knows that family is everything. Will Merlin sacrifice hers to save the world? Will she be able to stop him?
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My Merlin Awakening, Book 2, My Merlin Series

If you haven't broken the rules, have you really lived?

Two wizard brothers. One sword. One chance to make a difference.

In this modern day teen Arthurian, Excalibur has been pulled from the stone, but what does it mean? 17 year-old Arriane (aka Ryan) DuLac has bigger problems—as student president, she's got to put on the Prom. While the Wizard Council debates their next move, she leaves the craziness behind and heads home. But she can't hide forever. Sooner than she'd like Merlin (aka Matt) has her chasing mermaids on the trail of the Fisher King. The wounded king defeated by Merlin's brother, Vane, in the past holds the key to save the future.

At a time of shifting alliances, she must decide whose side she's on—the brother who struggles to do right or the brother who dares to break the rules? And Ryan must decide who she is—a regular girl or a champion? One wrong decision and her family falls apart. One wrong decision and the world falls apart. No pressure.

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My Merlin Picture 3Priya Ardis loves books of all kinds—but especially the gooey ones that make your nose leak and let your latte go cold. She started her first book at sixteen, writing in notebooks on long train rides during a hot summer vacation in India. Her favorite Arthurian piece is the poem The Lady of Shalott by Lord Alfred Tennyson. A hopeless romantic, she's a longtime member of the Romance Writer's of America. When not living in her characters' world, she might be found at the local coffee shop—her nose buried in a book.


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