Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#LiteraryAddicts - Stalker Day!

Literary Addicts

Let me introduce you to one of the many authors that I stalk

Stephanie Nelson

Stephanie Nelson

I have read three of Stephanie's books. The first two are from the Gwen Sparks series and the third book is called Taming the Wolf. You can check out all of her books on her website at


The first one I read was Craved. This is the first Gwen Sparks book which sets up the series. We learn that Gwen is a very special witch with the ability to see into dead people's last moments. What else makes her special? She's dating a vampire. This particular story gives you insight into how supernaturals fit into our world as well as keep themselves separate. It continues in book two Deceived with Gwen being sent back to the witch haven/school she attended while growing up. The witches are under attack by vampires who want to get high off of their blood. Gwen has to figure out how to keep her vampire lover and wage war against his race. Both are amazing books! You can read my reviews of both HERE.

Buy Craved - Amazon Paperback, Kindle Book, Nook book, and B&N Paperback.

Buy Deceived - Amazon Paperback, Kindle Book, and Nook book. Check out the third book in the series (which I really really need to read): Coveted - Kindle Book, Amazon Paperback, and Nook book.

Taming the Wolf

The third book I read was Taming the Wolf. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. I loved it so much that I was inspired to start writing my own series. Now don't think that I thought I could write a book better, because I seriously doubt my story even comes close. I just loved this story. I was dreaming about it every night while I read it and after I finished it for like two weeks. By the end of two weeks, I had my own story line dreamed up (literally). Taming the wolf is about Anna Avery. She is recently turned into a werewolf, left for dead on the side of a mountain. Adam finds her and takes her into his pack where she is the bottom of the totem pole until she can work her way up the ranks. It just so happens that she feels like an equal to her alphas. She poses a threat to Eve, the alpha female. I am not going to go into the entire story, but you can read my review HERE.

Buy the Kindle book, Amazon Paperback, and Nook book.

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