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Demon by Laura DeLuca newly released #Giveaway

Demon 1

Demon, Book Two in the Dark Musicals Trilogy, inspired by Sweeney Todd is available now!


When Justyn and Rebecca set off for the New York School of Performing Arts, they think their dreams are about to come true. To their dismay, they aren’t in high school anymore, and the competition is steep. Rebecca must compete against accomplished singers for a role in the production of Demon Barber, including a stunning Gothic diva with her sights set on Justyn
It doesn't help that things keep disappearing from their apartment or that Rebecca's father refuses to accept that Justyn is an essential part of her life. Yet, all this seems minimal in comparison to the serial rapist terrorizing the campus.
Consumed by fear and obsessed with revenge, Rebecca and Justyn start living the story of Sweeney Todd—both on and off the stage.
 Head to face book to join the Demon Release Party.  You can also add Demon to your shelf on good reads.
Demon 2

Demon 3

If you haven't read the first book in the series, now is a great time to get your copy. To celebrate the release of Demon, Phantom is now on sale for only $1.99 exclusively on Amazon!


Phantom, Dark Musicals Book #1

The “Phantom” was a musical phenomenon that Rebecca had always found enchanting. She had no idea that her life was about to mirror the play that was her obsession. When her high school drama club chooses “Phantom” as their annual production, Rebecca finds herself in the middle of an unlikely love triangle and the target of a sadistic stalker who uses the lines from the play as their calling card.

Rebecca lands the lead role of Christine, the opera diva, and like her character, she is torn between her two co-stars—Tom the surfer and basketball star who plays the lovable hero, and Justyn, the strangely appealing Goth who is more than realistic in the role of the tortured artist.

Almost immediately after casting, strange things start to happen both on and off the stage. Curtains fall. Mirrors are shattered. People are hurt in true phantom style. They all seem like accidents until Rebecca receives notes and phone calls that hint at something more sinister. Is Justyn bringing to life the twisted character of the phantom? Or in real life are the roles of the hero and the villain reversed? Rebecca doesn’t know who to trust, but she knows she’s running out of time as she gets closer and closer to opening night. Only when the mask is stripped away, will the twenty first century phantom finally be revealed.

Demon 4


Demon 5

Laura “Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and four children. She loves writing in the young adult genre because it keeps her young at heart. In addition to writing fiction, Laura is also the editor of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. She is an active member of her local pagan community, and has been studying Wicca for close to eight years. Her current works include Destiny, Destiny Unveiled, Phantom, Morrigan, Player and Demon.

She also has short stories featured in two anthologies called HerStory and A Celtic Tapestry.

Follow the author
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Demon 6


To celebrate the release of Demon, Author Laura DeLuca has put together a Demon themed prize pack. It includes a signed copy of Phantom, geode and geode slice, rough crystal points, incense and holders, Gothic style leather key chains, smudge stick with abalone shell, mini Buddha and elephant statue, crystal, natural stone and pentacle pendants, and a $10 GC to Little Caesars.

Demon 7

The The Sisters Elemental Etsy shop has also created custom Lavender Purification bath salts and a set of ammonite necklaces, both of which are featured in the book.

Demon 8Demon 9

And finally, the awesome mommy bloggers at Mom Powered Media are also throwing in a $50 Amazon GC to support one of their own!

Demon 10

One lucky winner is going to receive all these fabulous prizes. To enter, just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway will end on 5/17/13. Open to the US only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Mom Powered Media, The Sisters Elemental and the author for offering these fantastic prizes.

Saturday Cinema: Disney's Planes Cast Reveal

Disney Picture

Planes 1


BURBANK, Calif. (March 27, 2013) – Audiences worldwide are fastening their seatbelts as “Disney’s Planes” prepares to take off this summer. Joining Dane Cook, who provides the voice of Dusty, are Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett, Teri Hatcher, Cedric the Entertainer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, John Cleese, Carlos Alazraqui, Priyanka Chopra, Gabriel Iglesias, Roger Craig Smith, Colin Cowherd, Sinbad, Oliver Kalkofe and Brent Musburger.

Adding some high-flying flair from a classic feature film are Anthony Edwards and Val Kilmer.

Planes 2

Inspired by the world of “Cars” and directed by Disneytoon Studios veteran and aviation enthusiast Klay Hall (“King of the Hill,” “The Simpsons”), “Disney’s Planes” is an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure about Dusty’s dream of competing as a high-flying air racer—and his decidedly unfortunate fear of heights. The film takes off in theaters in 3D on Aug. 9, 2013.

Planes 3

  • Stacy Keach (“The Bourne Legacy,” Alexander Payne’s upcoming “Nebraska,” Robert Rodriguez’s and Frank Miller’s “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For”) provides the voice of Skipper, a reclusive old Navy Corsair who takes Dusty’s training to new heights.

  • Brad Garrett (“Everybody Loves Raymond,” “How to Live with Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life”) lends his voice to fuel truck Chug, Dusty’s buddy, coach and biggest fan.

  • Teri Hatcher (“Coraline,” ABC’s “Desperate Housewives”) brings life and charm to the say-it-like-it-is mechanic Dottie.

  • Cedric the Entertainer (“Barbershop,” “Larry Crowne, “Madagascar”) as Leadbottom, a puttering old biplane who has no time for Dusty’s far-fetched flights of fancy.

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“Veep,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Seinfeld”) lends her voice to Rochelle, a tough and confident racer who is the pride of the Great White North.

  • John Cleese (TV’s “Whitney,” “A Fish Called Wanda”) is the voice of Bulldog, the oldest and arguably wisest racer on the circuit.

  • Carlos Alazraqui (James Garcia on Comedy Central’s “Reno 911”) brings to life the intensely charming El Chupacabra, a racer with more dramatic flair than is recommended at high altitudes.

  • Priyanka Chopra (“Barfi!”) voices the exotic, mysterious and ruthless Ishani, the reigning Pan-Asian champion from India.

  • Roger Craig Smith (Captain America in Disney XD’s “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble,” voice of Sonic The Hedgehog in “Wreck-It Ralph”) voices world champion racer Ripslinger—wings down, the biggest name in air racing—and he knows it.

  • Gabriel Iglesias (Comedy Central’s “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-up Revolution”) provides the voices of both Ned and Zed, two not-so-sharp saboteurs who work for Ripslinger.

  • Val Kilmer (“Batman Forever,” “Top Gun”) provides the voice of Bravo, a member of the Jolly Wrenches and a fan of air racing.

  • Anthony Edwards (TV’s “Zero Hour,” “Top Gun”) is the voice of Echo, a member of the Jolly Wrenches and a fan of air racing.

  • Colin Cowherd (ESPN) gives play-by-play coverage as Colin Cowling, an affable blimp and an eye-in-the-sky reporter for the Racing Sports Network.

  • Sinbad (Comedy Central’s “Where U Been?”) brings to life Roper, an irascible race official pitty full of sly remarks and colorful commentary.

  • Oliver Kalkofe (“Neues vom Wixxer”) provides the voice of meek German minicar Franz and his brazen airborne alter ego Fliegenhosen.

  • Brent Musburger (ESPN, ABC Sports) brings Brent Mustangburger, the excitable 1964½ Ford Mustang sports broadcasting icon, back to the big screen.

Planes 4

From above the world of “Cars” comes “Disney’s Planes,” an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure featuring Dusty (voice of Dane Cook), a plane with dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer. But Dusty’s not exactly built for racing—and he happens to be afraid of heights. So he turns to a seasoned naval aviator who helps Dusty qualify to take on the defending champ of the race circuit. Dusty’s courage is put to the ultimate test as he aims to reach heights he never dreamed possible, giving a spellbound world the inspiration to soar. “Disney’s Planes” takes off in theaters on Aug. 9, 2013. For more information, check out, like us on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter:

Planes 5

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Alice's Sacrifice by Andrea Digiglio Release Party #ReleaseDayDiva

Alice's Sacrifice
After the fight of a lifetime, Alice and Cole return home to live a life they were never meant to live. Fallen Angel father's choose to stay, protect and get to know their nephilim children. Now that everyone knows where to find Alice, the real question is who is that information pertinent to? One single traumatic event sets Alice's true destiny into motion. How each of those she cares for reacts to this event; has enormous consequences for her. 

Join me and Andrea DiGiglio Friday March 29th from 12-4 EST. We're celebrating the release of Alice's Sacrifice, the much anticipated sequel to Finding Alice! We'll have tons of fun games and prizes for you all!!

Stalker links:

 Hope to see you all there!!

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#BookTour: A Scholar's Journey: The Divine Tempest #PromoBookTours

A Scholar's Journey The Divine Tempest 1

A Scholar's Journey The Divine Tempest 2
A Scholar's Journey: The Divine Tempest

A Scholar’s Journey: The Divine Tempest is a no-holds-barred fantasy brawl. It begins when the God of Justice and Retribution opens The Abyss and unleashes a vengeful demon upon the mortal realm of Therra.

Now it is up to scholar Penndarius Greyson and his tormented protector, martial artist Soren Luna Mortalitas, to stop a crisis that would send shockwaves through the very fabric of creation. In addition, Penndarius is waging an internal battle with a disembodied presence attempting to possess his mind. The two heroes must avoid death or capture, but there is a catch: They have only one day to solve a riddle older than history before a dark host of unstoppable demons is released into the world.

The Divine Tempest includes warring factions, betrayal and redemption, and of course, Herrick Erickson-Brigl's trademark: epic fight scenes. This is the lean, hard-hitting first installment in a series that follows Penndarius’s growth as the avatar of the God of Creation and Soren’s reclamation of his lethal family’s humanity.

Purchase A Scholar's Journey: The Divine Tempest on Amazon.

About Herrick C. Erickson-Brigl

Herrick C. Erickson-Brigl

Herrick Erickson-Brigl has been reading fantasy since he first learned to read and writing it nearly as long. While in college, Herrick's passion for writing culminated in his first novel, entitled *A Scholar’s Journey: The Divine Tempest*. He is currently completing his second book in that series.

Follow the Author:
Website | Twitter

Kickstarter Campaign

Herrick is also kickstarting the editing for his second book "A War of Lies"

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Ashley Robertson Book Reading Event Tonight #ReleaseDayDiva

Ashley Robertson

Join us Thursday March 28th from 3-4 pm EST. Ashley Robertson will be reading from her books, and answering all of your questions! It's going to be a ton of fun, I hope you all can make it!

 Hope to see you all there!!

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#BookTour: The Marriage Caper by Sandra Edwards #PromoBookTours

The Marriage Caper

The Marriage Caper 2
Title: The Marriage Caper
Series: Billionaire Games, Book 2
Author: Sandra Edwards
Publisher: SE Press
Description: Andre de Laurent is the second son of an extremely wealthy family, which basically means he'll always be number two. That is, until his mother's uncle dies and leaves him a multi-billion-dollar fortune. So what's the trouble? Andre has sixty days to take a wife, and he'll have to remain married for one year or forfeit the inheritance to distant relatives--who are hell-bent on claiming the inheritance as their own.

Aspiring actress Tasha Gordon has never wanted anything quite so much as that big break--until she met Andre de Laurent. Could his offer turn out to be the role of lifetime?

Approximately 50,000 words. About 228 pages.

Review: I absolutely loved the first book in this series and just had to get my hands on this one when a tour for it came around. The first book, The Marriage Bargain, was all about Julian and Camille. Julian is the son of an extremely wealthy man who was being pressured into marriage by said wealthy man. He decided that instead of marrying the woman that his father picked out for him, he would hire a woman to pretend to be his wife. She would carry on the charade for a certain amount of time and then they would divorce. In return for her troubles, she would leave him as a VERY wealthy woman. Well of course love prevails and the two actually fall in love.

This story is about Julian's brother Andre. Andre has never had any real desire to get married until he meets Camille's best friend Tasha at Camille and Julian's wedding. He basically carries on a long distance affair with Tasha while knowing that if he ever were to marry, she was exactly what he wanted. Well Papa is up to his old tricks again. This time Papa doesn't pick a woman to force Andre into marrying, instead he convinces a distant uncle to give everything he owns to Andre upon his death with the stipulation that he must marry within 60 days of the reading of the will and remain married for a whole year. If this was the only stipulation in the will, Andre probably would have said no, but his brother and sister's inheritance also is on the line. He must marry in order for anyone to get anything. Th obvious choice is Tasha, which Papa already knew. His father finds a way to convince Andre that if he were to marry Tasha, he would not be forcing her to give up her dreams or to be in a situation that she doesn't already want. Well Andre immediately leaves France for California to tell Tasha all about the inheritance and to beg her to marry him. However, when he gets to her door he discovers she's pregnant with his child. What happens? Well they decide to get married of course! However, Andre decides to hide the initial reason for his marriage proposal from her, a move that is sure to come back to slap him in the face. What Andre doesn't know is that there is a very distant cousin plotting to destroy his marriage in order for the inheritance to be given to her. How will it turn out? Will Andre marry Tasha and live happily ever after? Will they do something to violate the stipulations of the will, thus losing everything? Read to find out!

My Rating (Out of 5): Rose Icon 1 Rose Icon 2 Rose Icon 3 Rose Icon 4 Rose Icon 5

Purchase the book: - Kindle
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#BookBlast: The Guilty Innocent by D.N. Simmons #PromoBookTours

The Guilty Innocent 1

The Guilty Innocent 2
The Guilty Innocent

The Guilty Innocent is the second novel of the Darkness Chronicles Series.

In this installment, Darian, the gorgeous, charismatic and charming master vampire of Chicago is framed for a crime he didn't commit, but why? His lover, Xavier, Natasha and a few others must travel halfway across the world to find out who and why before time runs out and all hell breaks loose!

Original, sexy and gritty, the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles will suck you in and take you for a ride you won't forget!

Purchase The Guilty Innocent on Amazon.

About Author D.N. Simmons

D. N. Simmons lives in Chicago IL., with a rambunctious German Shepherd that's too big for his own good and mischievous kitten that she affectionately calls "Itty-bitty". Her hobbies include rollerblading, billiards, bowling, reading, watching television and going to the movies. She has been nominated at Love Romances and More, winning honorable mention for best paranormal book of 2006. She has won "Author of the Month" at Warrior of Words. She was voted "New Voice of Today" at Romance Reviews and "Rising Star" at Love Romance and More.

Follow D.N. Simmons Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

Read Reviews by Bloggers -

2nd Book to the Right

Sizzle and Swoon

This is a very good length story and the author has put a lot of thought into the creation of a complex plot and well written characters. There is humor, angst, anger and tenderness between all the characters that gives the book a well rounded feel. Diane @ Turning Back the Clock

The Guilty Innocent was an excellent read. It's packed with action, passion and vivid characters. If you love the supernatural genre, you'll enjoy The Guilty Innocent. Jessi @ Mamas Got Flair

The Guilty Innocence is an addicting, sexy, mystery that's very hard to put down. D.N. Simmons crafts a fast paced world where the supernatural works and plays in one of my favorite cities, Chicago. ~Jen @ The Crafty Cauldron

What more can you ask for than shapeshifters and vampires. Wouldn't life be devine stuck in a love triangle with 2 hot vampires. Lisa @ Mommy Read too Much

D.N. Simmons is giving away a $100 Amazon Giftcard and everyone who enters gets an ecopy of Desires Unleashed. Fill out the form below to enter!

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Kobo Arc #Giveaway

Kobo Arc Giveaway

Welcome to the Kobo Arc Giveaway!

Organized by Mom to Bed by 8

Hosted by: and Capri’s Coupons, Spaceships and Laser Beams, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, The Penny Hoarder, Powered By Mom, Baby Costcutters and Iowa Mom.


The Kobo Arc 64GB offers booklovers a competitively featured Android 4.0 multimedia tablet with a new way to discover content – books, movies, TV shows, music, web pages and more. With a Kobo-developed interface called Tapestries, Kobo Arc gives consumers an exciting new way to discover content. Using an intelligent cross-media recommendations engine, Tapestries responds to the user’s “pinned” content to recommend related videos, movies, books, webpages and other related content. Tapestries makes it easy to discover new personal multimedia recommendations with little effort as the engine learns what consumers love – and brings them more.

The 7” high-definition display delivers crisp, sharp text and with 16-million colours bring photos and videos to life. With front-facing speakers with SRS TruMedia, a built-in microphone and high-resolution 1.3 MP camera to take photos and videos, the Kobo Arc offers up to 10 hours of continuous reading or video play, and two weeks on standby. With Google Play, Kobo Arc users have access to more than 600,000 apps and much-loved pre-loaded apps including Facebook, Twitter, Rdio, Zinio and PressReader.

One lucky reader will receive a Kobo Arc 64GB.

Giveaway ends April 15th at 11:59pm, open to US & Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

#BookTour: Easy Bake Coven by Liz Schulte #PromoBookTours

Hungry Hungry Hoodoo 1

Easy Bake Coven
Title: Easy Bake Coven
Series: Easy Bake Coven Series, Book 1
Author: Liz Schulte
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Description: For Selene Warren being a witch is no big deal. She dabbles in harmless magic with her friends and never thinks much about it. However, when a stranger who seems to know her shows up at her studio and her grandmother is brutally attacked, her simple life becomes complicated.

A world of elves, half-elves, fae—and one peculiar Sekhmet named Femi open up to her. She will discover that fairy tales are real, politics are ugly in any world, and there is a lot more to her life than she ever dreamed possible. This new reality threatens swallow Selene whole, but with a forgotten past beating down her door, she will have to dive in to save her future.

Review: Liz Schulte is an amazong author. She has a way of writing that makes you desperately want to meet her characters in person and really feel like you know them. Easy Bake Coven is about a woman who believes herself to be a witch. She grew up with a telekenetic ability that her grandmother made her suppress as much as possible. Selene had always felt that her grandmother thought that he ability was bad. She used religion to hide her true feelings in order to keep Selene hidden from those that would use her for their evil means. In reality, Selene is so much more than a human who can move things with her mind. She has abilities that she never knew she had because she had suppressed them for so long. She also had no idea that there was a gorgeous elf named Cheney just waiting for her to grow up. Why you might ask? Well Selene is actually a changeling and Cheney the man she had loved before becoming one. Liz Schulte gives you an idea of what a changeling could be without the traditional belief that a woman's baby is killed in the process. Look up changelings and you will see what I am talking about.

I will be honest, I am 93% finished with the book, but it is not because it is hard to read or anything like that. I have been doing a lot of work in my house that has prevented me any time to read or write really. I will have finished this story in the next 24 hours because I am having a tough time putting it down! I desperately want to know more about Selene and Cheney! Thank goodness Hungry, Hungry, Hoodoo is out so I can actually read more about them.

My Rating (Out of 5): Rose Icon 1 Rose Icon 2 Rose Icon 3 Rose Icon 4 Rose Icon 5

Purchase the book: - Kindle / Paperback
Barnes And Noble - Nook and Paperback
Smashwords - Multiple Digital formats

Tour Stops:

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Literary Addicts Weekly Meme: Author Autographs #LiteraryAddicts

Literary Addicts

The theme of this week is Author Autographs.
If you could get five author autographs, who would you choose?
Join our group HERE to find out next week’s theme!

Your turn! Tell me who you would choose!

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Blessed Tragedy by H.B. Heinzer Release Party #ReleaseDayDiva

Blessed Tragedy
Maddie Neumann died the day she pulled away from her parents' house determined to make her dreams come true. She wasn't the perfect little princess she'd been raised to be, all she wanted to do was rock. Everything Maddie was tucked away in a box to allow for her re-birth as Rain Maxwell; a badass rocker who answered to no one and lived by her own set of rules.

Rain's world is shattered with one phone call from her estranged family. No sooner does she get home than everything she thought she knew about her life starts changing. 

Colton Bradford knew there was something special about Rain the moment they first met. Unfortunately, she had a hard and fast rule about dating a bandmate so he was stuck in the friends zone. When Rain is going through her own personal hell, will Colton finally be able to make her see how he feels and convince her to take a chance on love?

Join us Tuesday March 26th from 2-6 CDT. We'll be playing tons of fun games, and you get the chance to chat up author H.B. Heinzer!!

Stalker links:

 Hope to see you all there!!

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#BookReview: Restless by Tawdra Kandle

Title: Restless
Series: The King Series, Book Three
Author: Tawdra Kandle
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Description: When she agrees to allow Ms. Lacusta to help develop her powers, Tasmyn has no idea how deep and dark the journey will become. Trapped between fascination and fear, she moves farther away from friends and family, even her boyfriend Michael. Leading a double life forces Tas into decisions that will threaten her sanity and her future… and the very lives of those she loves.

Description: I have read all of the King Series by Tawdra Kandle. It actually was one of the first books I wrote a review for and I have been following Tawdra around ever since. I love how her books are truly YA. There is nothing in them that you wouldn't want your teenager reading. In fact, other than the paranormal elements, everything is something that your child will see in school on a daily basis. It is a series of life experiences that nearly every teenager can relate to. Even the paranormal elements are things they can relate too without actually being able to perform magic. I can explain this better by telling you a little more about this particular story.

Tasmyn was pretty much forced to take an independent study with Ms. Lacusta at the end of book two, but what you learn is that she doesn't really feel all that forced into it in book three. Ms. Lacusta decides to teach Tasmyn everything she knows about magic. She sees potential in Tas as her daughter's magical twin (that is explained in books two and three). Tasmyn eventually decides that it would be a good idea for her to learn how much magic she really can perform. Rather than learning it on her own, causing potentially bad things to happen, she sees Ms. Lacusta as the better of two evils, a mentor. What she does not realize is that she will have to tear apart her life as she knows it in order to gain control of the magic within her. She begins lying to nearly everyone. She does things to her friends that she normally would never do. She starts using people. All of these things are what our kids will eventually run into in one form or another. For Tasmyn, they were all because of her desire for power over the magical realm. She must learn some valuable lessons that will have even you feeling a little guilty. It's a very emotionally charged book, and I am looking forward to reading book four, Endless.

My Rating (Out of 5): Rose Icon 1 Rose Icon 2 Rose Icon 3 Rose Icon 4 Rose Icon 5

Purchase the book: - Kindle / Paperback
Barnes And Noble - Paperback

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