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#BookTour: Last Day by Richard LaPlante #PromoBookTours

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Last Day 1

Last Day 2Last Day

by Richard LaPlante

Charlie Wolf is an undercover cop assigned to infiltrate the Sons of Fire motorcycle club, suspected of manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine up and down the East Coast. Charlie’s been undercover for a long time—long enough to have broken the two cardinal rules of his work. He’s forged a strong friendship with Ray Sasso, president of the Sons of Fire. And he’s become addicted to meth.

A near-fatal mistake during the attempted bust by the cops leaves a bullet lodged in the right temporal lobe of Charlie’s brain. Operating to remove it would likely kill Charlie. Living with it will change him forever.

Two men linked by a tangle of lies and twisted loyalties. Two men who could not be more different—or more the same. When they meet again, for one of them it will be the Last Day.

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About the Author

Richard LaPlante

Richard LaPlante is the author of the popular Fogarty-Tanaka series of crime fiction novels as well as three memoirs. Last Day is his first paranormal thriller and explores his longtime interest in human consciousness and the Near Death Experience. A musician and lifelong student of martial arts, Richard lives with his two sons in the sunny mountains of Ojai, CA and is a founding director of an independent publishing company, Escargot Books, where he blogs regularly.

Currently, Richard is also working on Hog Fever, an Ear Movie — a movie without pictures — based upon his motorcycle memoir Hog Fever and starring Academy Award nominee Terence Stamp, produced by Grammy award winner Greg Penny and directed by British rock icon Kevin Godley.

website - facebook - twitter -

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#BookTour: Death Dealer by Ashley Robertson #PromoBookTours

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Death Dealer 1

Death Dealer 2

Death Dealer

by Ashley Robertson

Death: a word Mia Baron was all too familiar with since the murder of her parents when she was a young girl. Her drive for vengeance was the reason she became a Death Dealer—a soul guide through the spirit realm—signing her life away in her own blood. Pain forged a concrete wall around her heart and no one or nothing would ever penetrate it…until she got what she desired most—revenge.

Deacon Gage craves justice for his own horrific tragedy that forced him into the same life Mia chose, with the same promise of vengeance dangling just out of reach. His expert training makes him an Elite—one of the few Death Dealers to ever achieve such a status—and no one can shift his focus from the blood he seeks.

But when the two are partnered for yet another job and a heart-shattering case rips open Mia’s heart, Deacon realizes he’s the only one who can save her…at a price that might be too much to pay: opening his heart to her. The clock is ticking and her life hangs on the balance of whether he can truly let go or will hold onto his desire for blood.

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About the Author:

Ashley Robertson

Ashley Robertson resides in sunny Orlando, Florida, and loves writing about anything paranormal. She also composes poems and songs, though she learned long ago she doesn’t have a singing voice. When she isn’t writing you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, sharing personal training and nutrition advice via, traveling and exploring new places, and drinking fine wines and gourmet coffees from her Nespresso machine.


Visit her website to learn about her upcoming releases, guest blog posts, and featured giveaways at:

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#BookTour: Cuspian by DC Hall #PromoBookTours

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Cuspian 1

Cuspian 2

by DC Hall

Twins, Kendal and Kennedi Myles are the envy of their peers with: a second string spot on the varsity football team, smartass but loyal teammates, miniature pores, and a killer spray tan. They had big plans for sophomore year, until their mother is slaughtered during a botched robbery.

Forced to move with their estranged father, Kendal becomes fixated with finding their mother’s killer, while Kennedi tries to settle into life with their dad. After the discovering a trail of unsettling clues, the pair to believe their mother’s death was part of a conspiracy. As the teens’ investigation digs deeper into their mom’s enigmatic past, a mysterious agency stumbles upon them, and the twosome learns they are Cuspians—individuals gifted with supernatural abilities. Kendal and Kennedi are soon faced with the challenge of staying concealed from the shadowy organization hell-bent on enslaving powerful Cuspians while trying to solve a murder.

Family secrets, bloody breadcrumbs, and deadly obsessions guide the twins through tough decisions and awful mistakes. Desperate for their lives to return to normal, the pair found normal is not written in the stars for either one of them.

Purchase on Amazon / Barnes and Noble

DC Hall

DC Hall is obsessed with argyle socks, the smell of books and believes he is the smartest person in the room. Granted he’s usually alone when he thinks this but it still feels good. When his nose isn’t stuck in a book, DC is usually writing or trying to teach his dog, Brooklyn, how to wash dishes (success remains elusive.) DC is from the south where the teas are sweet, distance is measured in minutes—not miles, and the skies are always Carolina blue.

If you are interested in learning more about DC:
Twitter | Blog | Facebook

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Prize - Summer themed with nail polish, zodiac jewelry, and some other favorites of the main character

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Eternal Summer Anthology! #PromoBookTours

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Eternal Summer

Eternal Summer - A Collection of Short Stories

Eternal Summer is a collection of eight paranormal short stories. Participating authors include: Olivia Hardin, C.G. Powell, Mandie Stevens, Liz Schulte, Lola James, Tawdra Kandle, Stephanie Nelson and Melissa Lummis.

Purchase on Amazon / Barnes and Noble

List of stories

One Bite Paradise by Olivia Hardin - author of the Bend-Bite-Shift trilogy Jill’s wish gave Doc a new chance at life – literally. Almost a decade of years have passed since Jill watched her lover get killed and now that time is like a chasm between them. Can they learn how to make One Bite of Paradise become an eternity?

Cat Napped by C.G. Powell - author of the Terra Stellar series
Tempers fly, when Sarik makes last minute changes to Jael’s and his vacation plans. How far will he go to get back in her good graces?

Eternally Yours by Mandie Stevens - author of Eva and Thomas series
Eva and Thomas are bound by magic and are getting on each others' nerves. Eva is ready for a vacation, but when someone from Thomas' past is in trouble, her holiday comes second to saving a soul from Hell.

Dark Remnants by Liz Schulte - author of the Guardian trilogy, the Easy Bake Coven series and the Ella Reynolds series.
Ella Reynolds and vacations do not mix—but she is willing to give it a try for Gabriel. However, when she stumbles across the ghost of a young woman who needs her help, all thoughts of fun and relaxation vanish from her mind. Can Ella solve this mystery before her vacation ends or will the spirit be trapped in an infinite loop forever?

Bound by Fate by Lola James - Author of the Spellbound series
Ben thought his trip to New York would be just like any other -- find two random people, nurture their love, and leave before his presence is detected. But when he runs into someone from his past, business as usual becomes complicated.The worlds of the Spellbound Series and the Fate Trilogy blend in Bound By Fate.

Stardust on the Sea by Tawdra Kandle - Author of the King series
Cathryn Whitmore does not want a vacation, not even in beautiful Cape May. But when she encounters a hot college professor at a bed and breakfast with a ghostly mystery, she just may change her mind.

Cursed Cove by Stephanie Nelson - Author of the Gwen Sparks and Anna Avery series
Gwen and Dorian head to Hawaii, but not for fruity drinks or sunbathing. A string of murders taint what the locals are calling Cursed Cove. Haunted by the infamous Captain Clarke, Gwen and Dorian must figure out how to rid the beach of the demonic ghost before more locals lose their lives.

Daylight Come by Melissa Lummis - Author of the Love and Light series
Some fun in the sun was just what Loti needed, but from the moment she and Wolf arrive at the not- so-quaint hotel, they know something's off about the place. Cockroaches, dirty linens and an unkempt room turn out to be the least of their worries. An evil spirit haunts the beach front resort and it has no intentions of letting them check out until it gets what it wants. Can they solve the mystery before daylight comes?

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#BookTour: The Posse by Tawdra Kandle #PromoBookTours

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The Posse 1

The Posse 2
The Posse

Being a widow at the age of forty-four was never in Jude Hawthorne’s plans. After her husband’s death, she’s left with her family’s beach restaurant and two nearly-grown children. The last thing she’s looking for is another chance at love.

However, if her husband’s best friends, the Posse, have anything to say about it, love is just what she’s going to get. The Posse is determined to take care of Jude, and when they decide the best way to do that is for one of them to sweep her off her feet, three begin to vie for her affections. But only one can reach her heart.

In a story of friendship, loss and second chances, Jude will learn her life is far from being over.

Purchase - Amazon / Barnes and Noble / iTunes

Join us August 14 - 16 to get to know Tawdra Kandle and her books on Facebook

Twitter Chat with Author Tawdra Kandle August 20 @ 9pm EST #ThePosse

About Author Tawdra Kandle

Tawdra Kandle

Tawdra Kandle is the author of THE KING SERIES, a young adult urban fantasy quartet. Born in South Jersey, Tawdra published her first short story at the age of 13 in Child’s Life magazine. During the early years of her marriage and motherhood, she wrote articles and columns on parenting and homeschooling, as well as some homeschooling curriculum. THE KING SERIES is her first published full-length fiction. Tawdra currently lives in central Florida with her husband, and children, both skin and fur types. And yes, she has purple hair.

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#ReleaseParty: San Francisco Secrets party today! #ReleaseDayDiva

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San Francisco Secrets
As the spring of 1958 arrives in San Francisco, it seems that baseball player turned private eye, Sam Slater and his fiancée, TWA stewardess Amelia Ryan, are surrounded by people who have secrets.

A prominent doctor, John O’Dell is being blackmailed by someone who has discovered a dark secret from his past. When the private investigator trying to catch the blackmailer is murdered, Dr. O’Dell hires Sam Slater to try to pick up the pieces. Someone is playing for keeps and will do anything to protect their own secrets.

Meanwhile, Amelia begins her new job as an international stewardess which takes her on adventures to New York City, London, Paris and Rome. In hot pursuit is a womanizing older pilot who has his sights set on Amelia.

Their lives get even more complicated when a mysterious woman from Sam’s past returns.

Sam and Amelia’s relationship will be tested as they work together to solve the mystery on the foggy streets of San Francisco. "San Francisco Secrets" is the exciting sequel to "Last of the Seals" and "Deadly Plunge."
Buy on Amazon

Join us Friday 7/26 from 12-3 PST for a really fun time. We have tons of games and prizes plus a chance for you all to meet Greg!

 Hope to see you all there!!

Release Day Diva

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#ReleaseParty: Demon's, Shifters, and Witches, Oh My party today! #ReleaseDayDiva

Release Day Diva 1

Join us Thursday July 25th from 7-11 pm EST for an awesome night of fun with the ladies behind this amazing boxed set!! Play some games, win some prizes, and chat up Hope Welsh, Elizabeth A Reeves, Lanie Jordan, and Charity Parkerson

Lana Summers doesn't want anything to do with paranormal abilities. She's seen what it did to her mother before her death. Cole Thomas has his own talents, but can Lana accept his when she can't accept her own? Can Cole convince her to embrace her talents--and accept his--in time?

When Lana's house is invaded in the middle of the night by an intruder, Lana awakes to a warning in her dream to Run! The warning came from her dead mother. 

As she flees to the streets via a window, she finds Cole Thomas. He offers to check her house, and decides she needs protection when his shapeshifter talents tell him that Lana's invader wasn't human.

The prophecy must be deciphered--but the one being that knows isn't talking.. Now, it's up to them to figure it out. The clock is running, and time is running out.

The Ancient Prophecy

When Two Become One
And One Becomes Two

Hope Welsh stalker links:

Baehrly Breathing
Baehrly Breathing 

It's difficult to be taken seriously when you are a member of the Magical community and saddled with the unfortunate name 'Goldie Locke'. It certainly doesn't help if you are also about five feet tall, blond, and most commonly described as 'cute.'. What was a girl to do?

Become one of the most dreaded Magical environmental lawyers of all time?

Goldie isn't there yet, but she's well on her way when a case drags her into uncharted territory-- working with Ordinary officials to figure out why 'unusual' remains are being discovered all around New England.

With her hands full and a new dragon on the way, Goldie's hunches about this case may prove to be all-too true-- this stuff is bad business!

Elizabeth A Reeves stalker links:

The Sexy & The Undead
The Sexy & The Undead

A potion gone wrong, or right?

Single, unemployed, and in charge of her very own pet zombie, Ella Perry is cooking up trouble, and it's raining men.

Ella has spent years searching for a cure for a zombie named Freddie. However, when an experimental concoction takes an unexpected turn, she gets a glimpse of the life she's been missing by hanging out with the undead. 

Charity Parkerson stalker links

Breed of InnocenceBreed of Innocence

One goal: Hunt the demon that killed my family. Make that two goals: Survive.

Six hours ago, men in dark suits and sunglasses came looking for me.
Four hours ago, they offered me training to hunt the things that killed my family: demons.
Two hours ago, I joined their secret organization--the CGE.
Now... All I have to do is survive demon-hunting school.

The classes won't kill me, but the finals might.

Warning: This book contains kick-ass (literally) demon-hunters in training, vampires (not the cuddly, marrying type), and sarcastic (and sometimes snarky) attitudes. No humans were eaten during the writing of this book. Bitten doesn't count...right?

Lanie Jordan stalker links:

 Hope to see you all there!!

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#BookReview: From Frights to Flaws by Sunayna Prasad #LightningBookPromos

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From Frights to Flaws Banner

From Frights to Flaws
Title: From Frights to Flaws
Author: Sunayna Prasad
Description: Twelve-year-old Alyssa McCarthy can no longer stand the toughness of her uncle and wants a better life. But one day she discovers not only the existence of magic, but also a villain hunting her down. The villain uses magic and magical technology to kidnap Alyssa to the Fiji Islands. As much as she wants to go home, she has to face some dangerous challenges first. Not only that, the villain himself must also be defeated. Can Alyssa succeed, even with the help of her mentors?

Review: This was a little out of my normal reading element. I decided that I would give a YA book a try since I haven't read many for a while, but I only liked the book rather than fell in love with it. It's a cute story about a girl who has had a rather rough life and then is thrown into the world of magic. She never believed magic existed, but the evidence piles up in such a way that she cannot deny the existence. What I was not crazy about was that I felt like every character that Alyssa ran into just told her exactly what she wanted to know. Bad guys typically don't confess everything that freely and there were so many good guys willing to help her out without Alyssa being anyone special in the magical world at all. I suppose that the way it is written is probably great for a preteen, I just wanted a little more suspense.

My Rating (Out of 5): Rose Icon 1 Rose Icon 2 Rose Icon 3

About the Author:
Sunayna Prasad has been writing stories for over thirteen years, starting at the age of six. Now nineteen, she will start her junior year of college this fall, and will study accessory design as well as continue to write for children. Aside from that, Sunayna also likes to cook, watch movies, and draw. She lives on Long Island, New York, with her family.

Tour Stops:
July 24th Phaedra @ Identity Discovery
25th Jackie @ Book Reviews by Jackie
26th Darryl @ Savage Lullabye
27th Debra @ 3 Partners in Shopping; Nana, Mommy, &; Sissy too!
28th Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!
29th Ruth @ My Devotional Thought

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#BookReview: Consequences by Liz Schulte

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Title: Consequences
Series: The Guardian Trilogy, Book 3
Author: Liz Schulte
Description: In the final installment of the Guardian Trilogy, hope is born, alliances change, and the fate of a world is held in the hands of two people.

Forced to face the wrath of either Heaven or Hell, Olivia and Holden must choose a side before a war begins and tears their lives apart forever. They always felt an unseen force brought them together, but was it to prevent the end of their world or to ensure it?

Their Secrets threatened to destroy them. Their Choices lead them to this moment. The Consequences cannot be avoided.

Review: It's been a while since I read the first two books in The Guardian Trilogy, but I have been anxiously awaiting the moment I had some free time to finish up the series. You can check out my reviews for book 1, Secrets, at and book 2, Choices, at

The Guardian Trilogy is about Olivia and Holden. Olivia starts off as a human. She is strongly desired by Hell and the Jinni paired with her soul has no idea why. The guardian (a very low level angel) assigned to her has to try to keep the Jinni from influencing her in any way. This is particularly difficult when Olivia and Holden seem uncontrollably drawn to one another. It takes the death of Olivia's best friend to help her see the evil that lurks there. Inevitably she is killed, but Olivia was destined to become a guardian. Her previous guardian becomes her trainer and the two of them begin investigating the disappearances of other guardians who happen to be located in Chicago, the city Holden now controls as the Jinn leader. This is a summary of everything up to this book.

In the third installment, Olivia and Holden are reunited and in love as strong as they ever were. They deny their feelings as much as possible because they are on opposites sides, but their feelings for one another lead them to work together to continue the search for the guardian traitor. Holden agrees to help in hopes of keeping Olivia afterwards in his life. You will be shocked what the two of them and their close group of ragtag friends discover. Olivia is special in so many ways that you will continue to be on your toes wondering how things will turn out. Holden has become unique to his kind as well, and not just because he appears to have control over guardian. You'll have to read the series to find out all the details. It's an amazing trilogy. I wish there was more to read.

My Rating (Out of 5): Rose Icon 1 Rose Icon 2 Rose Icon 3 Rose Icon 4 Rose Icon 5

Purchase the book: - Kindle / Paperback
Barnes And Noble - Nook

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#BookExcerpt: Climb That Fence and Take That Leap by Philip Johnsey #PromoBookTours

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“You want me to go do what? Watch frogs at night?” That was the first sentence that started it all. I had written a short article about an event and submitted it to an online community events service. I didn’t think too much about it, I just wrote it.

Imagine my surprise when my friend showed me the local paper with my article right there in print! She said so many people had called about the story, that the next event is totally full.

To say I was excited was an understatement!! I’ve always wanted to enhance the animal/people connection, and after seeing the results of my article, I knew I was on to something fun and rewarding.

A little while later, I was perusing my computer looking at all the articles I had written that were just sitting there. Hmmm….I should put them in a book and send them out into the world. So it began…

Animals are always a great medium for connecting with people and these personal stories take the reader on a journey of self-discovery. Since the stories involve life itself, most anyone can appreciate them.

As I’m composing this, I feel like Edmund sitting on top of the fence. The only way to experience what’s next is to take that leap. I took the leap when I wrote that first article, when I wrote the book, and now again with this guest post.

I hope you enjoy the stories and find ways to climb that fence and take that leap too. See you on the other side!

Climb That Fence and Take That Leap 2
Title: Climb That Fence and Take That Leap
Author: Philip Johnsey
Description: Ever wonder if there is more to your pet's behavior than meets the eye? Can we learn something about ourselves by watching them? Climb that Fence take that Leap is a compilation of personal, inspirational animal stories and the life lessons we can glean from them. After enjoying these stories, you'll spend a little extra time with your furry friend and know what it takes to Climb that Fence and Take that Leap!

Purchase the book: - Paperback / Kindle
Barnes And Noble - Paperback
Smashwords -

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Anything Like Me Release Day Blitz #ReleaseDayDiva

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Anything Like Me
After walking in on her cheating boyfriend, fate led Spencer Marshall to the love of her life, Brandon Montgomery. Now, she has a wedding to plan. With hope that the demons from their pasts will finally leave them alone, Brandon and Spencer look forward to growing old together.

Just as things are finally looking up, an unexpected houseguest arrives and stays much longer than expected. Will their love be strong enough to overcome the bad influences of their new roommate and the emotional aftermath of dealing with the trial? And when an unforeseen tragedy strikes, can Spencer finally have the happy ending she deserves?

Now available on Amazon!!!!! Go and grab your copy today!!

Book 1
Book 2

Kimberly Knight
About Kimberly:

Amazon bestselling author, Kimberly Knight, lives in the Bay Area in California with her loving husband and spoiled cat, Precious. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her favorite reality TV shows, playing co-ed slow pitch softball in a few local leagues, and playing computer games like World of Warcraft and online poker. However, the bulk of her time is dedicated to writing and reading Romance and Erotic fiction.

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#Disney's Club Penguin is Going Star Wars on July 25th!

Disney Picture

Club Penguin Star Wars

“The force is strong at Disney’s Club Penguin! The most epic and anticipated in-world party ever, the Star Wars Takeover event, is coming to Club Penguin Island on July 25th. Check out this early image of the party and the epic event below.

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#BookBlast: Within the Realm by Jillian Neal #PromoBookTours

Within the Realm 1

Within the Realm 2

The Gifted walk among us. They are unseen, but in plain sight. The Earth’s energies are as visible to them as the tangible world is to us and they can harness and bend these forces to their will. Atop the Pentagon resides the government of the Gifted Realm.

Rainer Lawson is set to join the ranks of Elite Officers in the Gifted Police force. With his fellow officers, they will work together, using their abilities, to try and end the most sinister criminal organization in existence. His parents fought and died to re-establish the Realm, and he won’t allow them to have sacrificed in vain.

The will to protect those he loves has always driven Rainer, but his desperation to protect Emily, the love of his life, consumes him. While passions ignite and vengeance is sought, Rainer may discover that all of his money, fame, and power, could cost him the only thing that has ever truly mattered. -

See more at:

Buy: Hardback | Paperback | Kindle | B&N

Author Bio

Jillian Neal

Jillian Neal is the author of “The Gifted Realm” series of novels. She has a passion for telling strong, character driven stories that stretch the imagination. Her debut novel “Within the Realm” was released in 2013, with the next installments of the series soon to follow.

She lives near Atlanta with her husband and children. For more information, visit her website at

Twitter -@ jilliannealauth
Website -

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#Disney Reveals New Poster for #CaptainAmerica

Marvel Picture

Captain America

Like CAPTAIN AMERICA on Facebook:

Follow CAPTAIN AMERICA on Twitter: @CaptainAmerica |

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER releases in theaters on April 4, 2014!

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#BookReview: Tangled Up in Trouble by Olivia Hardin #PromoBookTours

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Trolling for Trouble 1

Tangled Up in Trouble 2
Title: Tangled Up in Trouble
Series: MUAC Series, Book two
Author: Olivia Hardin
Publisher: Olivia Hardin
Description: Lynlee Lincoln isn’t just a witch, she’s also a Neutralizer. Her job is a juggling act to keep magical and undead clients out of trouble. But getting back together with her old flame throws one more ball into the mix and romance with a guy who has two kids can get complicated. When her old mentor asks her to investigate the goings-on of a dark witch, things turn messy. The witch is stalking supernatural creatures to collect ingredients for a potion that Lynlee can’t seem to figure out.

To keep those closest to her from becoming the next victims, she may have to confront the demons within herself.

Review: Lynlee is a neutralizer. Think of her as someone like J from Men in Black, only no aliens. She a witch and her job is to keep the other MAUCs (Magical and Undead Creatures) from exposing themselves to the world. It's inevitable that some humans will find out that there are such things as witches, vampires, goblins, nymphs, etc. but most of the time they will convince themselves that they were just seeing things. In those situations where there is no denying what they saw, Lynlee steps in to clean up the mess. She has several MAUCs she is responsible for cleaning up after, including the daughter of the human man she is dating. That's right, she's dating a human. He knows about her world from having dated her in the past, but now he is back in her life after Lynlee saved his nymph daughter's life. He had no idea she was a nymph which is actually a big part of the reason his daughter was so deathly sick.

Now Lynlee is trying to track down a dark witch while trying to maintain her relationship with Beck. She's also learning a little bit about what it is like to try to be a parent and a mother. Her instincts are there telling her what to do, but they aren't always right on track. It might be because she has so much other stuff to think about with trying to keep the dark witch from hurting one of her charges. Things get really tricky when her personal life becomes a part of the case. Will she find the dark witch before someone gets hurt or killed? Will she give up on her relationship because she feels that being with a human is doomed to fail?

Another great story by Olivia Hardin. I think the characters are very believable and the plot keeps you guessing what will happen next. The ending was very surprising, but it's not a cliffhanger. It was very enjoyable.

My Rating (Out of 5): Rose Icon 1 Rose Icon 2 Rose Icon 3 Rose Icon 4 Rose Icon 5

Purchase the book: - Paperback / Kindle
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Smashwords - Multiple Digital Formats

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