Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#ProductReview: Kidecals Personalized Labels @kidecals

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If you have kids, you will find that there are times when you just want to write your kid's name across the front of their stuff so they know it is there's and so other people don't take it. Heck, you may feel this way about your own things whether you have kids or not. Most of the time using a permanent marker really isn't the best choice even though I know I do it. Permanent marker on some items will eventually rub or wash off, so it isn't even that permanent of an option. I remember using one of those label guns back in the '80's that made small strip labels that weren't very flexible and nearly impossible to remove later on. I love it. I labeled all my things. I haven't seen one of those guns in ages though, so I have looked for other labeling options. You can print your own in your own printer, but they will eventually be no good. So the labels need to be made of something that doesn't easily rip or fade.

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Kidecals has a solution to this dilemma. Their labels are flexible/malleable without tearing easily or disintegrating in the wash. They are dishwasher safe, washer safe, dryer safe, and microwave safe. With all those options, it is pretty safe to say that they are fridge and freezer safe, but don't hold me to that. You might be thinking, "How can they be washer and dryer safe?" They recommend that you put them on the tags of clothing because they will hold better there, but you can actually put them say on the inside of a jacket and wash the jacket. Your label should stay put. I can't tell you what they are made out of, but they are BPA free. They feel like vinyl, but I don't think that is what they are.

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I have been sticking my labels on all kinds of things. We have a lot of gadgets in our house, so I immediately thought to put them on those. I put them on our sippy cups so we don't lose them when we go out. They are inside of my kids jackets since we are in that awkward season where you need a jacket in the morning, but not always in the afternoon. I labeled various school items for my kindergartner. If your kids go to daycare, you can put these labels on literally everything you are required to take to daycare.

On the kidecals.com website, you can completely customize labels to fit any need. Simply pick out the type of label you want and select customize. They have labels specifically for keyboards, canning jars, walls, school, by gender, by activity, etc. There are tons of options. You can write anything on them, change the size of the font, and even change the color scheme. Use them to advertise food allergies, personal issues like autism, home addresses, and anything else you can think. Those are some of the options that I think would be extremely helpful. You can put an allergy sticker on you child's shirt every time they go somewhere if it is something severe enough that everyone should know. It could be something that saves your child's life.

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Overall I love these labels. I didn't know what all to demonstrate in my video for you, so I showed you what happened when it went through the dishwasher. I wanted to demonstrate how waterproof they are and how well they stay in place.

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