Thursday, March 31, 2016

#ProductReview: US Art Supply 36 Colored Pencil Set with Roll #usartsupply

US Art Supply 1

The newest hotness with adults has been the advent of adult coloring books. At first I thought this was a really silly thing. When I want to color, and often I do, I just pull out a coloring book from my kids' cabinet. I love coloring things I can recognize. I like following a color scheme that I know is right. Mickey Mouse wears red shorts. Daisy Duck wears purple bows. I like that and when I decide to use other colors, that's fun too. However, the idea behind an adult coloring book is that the images are harder to color. Everything is much more complex and minuscule. The idea is that you have to focus harder on staying in the lines which causes you to stop thinking about the other things in your life. Your mind blocks out everything else except coloring. It is a stress relief. However, with adult coloring books, it really is impossible to color with crayons. You absolutely have to use colored pencils or fine tip markers.

US Art Supply 2

US Art Supply has supplied me with a set of 36 colored pencils and a case for carrying them in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review. The set of colored pencils that I received have 12 regular colored pencils, 12 water soluble colored pencils, eight standard lead pencils, and four woodless charcoal sketch pencils. You put them in this really neat carrying case that you can roll up and snap closed. It holds all of the pencils has little pockets to help keep you from breaking the pencil tips while traveling with them.

US Art Supply 3

I used the regular colored pencils on one adult coloring book. They were really easy to use and colored very nicely. I wish I had more than 12 colors honestly. I video taped me coloring the entire page which the video below will show you in a fast forward mode. It took me about 30 minutes to color the page due to the intricate details and I wasn't even trying super hard with it. It would have taken longer if I had been more focused.

The second page I colored was with the water soluble colored pencils. I colored the entire page and then videoed how you make them look like water colors. With water soluble colored pencils, you color the design you want and then use a paint brush and water to paint over the pencil. It smooths out the color so you no longer see the pencils marks. the color actually turns into water color paint. I recommend using them on thick paper because it is like painting with water colors once you have finished coloring. It is really neat to see how something changes from being a colored pencil picture to a water color painting. It's really awesome and they work really really well.

US Art Supply 5

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#ProductReview: New Essential Oil for Weight Loss and Appetite Control #phytopiaUSA

You all know that I am constantly struggling with my weight. I have lots of people that tell me not to worry yet. My infant son is only five months old, but the truth it that the minute I tell myself it is ok to not worry about it, that's when I'll accept myself gaining weight. My constant struggle keeps me from gaining the weight I'm not allowed to have because of my health. I try all kinds of different things to help me loss weight and to not be hungry. I like changing it up because I feel like that tends to be more effective for me than doing the same thing day after day. When I leanred about SlimWay's Essential Oil for Weight loss and Appetite Control, I decided it was worth trying. I have been provided with one bottle in exchange for my honest review. I have received no other compensation for this review.

SlimWay 1

It comes in this really nice felt bag. It was a larger bottle than I had expected, but the instructions say to put it on your entire body. You need a lot of the oil in order to spread it over your body. I suspect there's an easier way to put it on than pouring small amounts into your palm and rubbing it all over, but that was how I did it. I pretty much used up the entire bottle in 8 days worth of applications. I suspect I used too much. This oil is made up of the following essential oils:

  • Organic Carrier Oils
    • Olive Virgin
    • Sunflower
    • Evening Primrose
    • Jojoba
  • Organic Essential Oils
    • Juniperberry
    • Grapefruit
    • Fennel Sweet
    • Lemon Green
    • Rosemary CT Cineole
    • Cypress
    • Michelia Alba
    • Gernium China

SlimWay 2

I don't know which oil it was or if it is strictly the combination, but I found the smell a little too potent. My husband was not crazy about the smell at all. Sometimes I would put it on and then put a lotion that we liked the smell of over top of it to help with them smell. It's not bad, just more potent than we really like. The instructions say to cover the entire body. The company told me to use it once or twice a day. It can be added to baths if that helps. I didn't try that just because I don't have a lot of time to take baths. If I had the time to do it that way, I would have. You can also use it on your body 15 minutes before taking a bath in order to avoid the greasy feeling it leaves. Honestly, this is the method I really should have tried out. It probably would have worked the best because then after my bath I could have put other lotion on and not had the smells interact too much.

All that said, it did help control my appetite some. I weighed 185 lbs when I started using it and after eight days, I still weighed 185 lbs. So I didn't lose any weight. I'm sleep deprived and it was Easter week, so that probably affected the results. Being that I didn't gained weight, I would say that it is something worth giving a try.

You can purchase SlimWay's Essential Oil for Weight Loss and Appetite Control from Amazon at

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

#ProductReview: Decorative Wall Decals by The #DecalGuru

Decal Guru 1

You have probably seen some of my previous wall decal reviews, but I promise that this one has something more to it than those ones. The Decal Guru has supplied me with one wall decal for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review. I was able to search through their website, and discovered some pretty amazing decals. It was really hard to pick one. Ultimately I chose this awesome Star Wars At-AT being led on a leash by a little girl. I thought it was perfect to put at the bottom of my basement stairs. My husband's office is on one side of the stairs in the basement and his "man cave" is on the other side. It's not much of a man cave right now because I ended up putting my infant son down there in order to help everyone get better sleep, but eventually he'll be moved out of there again. My husband LOVES Star Wars and my two year old daughter has him wrapped around her finger, so I thought it was appropriate.

Decal Guru 3

I will say, I was so excited to put it up that I didn't take a picture of it straight out of the mailer tube. I do in my video show you what it looks like before applying it to the wall. It came with a hard plastic decal applicator which works so fantastically. All of my other reviews required me to use a credit card, gift card, or my license to apply the decal to the wall. They tell you to use a card because it fits in your hand and you can use the flat edge to push out the air bubbles in the decal to make them lay flat on the wall. They look better and last longer that way. I really don't like to use my credit cards, etc. for this though because they bend. It is possible to break them if you apply too much pressure. So the added decal applicator was greatly appreciated. Plus it is slightly larger than a credit card and has finger grips to allow you to hold onto it easier. It is definitely something I am hanging on to use for future wall decals.

Decal Guru 4

The other part of what is different about this review from others is that the Decal Guru gave me directions on how to apply LARGE decals. The AT-AT decal is quite large, but not the largest one I have ever applied. These instructions would have been quite useful for my other large decals. Obviously you have to clean the wall before applying the decal. You can wash it like you normally would, but make sure it is completely dry. Most places tell you to use rubbing alcohol because it dries faster, but it can damage the paint a little. Then the next step, which is different from other decals, is to tape the decal to the wall at the corners. Do not remove any of the paper from it because you'll remove it later. Then put a strip of tape all the way across the middle of the decal to create an anchor point. You will apply the top half of the decal and then the bottom half. This is to help you have less air bubbles when applying a large decal. Working first with the top half, peel the paper backing off the top part of the decal. You'll have to detach the tape from the corners to do this. You simply fold the top half down and peel the paper off. Then you use scissors to cut the paper backing. NOT THE DECAL. Pull the paper away and smooth the decal onto the wall. I used the decal applicator to push bubbles out at this point on the top half, but the directions didn't say to do that. After the top is on the wall, fold the bottom half up and peel the paper backing off of the decal. No cutting is necessary here, but make sure you remove the entire paper backing. Then smooth down the bottom part of the decal onto the wall. Use the decal applicator to remove the bubbles. You can remove the anchor tape at this point. The final steps are to wipe down the entire decal with a wet washcloth on the transfer paper. This is supposed to make the decal less tacky and help peel the transfer paper off without pulling it from the wall. Soak the paper and peel away the transfer paper. I found that this weird film was between the paper and decal, but you can easily peel that away gently while pulling the paper off. I may not have let the water soak in enough so you might not have that happen at all. Once the paper is gone, your decal is secure to the wall. If you happen to have any bubbles still in it, the directions say that you can gently use the decal applicator to rub them out.

Decal Guru 5
Decal Guru 6

It's a lot of steps, but if you follow them, you'll have an awesome, professionally placed wall decal. This decal is awesome. I absolutely love it and it looks fantastic. I never would have thought to tape the decal to the wall and remove the paper backing while applying it to the wall. I have many times peeled that paper away and stuck a decal to the wall only to have to slowly peel it back off in order to not have ruined lettering. I'm going to be following this for every decal I apply in the future. I so want get some of their other Star Wars and Disney decals to place all over the house. I especially love the toilet one below (click the picture if you want to buy it). I am very curious about how well that sticks to a toilet when it sweats in summer. My husband really wants to try out one of their laptop decals. I wonder what the steps are for applying one to a laptop because I doubt it would involve water. So many options to try!

Decal Guru 2

Here's my video demonstrating me applying the decal to the wall

You can purchase this decal and more from The Decal Guru's Website.

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All our decals are cut from high-quality Oracal 631 Series exhibition calendered vinyl that is made with a removable residue-free adhesive.

Our Mom and Pop family business is located in Seattle, Washington and all our products are designed manufactured here in the USA.

Why wait when you could have amazing walls that complete your home decor ensemle, windows that advertize your business, and Macbook decals that turn heads! If you don't find what you like contact us below for a free custom design decal quote today!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

#ProductReview: Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Paste Cake Color Set #uscakesupply

Cake Color Gel 1

I have a hobby of making cakes. I love to make special cakes for everyone's special days. I have actually become the cake baker for most of my family. I especially love creating things that are not easy. Here's some examples of the cakes I have made.

Well one of the things that I always seem to be going to the store to find are color gels in order to color my cake, icing, and fondant. Gel colors just work better than using liquid colors not to mention that you can get more than red, green, blue, and yellow. Coloring is more consistent. When I was offered a chance to review the US Cake Supply Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Cake Colors, I jumped on it. They have supplied me with twelve different colors to test out for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

US Cake Supply 2
US Cake Supply 3

The colors in the box are Super Red, Fleshtone, Rose Pink, Violet, Coal Black, Lemon Yellow, Royal Blue, Sunset Orange, Sky Blue, Deep Pink, Buckeye Brown, and Leaf Green. They are 20mL bottles which will last quite a long time.

I used each of the colors in a single cake. I made two cake mixes for a cake pan that really only needed one and a half mixes. Then I divided up the batter into twelve bowls, one for each color. In the video, I tell you which color I am mixing in and show that you only need one or two drops of each gel in order to create a vibrant cake color. If you were mixing one color into the entire batter, you would probably need more than one or two drops. You get to see what each color actually looks like. I found that the Rose Pink and Deep pink are very close in color, but all the others are easily distinguishable. When using the black, You may need even more of the gel because black tends to end up grey. It is really hard to get a good solid black mix for cake or icing. I put all of the batter into one cake pan and cooked it. I tried to squirt it into little sections, but the batter was too runny to stay put. So there are sections that are solid and then the bottom is all tie dyed. It's a really cool effect. I took pictures to show you what it looked like when it came out of the over and of the inside when I leveled off the cake.

US Cake Supply 4

Using these color gels was really fun and they are so vibrant in the cake. We thoroughly loved them.

You can purchase the Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Paste Cake Color set from US Cake Supply at and Amazon at