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#ProductReview: Hacart "Cobra" Stainless Steel Men's Link Bracelet #Hacart

Hacart 1

My husband is actually one of those guys that wears manly bracelets, rings, and has his ears gauged. These are things that I love about him. Some guys look girly wearing such things, but I think it makes him look like a bad a$$. He has had this one stainless steel bracelet since long before we got together over 13 years ago and always wanted a second one to go on the other wrist. Unfortunately we have never found one that fit his unique style and personality. Until now that is. Hacart Jewelry has supplied me with their "Cobra" stainless steel men's link bracelet in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Hacart 2

Hacart Jewelry makes unique stainless steel jewelry that suits people who want to have something a little different than your standard jewelry. They have earrings that look like there's a spider crawling through your ear. A bracelet made of skull links, and rings made to look like claws. These all look like something you would see a bad biker wearing. Don't think that they are only for men, some of these items are for women as well. The "Cobra" bracelet is supposed to look like there is a snake wrapped around you wrist. The design on each link is made to resemble a cobra and the clasp has the triangle shape that you would see on the back of the cobra's head. Each section is made of thick stainless steel and connected very securely together. It even has some weight to it that helps remind you that you are wearing it and is comfortable. It weighs just over two ounces.

The clasp is easy to use. You push down on the triangle and it opens. Then you simply loop the hook over the bar of the opposite link and let go. It is really easy to use with only one hand. However, that is the only complaint that we have about the bracelet. We love that it is easy to get on, but it is also super easy to get the bracelet off. My husband was wearing the bracelet while working and it came off. He is a computer programmer. All he did was set his arm down on the table to use his mouse a certain way and it just slid off his wrist. The really good thing is that it weighs enough that when it came off, he felt it come off. Even if it hadn't happened sitting at his computer, he would have felt it. That will prevent him from losing it. He really loves the bracelet, but he might not wear it every day for fear of losing it.

You can purchase the Hacart "Cobra" Stainless Steel Men's Link Bracelet from their website at and Amazon at

#ProductReview: 2_ ArtToFrames 20x16 inch Custom Photo To Canvas, Gallery Wrap #arttoframes

I love being able to put pictures of my kids up on my walls. That probably seems like a weird thing for someone to say because who doesn't love that? For 6 years I was not allowed to hang pictures because of our previous house always being for sale. When we finally sold it, I had pictures up within two weeks on my new walls. I had all these professional pictures taken of my oldest son that never saw the light of day and now I am making room for the select pictures of my other two kids that I am able to have done. There are some key pictures of my oldest that I decided I had to duplicate with my daughter and now with my youngest son. I have a canvas print of my oldest at 27 months old (his two year pictures stunk so we got new ones at 27 months). My daughter just happened to turn 27 months at almost the same time that youngest turned six months so an all kid photo shoot was a must. However, I could not get the canvas print of my daughter in the size I wanted. I needed a 16x20 inch print and JC Penny only offered a 10x20 inch one. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Art To Frames was looking for reviewers for their 20x16 inch canvas wrap! They supplied me with one 20x16 inch Custom Photo To Canvas, Gallery Wrap at a deeply discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Art to Frames 2
Art to Frames 1

The picture that I used was a high resolution picture. Everything for the custom print is done through Amazon. You pick out the picture that you want to be used and can position it on the canvas diagram so that it is a "full bleed" wrap or has a white border on the frame portion of the wrap. I wanted to zoom in more on my daughter, but it wouldn't let me zoom so past the frame. That is the only real negative. There are places where you can zoom more or crop your picture for canvas prints, but this one didn't let me. Now what I really needed was a 16x20 inch wrap, i.e. the canvas needed to be rotated 90°. This is possible to do if you have some kind of photo manipulating software. I have photoshop, so I rotated my picture and resaved it in the high resolution format. Now you might be thinking, "Why didn't you just crop it as well?" Honestly, I didn't want to do anything that might jeopardize my picture quality and then affect this review. For my first canvas print from Art To Frames, rotating the image was the only thing I was willing to do so as not to make the image grainy. If I had, I might not have known whether the poor quality was my fault or theirs. So I rotated it and then uploaded the image to Amazon for my order. It is just that simple.

Once the image was uploaded and positioned on the diagram, I submitted my order. They had until May 5th to get it to me and I received it a whole week early. It came in a large box with lots of cardboard padding to ensure no damage occurred in shipment. I took a picture of the packaging so you can see how protected it was.

Art to Frames 3

It comes with a metal hanger to put it up on your wall. The people making my print realized that the hanger needed to go on it so that it was a 16x20 inch wrap instead of 20x16 inch wrap and put the hanger at the top of my picture. It is a really large square hanger which will allow you to use just about any nail or screw or even multiple nails or screws to put it up on your wall. I ended up using a single 1-inch nail and it hangs perfectly.

Art To Frames 4

Overall, it is a fantastic print! I am completely in love with it. The frame is about an inch and a half wide giving it a lot of support and has around eight staples on each side to hold the canvas on the frame. There are two staples in each corner for extra security. The photo quality is amazing. It looks beautiful on my wall. We love it! Super easy to order and gorgeous!

Art To Frames 5
Art to Frames 6

You can purchase a custom canvas print from Amazon at

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#ProductReview: HDTV Antenna, 1byone Super Thin Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna #HDTVAntenna

1byOne HDTV Antenna 1

We are in a transition in our household. We have had Time Warner Cable and hated their customer service, plus it tended to go down on us a lot. Right now we have Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics. We are actually pretty happy with it, but we only use about two channels. We watch a lot of Spike and Disney Junior. Really...Disney Junior is the only reason we have cable. It's so I don't go crazy with the kids not having Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, since it isn't on Netflix. We pay about $80 a month for one channel. It's more than we want to pay. Well yesterday Cincinnati Bell updated their system and we lost ALL of the 80+ episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I don't want to have to check the channel and make sure I save all those episodes again without duplicates. It took forever the first time. So, we are probably getting rid of cable. While trying to figure out how we will get tv channels without just using Netflix, we are looking into other options. This brought me to look for HDTV antennas. I found 1byOne's HDTV antenna and they have agreed to supply me with one antenna in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

1byOne HDTV Antenna 2
1byOne HDTV Antenna 3

Since we are running everything through our xBox One, we bought a digital TV tuner specifically for the xBox One. We bought this with the idea that we would be able to pause, fast forward, and rewind the live channels that we get from the antenna. Our kids are so used to being able to have those functions that we didn't think we could give it up. The xBox One tuner doesn't increase the number of channels we get at all. It did however come with a separate antenna that searched in a ten mile radius for tv stations. We didn't show it on the video, but this little antenna only gave us two channels.

The 1byOne HDTV Antenna was super easy to setup. The box tells you the very basic setup instructions, but in the end you have to know how to get to the setup on your tv (or in our case the xBox One). This antenna come with a ten foot cord so you can put the antenna in a wide range of places to get the best reception. It searches in a 25 mile radius for channels so hopefully you'll get a bunch of options. Here's some of the technical stuff that honestly I don't know what it means, but it is important to someone. The frequency range is 87.5-230 MHz, 470-862 MHz. The receiving range is listed as FM/VHF/UHF. The gain is 5-7dB and is passive.

To setup your antenna, you simply plug it into the TV (or in our case the xBox One tuner) and then put the antenna on a flat surface. You can have someone hold it up while it searches for channels if you want, but it is easier to just place the antenna somewhere and finish the setup. Then you can move the antenna around to find the location where you get the most channels. Next you go into the setup of your tv and find set the mode to "Antenna" or "Air". For me, we went into the setup of the xBox One and found TV Tuner. Setup should be the same from here where it will ask you to search for channels. If you don't like the number of channels it finds the first time, move the antenna to another location and search again. When you are happy with the result, you use the included 3M sticker to stick the antenna to its appropriate location. We ended up using some extra 3M velcro strips just to make sure it wouldn't come down with a little tug from a toddler. You'll be able to see in the video that we were able to get 14 channels. The picture quality is really good compared to what I remember tv antennas looking like. The shows are grainy at all. I do wish we had more channels, but with everything moving to apps these days, I'm sure we will find a way to get whatever we are discovering that we are missing when the time comes. I'm really happy with the quality and the ease of setup. My husband normally spends a day or two cussing about how complicated things are to setup and we didn't have any of that. If you are considering switching to an HDTV Antenna, I would definitely recommend this. There is an alternate version of this one that searches a 50 mile radius and they also have high gain tv antenna booster. We will be looking into the booster just to see if we can increase the number of channels.

You can purchase the HDTV Antenna, 1byone Super Thin Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna from Amazon at

About 1byOne

At 1byone, we create products which help people to realize the power of technology and make people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling. We want to make your life easier and smarter. This is what we do, and we do it with great passion.
Today, 1byone is developing his business worldwide – to enhance the technology that connects us to the people, activities and experiences we love. We approach every detail from a user's perspective to improve our technology, raise the bar, and make life easier. That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with 100% user satisfaction — period. Our worry-free guarantee ensures you get quick and reliable service when you need it.

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#ProductReview: Karnotech® Ultra Thin Bluetooth Rechargeable mouse #BluetoothMouse

The Karnotech mouse is a super thin rechargable mouse. I was given one plus the USB cord to charge it in exchange for for my honest opinion. I received no other compensation for this review.

Karnotech 1

If your computer has bluetooth, which I think most do nowadays, you can use this mouse. When you first get it, you have to charge it. Mine didn't come charged. It came with a USB cord to charge it, but you have to have something to plug the USB cord into, i.e. a wall plug with a USB port.

Karnotech 3

You can also plug it directly into your computer to charge it as well. It will continue to work while plugged into your computer as well, so if you are in the middle of working on something and the battery dies, you can plug it in and continue working. When it is charging, the blue light inside of the mouse lights up so you can tell that it is charging. When the light turns off, it has finished. The instructions say that it takes 3-4 hours to charge. The first time I plugged it in, it took almost exactly three hours.

Karnotech 2

There was a confusing part to charging it. Hard to believe that, but there was. When you plug the cord into the mouse, the plug doesn't go all the way. It isn't flush with the mouse which makes you think that it isn't fully plugged in, but that is how it is supposed to go. I figured that out by plugging it in to charge to test it before trying to force the plug all the way into the mouse. It charged just fine, so I know that it is ok to not have the plug flush with the mouse.

Karnotech 5

In order to connect the mouse to the computer, you need to make sure the computer has bluetooth and it is turned on. If it doesn't have bluetooth, you will need to get an bluetooth dongle (this is according to their amazon product page). Otherwise, it looks like you can just use the charging cord to treat the mouse like a USB mouse. Once the bluetooth is turned on on the computer, turn on the mouse with the switch underneath of it and press the black pairing button. The computer should locate the mouse and take care of all the rest for you. If your computer doesn't find the mouse right away, press and hold the button on the bottom of the mouse for ten seconds. That should ensure that it connects. From there, use it like a regular mouse! It works fantastic for me. The mouse on my laptop is crappy, so I'm happy to have a right click function again.

I have had one problem with the mouse. I accidentally dropped it on my kitchen floor from about four feet. Now the battery cover won't stay on. I can use it without having a problem with the battery cover, but every time I pick it up, the cover falls off. That's kind of annoying. I put a piece of tape on it because I got tired of the cover coming off. It hasn't affected any of the function of the mouse, but I definitely recommend that you be careful not to drop it. I don't want to say that the mouse is fragile, but the battery cover isn't as secure as I would like it to be. I would expect that a wireless mouse would get dropped from time to time and the cover really should stay on.

Karnotech 6

You can purchase the Karnotech® Ultra Thin Bluetooth Rechargeable mouse from Amazon at

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#ProductReview: Acuisina 8 X 2 Inch KING-Sized Ice Trays #acuisina

Acuisina 1

Ice isn't something I worry about having in the house too often because we have an ice maker built into the fridge. In my old house, we didn't have that luxury so now it is something I take for granted. However, I learned with my daughter that having ice cube trays in the house are extremely handy. I make my own baby food. My oldest son ate the stuff you buy in the store and when we switched him to finger foods, he suddenly stopped liking food. He STILL doesn't like much of anything because of the textures. I decided with my daughter to make my own to see if it would make a difference. Not only does she eat EVERYTHING, but she tries anything she sees. However, I didn't want to make the food every single day, so I learned to make large batches of baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays. Well, now I have my third kid eating pureed foods and my old ice cube trays fell apart. I decided to try Acuisina's silicone 2-inch cube trays. They supplied me with two eight cube trays in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Acuisina 2
Acuisina 2

These ice cube trays hold approximately 2 ounces of liquid per cube. They do take a little longer to freeze all the way through than a standard ice cube tray, but you only need one cube for a room temperature glass of any liquid. I made regular ice with one tray and filled the second with applesauce to try out both uses. The applesauce took about eight hours to be completely frozen. I accidentally over filled them and stacked the regular ice filled tray on top of it. They got stuck together, but because they are made out of silicone, they were quite easy to pull apart. I didn't even worry about breaking the tray when I pulled on them.

Acuisina 4

Two ounces is approximately one jar of baby food in the star and a great starting amount for an infant. It only takes about a minute in the microwave to melt baby food, so they work perfectly! They are pre-measured amounts, stackable, and, other than being super cold, easy to remove the cubes from the trays without fear of breaking the tray.

To try out the regular ice cubes, I put one large ice cube in a room temperature glass of water and a handful of ice from my ice maker in a similar glass of water. I left them on the kitchen counter to see how long the ice took to melt. I found that the large ice cube from the Acuisina tray lasted a little longer than the other ice, but it was really close. My video tells you exactly how long it took the ice to melt, but I think I recall that it was about two hours. So you get ice cold drinks for up to two hours using a single two inch ice cube. I think that is pretty fantastic. Imagine making a giant pitcher of lemonade or fruit punch for a party. These ice cubes would keep it cold for most of the party!

So I've mentioned that they are silicone, but I forgot to mention that they are also dishwasher safe. I put them angled over the prongs on the top rack so that there is still good water flow in the dishwasher and so that they actually dry in there as well. They come out looking clean nearly every time and when they don't, it's normally a discoloration from extremely hot water. It goes away after they cool down.

I love these ice cube trays! I use them every couple of days when I make more baby food. My son eats anywhere from four to ten ounces of baby food a day, so I am making a lot of food all the time. These trays have saved me the hassle of having to figure out how much to take out of the freezer because I can easily figure out how much food I am melting in two ounce increments. They are fantastic.

You can purchase Acuisina 8 X 2 Inch KING-Sized Ice Trays from Amazon at

About Acuisina

The quest for the perfectly chilled drink began in 1806 with Frederic Tudor who founded the very first ice company cutting ice from frozen lakes. Before that, people did not even know they could have their drinks chilled, nor did they want to. Tudor’s idea eventually gave way to the concept of refrigeration that we make use of in our homes and in restaurants for food preservation and for chilling drinks.

Ice cubes on the tableWe have been following the development of the artisan ice industry on this blog for some time now. We shared with you the various gadgets that have been made in an effort to produce a perfect, clear ice cube, the hand cut artisan ice and most recently the Slave Company that is mining glacier ice from the Svartisen Glacier in Norway all marketing to high end restaurants that in turn, charge a premium for the “perfect ice cube”.

Enter Tudor Ice, a new company that is packaging ultra-purified water in 2 inch square packages that is said to freeze into perfectly clear, tasteless ice cubes. These individually packaged ice cubes will be sold for $5.99 per package of 6 unfrozen cubes.

Is perfectly clear ice even possible? Mike Ryan, co-founder of Chicago’s JustIce, says “one problem is that water freezes from the outside in. When the center finally hardens, it expands, producing fractures.” “Unless Tudor’s figured out something outside the laws of thermodynamics, you can’t get perfectly clear,” adds Roberto Sequeira, founder of Gläce Luxury Ice.

This ongoing battle for ice supremacy leaves one wondering what impact does perfectly clear ice have on a drink that ice with a few ice bubbles in it does not. Does it chill better? Last longer? Taste better? Surely if one achieves the perfect cube, they have defied science and achieved perfection and can charge a substantial price for the proceeds of their victory. But, if 2 inch extra large ice cubes made at home in the freezer can chill as well, last as long and taste the same as artisan ice, is it worth the extra cost?

What about the environmental impact of packaging water in 2 inch square plastic packages instead of flowing from a tap or in much larger, more economical containers? Will Nestor Villalobos, the inventor of water packaged in 2 inch cubes to be frozen as ice have the same regrets that John Sylvan, the inventor of the K-cup has. The K-cups are not recyclable and individual servings of coffee in K-cups add far more waste to the environment than a full pot of coffee does. John Sylvan makes his coffee in a full pot. Will Nestor Villalobos use his packaged ice or will he make his ice cubes at home like the rest of us with extra-large silicone ice cube trays?

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#ProductReview: Weight Loss Belt By Fitru For Men & Women 9" X 42" #FitruBelt

In my quest to try try to decrease my stomach fat and get my body back after three babies, I decided to try the Weight Loss Belt by Fitru. They gave me one belt in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Fitru 2
Fitru 3

The Fitru Weight Loss Belt is designed to help you burn fat around your stomach by increasing the heat in that area while you move around and/or workout. It is made from a high-grade neoprene that is latex-free. It is stretchable so you can make it fit snug against your belly. The inside is made from a no-slip material that is also supposed to repel moisture. The belt wraps around your stomach and has a really strong velcro that holds it together.

Fitru 4

I can vouch for it staying in place and not coming apart. I wore it for two days straight. No I didn't wear it to bed. I don't get to do a lot of exercise so I thought that if I wore the belt all day long I could increase my chance of burning belly fat. When I started the video my largest diameter under the belt was 39.5 inches and the smallest diameter was 36 inches.

Fitru 1

I did not measure after the two days of wearing it because I broke out in a yeast rash under the entire belt. I have a tendency to get yeast rashes from excessive sweat. I did indeed sweat while wearing the belt. I sweated even under minimal activity. The belt would feel damp when I took it off a tonight, but not drenched. My clothes never showed any signs of sweat and no one knew I was wearing it. I actually loved wearing it. I loved the support and it did make me feel thinner when I took it off each night. I treated the yeast rash with creams I had on hand and have used it when I have been doing yard work. Finishing using it, my measurements are now 40 inches at the widest and 36 inches at the smallest. So either I measured incorrectly the first time or I gained half an inch. I think I measured wrong honestly. I don't think anything has actually changed even though it feels great after I wear it.

I think that this belt could really do some amazing work on someone capable of doing more consistent exercise. I wish I could wear it longer and every day without breaking out in a rash.

You can purchase the Weight Loss Belt By Fitru For Men & Women 9" X 42" from Amazon at

Update: I have been using this belt now with my Fé Fit workouts for 75 days straight now and as long as you wash it every now and then and make sure it air dries between workouts, you will not get the yeast rash I originally had. This belt is absolutely amazing. I have lost 2.5 inches on my waist in 75 days. I love it!

If you are looking to improve your waist and are thinking about using this belt, you might want to consider checking out this page on 44 different exercises to help you accomplish a thinner waistline: A lot of these are in my Fé Fit workouts so I can say that they will definitely work.

Friday, April 22, 2016

#ProductReview: modFamily's Bag Heat Sealer #Reliaseal

modFamily 1

We all get tired of throwing away food. I buy bags of chips and pretzels because the kids ask me to. They open the bag to eat these yummy things and then forget about them the very next day. A week or two goes by and either my husband and I eat the food or it gets thrown away. I hate wasting food. I feel like I'm throwing money out the window. If we could just keep the food fresh a little longer so I can convince the kids to eat it later on...Well, modFamily has supplied me with their ReliaSeal Bag Heat Sealer in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

modFamily 2

The heat sealer is a really simple device. It runs on two double A batteries and has a magnet on the back so you can leave it attached to your fridge just like a lot of chip clips do these days. There is a switch inside of it to turn it to "seal" and to "lock". When it is locked, you can snap the lid closed to prevent anyone from accidentally using it. There is a tiny blade where the heat portion is so that thin bags will have the excess cut off in the process of sealing the bag closed. With the lock in place, it stays closed and is somewhat difficult to open. I actually really like that it is difficult because I have young children. When it is on "seal", it opens and closes easily.

modFamily 3
modFamily 4

To operate the heat sealer, first you have put in batteries because it doesn't come with batteries. Then, switch it from "L" or "lock" to "S" or "seal". Then you put the bag inside the sealer and squeeze the sealer closed. Hold in place for three seconds to initiate the heat and pull across the bag. This seals the bag closed and if the bag is made of thin material, it will cut off the excess. I used it on a bag of pretzels which apparently was at the cutting threshold. It cut some of the bag, but not all of it and I had to trim it with scissors. It took me two tries to figure out exactly how to use it, which you can see in my video demonstration. I still need to get a bag that we want to try to keep around for longer than a few weeks though. My husband and I weren't able to stay out of the bag of pretzels long enough to see if the sealer would keep them fresh longer than normal. This is the goal of the sealer. I find a bag of pretzels get stale after about ten days, so if they stay fresh longer than that, then it is worth every penny. Since the bag seals completely with a seal equivalent to the original, I feel confident that the food will indeed last longer.

About modFamily

We are parents too! Being in the same stage of life as many of our customers, ModFamily has set out to save you time, increase your convenience, and bring a new way of raising your family that is innovative and fresh. If we don’t use the product in our home, we won’t sell it to yours. You can expect to receive the absolute, best customer service. It is our mission to earn your trust and loyalty.

Have you ever purchased a product and thought, “How did I ever live without this?”, “Where was this five years ago when…,” or, “ I wish I had this when I was in that stage of my life.” With improved technology and innovative comes opportunities. We are all about creating a powerful and creative experience, doing the same things in new ways. Read more to learn about the Mezzaluna Knife, GPS Tracker and Baby Pop Up Tent!


You can purchase the Bag Heat Sealer from Amazon at

#ProductReview: MinuNeat Baby Powdered Formula Portion Measured Home and Travel Dispenser #MinuNeat

I am so in love with my newest baby accessory! I have been given a single MinuNeat Baby Powdered Formula Portion Measured Home and Travel Dispenser in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review. I buy big containers of Sam's brand formula in order to save money. Often, I have found that in my hurry to make a bottle while my infant is screaming and the other two kids are vying for my attention, I spill formula. I also have wondered if I pack the scoop that comes with the formula more than it should be packed and therefore using up the formula faster than I would like to. With the MinuNeat Dispenser you no longer have to measure out the scoops because it does it for you. It won't be over packed because of how it does the measuring.

MinuNeat 1

To use the MinuNeat Dispenser, you take off the top and then pour or scoop the formula into the canister. I have been using a large spoon to scoop it in order to try to avoid spilling the formula as much as possible. In my video, I poured the formula into the canister and you will see that I wasn't able to get it all in. Some was still on the counter during my demonstration. Once the formula is in the canister, put the top on. It will make a "snap" sound when it is completely on. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE LID SECURE. The measuring device is in the top of the dispenser. It can measure one, two, or three scoops at a time. You just pull the plastic piece our of the top (kind of looks like a syringe plunger) and position the white divider in the plunger where you want the formula to be measured. See the image below.

MinuNeat 2

My son drinks 8oz bottles, so I placed the divider in the spot to measure two scoops. I just have to measure the formula twice for each bottle, which is so easy that I don't mind at all. If you want it to measure three scoops, you simply remove the divider. The entire plunger is three scoops. After putting the divider where you want it, you put it back into the top of the container. When the plunger is back in the top, you will see a matching line for the measurement that should line up with the divider in the plunger. There is a white stopper that is at the other end of the place where you put the plunger; make sure that is still there when you go to measure out formula.

MinuNeat 3

To measure out the formula, make sure the open side of the plunger is facing the formula in the canister. Turn the canister upside down to fill the plunger with formula. Turn the plunger so the open side is no longer facing the formula. This will trap the formula inside the plunger and in the top of the lid. Return the canister to its upright position. Tilt the canister slightly away from the white stopper in the top and then remove the stopper. Now pour the powder into the bottle or whatever thing you use to mix bottles. I use a protein shake mixer because I find that it helps prevent the powder from clumping. If you are like me and need to measure out two scoops twice, you will need to replace the stopper before filling the plunger again. So put the stopper in and repeat the steps I already listed. It's as simple as that!

According the to package, you can use the MinuNeat Dispenser for other things as well. Some suggestions are to dispense coffee, protein powder, medicines, and for certain baking items. One scoop of baby formula is approximately equivalent to 3.5 tsp, so each line on the plunger will be 3.5 tsp. You will need to know that if you want to use the dispenser for baking especially. I am totally in love with the MinuNeat Dispenser. The only complaint I have is that I wish it were bigger. Since I buy my formula from Sam's, it comes in a huge container. I would love to be able to put the entire thing in the MinuNeat Dispenser, but right now I can only put in about 1/3 of the container in it. That's a pretty silly complaint though. I love not spilling my formula powder and not having to use the scoop any more. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I am recommending it to everyone I know with a child that drinks formula.

You can purchase the MinuNeat Baby Powdered Formula Portion Measured Home and Travel Dispenser from Amazon at

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#ProductReview: Gaming Mouse Pad - 12.6 x 10.6 x 0.2 inches #CushionCare

Cushion Care 1

Mice and mouse pads have become a necessity these days. Everything is on the computer or moving to being on the computer. If you have a laptop, you normally have a touchpad, but from my experience the touchpad is either the first or second thing to go. They also can be really annoying if they don't have actual buttons under them. I find myself constantly hitting the "button areas" while just moving my cursor around. Sometimes the buttons don't right click when I want them to and sometimes they click too many times. The best solution is a new mouse. Having a mouse pad with it makes it so no matter what surface the mouse is on, the mouse will actually work. My husband has the same issues with his work laptop. His laptop is considerably more important than mine since our livelihood depends on it. For this reason, Cushion Care has supplied me with their gaming mouse pad with complementary gaming mouse in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Cushion Care 2

The mouse pad is 12.6 inches by 10.6 inches. It seems to be the perfect size for my husband. He is able to keep the mouse on the mouse pad through out the entire work day. He's been using this mouse and mouse pad combo for a couple of days now and the only complaint he had was that his finger caught on the end of the left mouse button. He has adjusted his hand placement on it and learned where to put his hand so that his finger doesn't catch on the end. He absolutely loves both the mouse pad and the mouse. The blue lights on the mouse give it the "gaming" feel so if you wanted to play all hours into the night without having your room light on, the mouse would still be easy to find and use. My husband really likes the scroll wheel on the mouse as well.

Cushion Care 3
Cushion Care 4

The mouse pad has been travelling with him back and forth to work. He uses it for both work and home use. He would rather take it back and forth than get a second mouse pad right now. We are considering getting a second one of these just so he doesn't have to take it everywhere, but he really likes this one.

You can purchase the Gaming Mouse Pad - 12.6 x 10.6 x 0.2 inches from Amazon at