Saturday, August 27, 2016

#ProductReview: IHome | 5 Ft Purple - Nylon Shielded 2-in-1 Android Micro USB 2.0 & iPhone Lightning Cable #ihome

IHome Charging Cable 1

I recently took a chest of seven drawers and turned it into my charging station for all of our electronic devices. They had been plugged in all around the house, but mostly in my kitchen where I constantly worried about them getting ruined when I was cooking. There are five of us in the house, so we each have our own drawer and then there's a drawer for extra cords and a drawer for the plugs. I am currently trying to find USB surge protectors to review to use instead of the power strips I currently have because that would just make life so much easier. Until that happens I have been replacing the shorter charging cords with longer ones so that it isn't too difficult to plug in each of our devices. Honestly, if I had really thought it through, I would have put all the plugs in the drawer in the middle instead of the bottom one and this would be mush less of a problem. Anyway, the longest cord that I have seen is the five foot IHome Nylon Shielded 2-in-1 Android Micro USB 2.0 and iPhone Lightning Cable. They have supplied me with the purple version in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

IHome Charging Cable 2
IHome Charging Cable 3

The pictures show you my chest of drawers. The cords are all plugged into the surge protectors (power strips) in the bottom drawer and then run up behind the drawers and into the drawer it needs to be in. I have velcro strips behind each drawer to hold the cordsalong the back because some were getting caught on the corners of the drawers. This also makes it easier to locate each cord when then accidentally fall behind the drawer. I have at least two cords per drawer and believe it or not, my laptop even fits in it. However, I obviously used the longest Android Micro cords to stretch to the top drawers and left the shorter ones for the bottom drawers. My Daughter's drawer has been a constant problem. The longest cord I had barely reached into her drawer. With the IHome cable, I seriously considered rearranging all of the cords and using it with the topmost drawer because it not only reaches into my daughter's drawer, but also sticks out about three feet from it. Since it is purple though, her favorite color, the cord remains in her drawer for her kindle fire. The excess cords just makes it so she can sit at the dining room table and have the tablet plugged in while she plays it.

IHome Charging Cable 4

The cord is coated in nylon which makes it sturdier than most cords. I would highly recommend using one of these in your vehicle. It is so easy to have your phone plugged in while driving and then tug a little too hard on it thus causing the rubber coating to break. I have exposed the underlying wires of at least three cords while using them in my truck. Some of that is because they get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter which damages the integrity of the rubber. Mostly though it is from the cords being tugged on. The nylon coating *should* prevent that from happening. I know that I love having it be used for my daughter's tablet because she never actually unplugs it. She just pulls on the tablet until it comes free. That has also damaged a cord or two. The IHome cord has yet to be damaged. Every device that I have plugged into has charged just fine, but I can honestly tell you that I have no idea how long it takes to charge anything. I couldn't tell you those numbers even with their original cords so it doesn't really matter to me how long it takes as long as the device it charged in the morning when I unplug it. So far, everything that has been plugged in has gone from completely dead to fully charged over night.

IHome Charging Cable 5
IHome Charging Cable 6

Now, I don't have any iDevices that use a lightning cable. So I honestly cannot tell you how well the lightning cable portion of it works. I do really love how they have both the Android Micro USB 2.0 plug and the lightning cable plug connected in one single string. They are connected using a piece of elastic. The Android plug fits inside of the Lightning cable portion without stretching the elastic. That will hopefully keep the elastic lasting longer.

I absolutely love this cable. I need at least three more...maybe more than that. With the five foot length, I will have no problems with any thing in the charging drawers being able to reach their cords. We could even open the drawers completely without worrying about them coming unplugged from the power strips below (which has happened with other cords). It comes in Navy, Black, Purple, and Pink so we can identify whose cord is whose easier. I hope they come out with even more colors though. A red and orange would be great so each family member can have their favorite color. I need them for my vehicles as well. I absolutely love this cord!

You can purchase the IHome | 5 Ft Purple - Nylon Shielded 2-in-1 Android Micro USB 2.0 & iPhone Lightning Cable (also available in other colors) From Amazon at*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Thursday, August 25, 2016

#ProductReview: 16 inch Collapsible Mesh Food Cover Tent Umbrella Set #FoodTent

I realize that summer is starting to wind down and the outdoor activities are probably going to stop soon (unless you live in a warmer climate than I do), but I have a product worth looking into for the remaining outdoor activities you may have planned. Perhaps you have a Labor Day party coming. Oaklyn's 16 inch Collapsible Mesh Food Tents are perfect for such an occasion. I have received a set of four food tents in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Each tent stands about 9 inches tall in the center. They say they have 16 inche square base, but I measured mine to be closer to 17 inches. Each one is white mesh which makes it easy to see inside of the tent to see what food you are protecting and so you can still smell the food as well. The mesh keeps bugs from getting to your food and may even help deter your pets from going after it as well. I have to warn you about two things though. If you put your food on a surface with holes and cover it with the tent, bugs can still get to it through the holes in the table. Seems like "Duh", but I didn't even think about the decorative holes in the middles of our picnic table and the tent didn't help completely protect the food because of it. The other thing is that they are extremely lightweight. If there's a good enough breeze, the tents can be blown off of the food. On windy days, you will want to put something on the excess mesh at the bottom to help hold the tents in place. You could even get some heavy duty magnets and just put two magnets in each corner of the tent to help weight it down.

The mesh is removable. They are an umbrella like structure so you can very carefully remove the mesh in order to wash it if ever needed. I would recommend putting the mesh in a garment bag if you ever do need to wash them just because in my experience, mesh is very easy to catch on things like buttons, zippers, or embellishments from other clothes. Getting a hole in the mesh would render the tent useless. Overall, an excellent product. I need to get magnets to weight them down for the coming windy weather, but I'm sure they will get a ton of use during our billions of fall birthdays coming up.

You can purchase Oaklyn's 16 inch Collapsible Mesh Food Cover Tents Umbrella Set from Amazon at

Monday, August 15, 2016

#ProductReview: Garden Dragonfly Butterfly Stakes #Carry360

I have four rose bushes in front of my house. Only one bush has been there for a while and I planted three more at the beginning of summer. Being that they are still so small, I have been wanting to fill in the flower bed with something else to take away from all the empty space. Since I didn't want other flowers to take away from my roses, I went looking for some kind of neat decoration that would not be permanent. Carry 360 has some unique ways to spice up your garden. I received a pack of twelve butterfly stakes and eight dragonfly stakes in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 1

The butterflies and dragonflies are made from plastic. They are thick enough to be sturdy against the wind and rain, but flexible enough to to look like their wings flap. The stakes and how they are held together is metal. Each one is attached to the stake using a spring so they will wiggle. Each is brightly colored and very detailed. They are very beautiful. My kids immediately thought I had real butterflies and dragonflies flying around when they saw them outside. I had every intention of removing some of the butterflies to use for decorations in my daughter's bedroom because they are completely usable for other things than just garden decorations. I didn't get that far because the kids kept trying to play with them. The ones in my rose garden have held up fantastic with torrential downpours and very high winds. They don't hold up as well when the kids are flapping their wings and running through the house. They were able to pull the wings out of a couple butterflies before their hardiness. Overall they are very well made and put together. They are perfect for decorations. If you let the kids play with them, I would keep a close eye on all the pieces. I took one off of the stake just to make sure the little metal spring didn't end up in my infant's mouth. Otherwise, they love them.

Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 2
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 3
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 4
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 5
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 6
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 7
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 8
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 9
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 10
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 11
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 12

They look great in my garden. They are super easy to put into place. They hold up really well for their primary purpose.

Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 13

You can purchase the Garden Dragonfly Butterfly Stakes from Amazon at*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Saturday, August 13, 2016

#ProductReview: Portable Big Bubbles Kit by BUBBLES #promotion

Portable Big Bubbles 1

I'm sure you've seen those giant bubbles on infomercials that look so easy to make that even your kids can do it. We have tried to make giant bubbles before and failed every time. I didn't purchase them, so I don't know if the people who had just didn't mix things properly or if there's some other error that can be made. All that mattered was that until I received my Portable Big Bubbles Kit by BUBBLES, I had never seen a giant bubble in person. I have received no compensation for this review.

This kit includes the bubble wands which are connected together with two pieces of rope similar to the "strings" you have inside of the hood of a hoodie. It also has the bubble powder which I cannot tell you what it is because they don't share that information. To use this kit you will have to also have on hand water, a big bowl, and Dawn dish soap. The box specifically says Dawn, so this may be where other giant bubbles kits have failed in the past. This is the dish soap I always use, so we had everything needed to try out this kit immediately.

Portable Big Bubbles 2

To make the big bubbles, you mix 1.5 liters of water with one teaspoon of bubble powder until the powder is completely dissolved. Then you add 100mL of dawn dish soap. They also call this "1/2 disposable cup" so I just used a half cup measuring cup. It may have been more dish soap than it called for, but the bubbles worked any way. I mixed all of this with my hands in a big bowl. I wanted something big enough to dip the bubble wands into without it being too difficult for my five year old to do. You completely soak the ropes in the bubble solution, remove and pull the wands apart to start creating bubbles. We walked quickly to force air into it or spun around. It worked great. You cannot blow a bubble this big, so don't waste your breath. My kids loved making "bubble dragons" and "bubble snakes" as they called them. The bubble solution is supposed to last up to two weeks, so if you don't think you will use it all up right away, use a bowl that has a lid. Ours lasted two days because the kids couldn't get enough of making giant bubbles. They were a ton of fun and would make for a great addition to ANY party.

Portable Big Bubbles 3
Portable Big Bubbles 4
Portable Big Bubbles 5
Portable Big Bubbles 6
Portable Big Bubbles 7
Portable Big Bubbles 8
Portable Big Bubbles 9
Portable Big Bubbles 10
Portable Big Bubbles 11
Portable Big Bubbles 12
Portable Big Bubbles 13
Portable Big Bubbles 14
Portable Big Bubbles 15
Portable Big Bubbles 16
Portable Big Bubbles 17
Portable Big Bubbles 18
Portable Big Bubbles 19
Portable Big Bubbles 20
Portable Big Bubbles 21

You can purchase Portable Big Bubbles Kit by BUBBLES from Amazon at

Friday, August 12, 2016

#ProductReview: 2 Dog Bowls Stainless Steel&Travel Dog bowl #LallyPet

My dogs have been eating out of large white plastic bowls for a very long time. I have often thought that I needed to spend the money on real dog bowls for them just simply because they would be easier to eat from, but the expenditure hasn't seemed like a necessity. I have recently learned that it just might be a better option for them if I did. Well the solution came when LallyPet offered me two stainless steel dog bowls to review. I have received them in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

LallyPet Dog Bowls 1

LallyPet has a set of two stainless steel dog bowls for a very reasonable price. Since you need at least two bowls, it is great. You need one for food and one for water. If you have more than one dog, you will probably need more than two. I have two dogs. I am using both bowls for their food and still using a plastic bowl for their water. Anyway, each bowl holds approximately 32 ounces. That is around two overfull cups of dog food. If you feed your dogs once or twice a day, the amount of food the bowls hold is possibly more than enough to keep them well fed and healthy. They are dishwasher safe, but since they are stainless steel, they are extremely easy to clean by hand. They also have a ring around them that is made of possible silicone that makes them non-slip. This will help those voracious eaters to not push the bowls around while eating a drinking. I know our dogs used to push bowls around everywhere, but we put the bowls on top of a box to help prevent that.

LallyPet Dog Bowls 2

The bowls come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a three year warranty. Dogs cannot chew them up like plastic bowls. We went through several plastic bowls in the process of them growing up. Younger dogs tend to chew things a lot more and plastic bowls can cause fragments that they can swallow. It is extremely dangerous for dogs to eat plastic, not just for their digestion but also for their teeth and gums. I have had to use pliers to pull fragments out of one of my dog's gums a few times. We had to find something thick enough for them to not break into a million pieces, but even the thickest plastic bowls can have chips chewed off of them. With metal bowls, you have eliminated the fragments and created a healthier environment for all dogs.

Along with the two stainless steel bowls, you will also receive a silicone foldable travel bowl. It only holds a small amount in it, but it is enough for traveling. You probably aren't going to carry a bunch of dog food or water with you a ta time, so it only needs to hold enough to tide your dog over until you get back home. I haven't used it, to be honest. I am planning to let a friend of mine have it. She takes her dogs to a dog park all the time, but we have such a large yard and enough good sidewalks that I really don't need it. It has a spacial loop that fits over the top of a standard water bottle (like the kind you buy in the store already filled with water, so the bowl and water bottle can be carried at the same time. There is a carabiner hook on it so you can clasp it to a belt loop and not have to worry about carrying the water bottle or bowl in your hands. It is convenient and super easy to use. This is also dishwasher safe.

My dogs seem to really love the bowls. I will have to get a new water bowl for them because they have always struggled to see the water in the bowl and with stainless steel bowls, they seem to have less trouble. I am very happy with the bowls.

You can purchase these 2 Stainless Steel Dog Bowls with complimentary Travel Dog Bowl from Amazon at