Video Library

This is going to be dedicated to links to my youtube videos. It takes a while for my pages to load because of the videos, so I figure you can just go to my youtube channel if you want to watch them. You can also get to my Channel using the YouTube button on the right.

November 2010
Drake's Catholic Baptism 11/7/2010
First Thing Daddy Taught Drake 11/22/2010

December 2010
Drake Trying to Move His Walker 12/10/2010
Drake Trying to Roll 12/15/2010
Drake Starting to Laugh 12/17/2010
Drake's First Christmas Toy 12/21/2010
Drake Finally Catches Mr. Bear 12/21/2010
Drake And Mr. Bear Part 2 12/21/2010
Drake On His Side 12/23/2010
Drake's First Christmas 12/25/2010

January 2011
Drake Falling Asleep to Singing 1/3/2011
Successful Tummy Time 1/3/2011
Drake and Esmerelda Playing 1/6/2011
Drake Loves Mommy Singing 1/12/2011
Drake's First Successful Time in High Chair 1/14/2011
Zombies Attach Drake! 1/16/2011
Drake Trying to Crawl 1/17/2011
Drake Eating Cereal 1/19/2011
Drake Rolling 1/21/2011
Drake's First Green Beans 1/21/2011
Drake Acting Crazy 1/21/2011
Drake's First Prunes 1/24/2011
Drake in the Johnny Jump Up 1/25/2011
Drake Trying to Pet Esmerelda 1/25/2011
Drake's First Carrots 1/27/2011
Drake Walking Forward in Walker 1/27/2011
Drake's First Peaches 1/29/2011
Drake Watching the Dogs 1/29/2011
Drake on Lack of Sleep 1/29/2011
Drake's First Apple Sauce 1/31/2011

February 2011
Drake Understands the Jump Up 2/2/2011
Drake Holding His Bottle for the First Time 2/3/2011
Drake Lifting Weights 2/4/2011
Drake's First Peas 2/5/2011
Drake Trying to Roll from Back to Belly 2/6/2011
Drake's First Sweet Potatoes 2/9/2011
Drake's First Squash 2/13/2011
Drake Showing Some Love 2/14/2011
Drake's First Day Outdoors 2/16/2011
Drake's New Friend Mon Ami 2/17/2011
Drake's First Bananas 2/20/2011
Drake's First Pears 2/22/2011

March 2011
Drake Walking Around the House 3/2011
Drake Kissing Grandma 3/1/2011
Amberlee Dancing 3/1/2011
Drake's First Sweet Potatoes and Chicken 3/14/2011
Drake's First Mac-N-Cheese 3/15/2011
Drake's First Sweet Potatoes and Turkey 3/16/2011
Drake's First Sweet Corn Casserole 3/17/2011
Drake's First Apples and Cherries 3/18/2011
Drake's First Sweet Potatoes and Corn 3/19/2011
Drake's First Cinnamon Pears and Oatmeal 3/20/2011
Drake Kissing Nana 3/20/2011
Drake's First Pears and Pineapple 3/21/2011
Drake Eating Crazy 3/21/2011
Drake Petting Fenris 3/22/2011
Drake Blowing Raspberries 3/22/2011
Drake's First Apples, Bananas, & Strawberries 3/23/2011
Drake's First Apples, Vanilla, & Grains 3/24/2011
Drake's First Vanilla Custard & Bananas 3/25/2011
Drake's First Mangos 3/28/2011
Drake Almost Crawling 3/28/2011
Drake and the Hiccups 3/29/2011
Drake's First Blackberries 3/30/2011
Drake's First Raspberries 3/31/2011

April 2011
Drake Falling Asleep in High Chair 4/2/2011
Drake's First Banana Peach Granola 4/4/2011
Drake's First Pear Blueberry Oatmeal 4/5/2011
Drake Blowing Raspberries while on his Belly 4/6/2011
Drake's First Banana Plum Grape 4/7/2011
Drake Crawling Backwards 4/17/2011
Drake's First Apple Jacks 4/18/2011
Drake Opening Cabinets 4/18/2011
Drake's First Dandelion 4/18/2011
Drake Playing the Drum 4/20/2011
Drake Rolling the Ball 4/25/2011
Drake Laughing in Jump Up 4/27/2011
Drake Shaking His Head 4/28/2011
Drake and Mary in Dueling Walkers 4/29/2011
Drake's First Gerber Lasagna 4/29/2011

May 2011
Drake Giving Fives 5/2/2011
Drake Having Fun With a Towel 5/9/2011
Drake's First Cinnamon Raisin Granola 5/12/2011
Look at Drake Moving Now 5/13/2011
Sabrina Getting Mary to Laugh 5/14/2011
Drake's First Ham, Pineapple, & Rice 5/15/2011
Drake "Feeding" Fenris 5/19/2011
Drake's First Waffle 5/20/2011
Drake's First Apples, Mangos, & Kiwi 5/22/2011
Drake's Reaction to the Backyardigans 5/27/2011
Drake and Mary Trying to Hold Hands 5/27/2011
Drake and Mary Swinging 5/28/2011
Fun in the Sun 5/31/2011
Drake's First Time in a Pool 5/31/2011

June 2011
Drake Jumping/Dancing To The Backyardigans 6/1/2011
Drake Teething 6/2/2011
Drake's First Water Park 6/4/2011
Drake Laughing 6/8/2011
Drake's 1st time in Nana's Pool 6/11/2011
Drake's 1st Balloon 6/12/2011
Drake's 1st Chicken and Stars 6/13/2011
A Dada Day 6/15/2011
Drake Standing in Crib for 1st Time 6/21/2011
Drake FINALLY Crawling 6/26/2011

July 2011
Drake's First Flav-o-ice 7/3/2011
Drake Getting into the Tupperware 7/4/2011
Drake Going Up the Front Steps for 1st time 7/10/2011
Drake Playing with Kroger Balloon 7/22/2011
Drake Petting Ursula 7/24/2011

August 2011
Drake Dancing/Jumping on Couch 8/17/2011
Drake Walking with his Radio Flyer 8/17/2011
Drake Moving Furniture 8/19/2011
Drake Walking!!! 8/21/2011
Drake Laughing at Mommy trying to get him to nod 8/24/2011
Drake Laying with Fenris 8/30/2011

September 2011
Drake Playing with Toilet Paper 9/8/2011
Drake's 1st Birthday Party 9/10/2011
Drake Playing with his Kitty 9/12&15/2011
Mary Crawling for the 1st Time 9/17/2011
Drake Swinging in his Dolphin Swing 9/29/2011

October 2011
Daddy Tickling Drake 10/2/2011
Drake Walking in Shoes 10/6/2011
Drake Drumming with Daddy 10/9/2011
Drake Playing in Leaves 10/9/2011
Drake Playing with Great Aunt Gail 10/9/2011
Drake Walking With Nana 10/14/2011
Mary playing with balloon and talking 10/15/2011
Drake Dancing and Walking Backwards 10/17/2011
Drake "Cleaning" 10/19/2011
Drake and His Pumpkin 10/23/2011
Drake Pushing Amberlee around in a Pumpkin Cart 10/23/2011
Drake showing Logic and Dancing 10/29/2011

November 2011
Mary Dancing to Christmas Music 11/5/2011
Drake's New Game: Spinning 11/07 & 11/15
Drake and Cat Tails 11/10/2011
Drake and Daddy Playing 11/13/2011
Drake Bouncing on Fenris 11/16/2011
Drake Loving on Olivia 11/23/2011

December 2011
Drake Rolling on Floor 12/14/2011
Drake Talking on the "Phone" 12/15/2011
Drake & Mary Playing 12/17/2011
Drake Playing With Aunt Roo 12/17/2011
Drake Playing With Sabrina's Present 12/17/2011
Drake's 2nd Christmas 12/25/2011
Drake Playing with Uncle Tyler 12/29/2011
Drake at Art of War 12/31/2011
Mary's Impromptu Birthday Party 12/31/2011
Drake Organizing Bottles 12/31/2011

January 2012
Drake Really Opening a Present 01/01/2012
Drake riding his new Horse 01/01/2012
Drake and Daddy Playing with Cars 01/02/2012
Drake Falling Asleep in Shopping Cart 01/06/2012
Drake Seeing Blue 01/16/2012
Drake Dancing to his Mobile 01/24/2012

February 2012
Drake Walking Down Steps Alone! 2/9/2012
Drake Playing With Nana 2/15/2012
Drake Table Dancing 2/16/2012
Amberlee's 6th Birthday Party 2/18/2012

March 2012
Drake's 1st Visit to the Newport Aquarium 3/3/2012
Drake Turning a Wheel 3/6/2012
Drake Playing with Montana 3/6/2012
Drake Falling Asleep on his pony 3/11/2012
Drake's First Motorcycle Ride 3/11/2012

April 2012
Drake Eating Mashed Potatoes Alone 4/10/2012
Drake Playing In the Sand 4/10/2012
Drake's Ride 1st Motor Bike 04/13 & 04/15
Drake's 1st Slide 04/13 & 04/18
Drake's Applesauce Reaction 04/30/2012

May 2012
Daddy Showing Drake how to Belly Slide 05/09/2012
Drake Playing Basketball 05/10/2012
Drake riding his Police Bike 05/10/2012
Drake being a Silly Boy 05/16/2012
Drake Playing with the Hose 5/18/2012
Drake Playing Games 05/19/2012
Drake Learning About Water guns 05/19/2012
Drake Finally Riding His Tricycle 05/21&22/2012
Drake Playing With His Bird 05/26/2012

June 2012
Drake Playing With the Hose 06/05/2012
Our First Visit to the Park On Park 06/13/2012
Drake Riding His Tricycle 06/22/2012
Drake Swimming 06/26/2012

July 2012
Drake Feeding the Ursula 7/4/2012
Drake Swimming With Kooper 7/4/2012
Drake Swimming Alone 07/12/2012
Drake Playing With his Cousins 07/18/2012
Drake Bouncing on his Butt 07/27/2012
Drake Swimming With Nana 07/27/2012

August 2012
Drake Playing in Sand 08/02/2012