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Monday, April 1, 2013

#Shutterfly and 101 Free Photo Prints


Shutterfly is offering 101 free prints until Tuesday 4/2/13 with promo code 101PRINTS. Use this now to get those Easter pictures printed for just the cost of shipping.

While you are there, take advantage of their other offers currently going on like the sitewide sale up to 50% off Photo Books from, get a free greeting card with promo code CARD4U, and receive free shipping on all orders of $30+ with promo code SHIP30. All offers are good through 4/2/13.

Friday, March 15, 2013

#Shutterfly's Inbloom and Bigsmiles Deals #Photography #Pictures


It's very nearly spring! In some places of the world, it probably IS spring. I know I am looking forward to the weather finally getting warmer. In the past I haven't been crazy about spending tons of time outdoors with my son because I have so many other things inside that I always am needing to do. However, I learned last spring/summer how to use my time outdoors to good use. I took tons of pictures of my son! He loved being outside so much and was learning so many new things that I took pictures of nearly everything! I am very much looking forward to what he will discover this year.

Shutterfly 2

Shutterfly has some deals available to you right now to get you started enjoying this wonderful time of year.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#Shutterfly Best in Class Style Yearbooks #Pictures


The school year is quickly coming to an end and while schools offer you the chance to buy a yearbook from them, they don't always capture all the moments that your child really wants to see in the years to come. I know from my own experience how it can be disappointing to open up your school yearbook to realize that you are only in a handful of the pictures. Popular kids are the ones that will be posted from cover to cover. If you weren't a part of all the popular sports or events, you just must have been left out.

Shutterfly 3
Shutterfly Yearbooks give you another option. Create a custom yearbook for your child with all the pictures that actually mean something to them. Right now Shutterfly has a new style available called Best in Class.

Shutterfly 1

This new photobook is available in 8x8, 8x11, and 12x12. Like other photobooks, you can get it in hard or soft back and 20-110 pages. These books are amazing. I have several different photobooks and have made gifts to my extended family members from many more. They are very beautiful and durable. The best thing about them is that you can customize them to suit your needs!

Shutterfly 2

Make it a school year to remember. Shutterfly Yearbooks are the easiest way to preserve school memories. Interested in creating one of these fabulous yearbooks for your child or perhaps just for yourself? You can order yearbooks with ease online. You might need some help in creating your masterpiece, here are a few links to help you out.

Shutterfly 4

Win a 8x8 – 20 page hardcover photobook plus US standard shipping promo code (Obviously open to US only) below.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

50% Off Shutterfly Photobooks! #Shutterfly #Pictures


This Week Shutterfly has these specials going on (through Wednesday 3/6):

Friday, February 22, 2013

Shutterfly's Deal of the Day 2/22 #Shutterfly #Photography


Shutterfly's Deal of the Day for Friday 2/22

Free photo mousepad with promo code FREEPAD from Offer valid 2/21 ONLYShutterfly 3

This is another item that might make a good Father's Day present for the dad that works on computers a lot!

Shutterfly 4

Other deals going on through their website are as follows:
  • Enter promo code SHIP30 for free shipping over $30
  • Get a free card with promo code CARD4U
  • Up to 50% off Photo Books – sitewide, no code required
  • 50% off Photo Magnets and Photo Mousepads
  • 20% off most other photo gifts

I will have another post tomorrow with the Deal of the Day! Happy Photographing!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shutterfly's Deal of the Day 2/21 #Shutterfly #Photography


Shutterfly: Deal of the Day for Thursday 2/21

Five free 5x7 flat or folded stationery with promo code 5FREECARDS from Offer valid 2/21 ONLYShutterfly 2

Here's a hint at one of things you can use this code for!

Shutterfly 3

Other deals going on through their website are as follows:
  • Enter promo code SHIP30 for free shipping over $30
  • Get a free card with promo code CARD4U
  • Up to 50% off Photo Books – sitewide, no code required
  • 50% off Photo Magnets and Photo Mousepads
  • 20% off most other photo gifts

I will have another post tomorrow with the Deal of the Day! Happy Photographing!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shutterfly's Deal of the Day #Shutterfly #Photography


Shutterfly has been having a deal of the day this week and I am sorry to report that I missed posting the deals for Monday and Tuesday. I actually wasn't certain they were meant to be posted for everyone until today. I figure it is better late than not at all, so here's the deal of the day for Wednesday!

$4.99 for a white, 11oz ceramic mug with promo code MUGSALE from Offer valid 2/20 ONLYshutterfly 2

Shutterfly 4

Also don't forget that Shutterfly's Valentine's Day deal is going on for the remainder of today. You need to just on this deal now before it is gone! 20% off all orders from with promo code: SWEETSALE. Offer valid 2/14-2/20Shutterfly 3

Other deals going on through their website are as follows:
  • Enter promo code SHIP30 for free shipping over $30
  • Get a free card with promo code CARD4U
  • Up to 50% off Photo Books – sitewide, no code required
  • 50% off Photo Magnets and Photo Mousepads
  • 20% off most other photo gifts

I will have another post tomorrow with the Deal of the Day! Happy Photographing!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shutterfly is here for your Valentine's Day Photos #Shutterfly


Start Valentine's Day off with a 20% discount off your entire order, from Thursday 2/14 through Wednesday 2/20**. Use promo code SWEETSALE and create a photo book or unique photo gift to preserve this year's Valentine memories.

Also, get free shipping over $30 with promo code SHIP30 (Offer valid through 2/20) and get a free card with promo code CARD4U.

*Offer expires 02-20-2013 (11:59 P.M. PST). Offer is good for 20% off qualifying merchandise orders at Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. For more details, please click here (Be logged into your Shutterfly account when you click this).

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I love Shutterfly!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shutterfly's Valentine's Day Sale #Photo #Sale


Shutterfly's is having a Valentine's Day sale - Love is All Around: (Sorry I didn't post this sooner!)
$10 off $10 from with promo code LOVESTRUCK. Offer valid 2/1-2/6
Free Valentine's Day card from with promo code CARD4U. Offer valid 2/1-2/6
Up to 40% off all photo books from Offer valid 2/1-2/6
20% off most photo gifts from Offer valid 2/1-2/6

Best-selling author Nicholas Sparks recently stopped by Shutterfly (with Josh Duhamel!) to answer questions about the upcoming film, Safe Haven. He offered some advice on the art of writing a loving one-liner, so feel free to share this with your readers (you can copy and paste the content below in its entirety onto your website).

Shutterfly 2

Nicholas Sparks' Four S's of Writing a Valentine's Day One-Liner:
Keep it STRONG
Be committed. Your line must convey love, and convey it in no uncertain terms. Stay away from language that is open for interpretation or that leaves room for doubt - avoid words like "might" and "maybe."

Think about love as a very real, personal thing between you and the person you love. Find inspiration from your relationship. What does this love mean to you?

Keep it SIMPLE
Your goal is to convey your feelings—not your intelligence. Don’t be too wordy, and if you’re going to use metaphor, pick one; it’s better to have one metaphor that says it all than a number of metaphors that each fall short in their own way.

Keep it SHORT
Do not hide your message in an endless parade of phrases, words, and descriptions. Part of what makes the phrase “I love you” so powerful is that it evokes such a powerful emotion in so few words.

Try writing your own special one-liner with the free Valentine's Day card (promo code CARD4U) from Shutterfly and pair it with a special photo gift using our $10 off $10 discount (promo code LOVESTRUCK).

Friday, November 23, 2012

Shutterfly for you Holiday Cards (& Giveaway!!) #BlackFriday #CyberMonday

Shutterfly 1

As some of you know, my very first product review was for Shutterfly. I absolutely love Shutterfly. They have fantastic photo cards, photo books, and just plains photo prints. They also have some amazing deals through out the entire year. They are pretty much my go to stop for photo related products. You can check out my review of last year's Holiday cards HERE.

Well this year they have a new selection of Holiday Cards (as well as designs from last year if you loved them that much) for you to choose. I am a big fan of the cards that let you put multiple pictures on them. Even though there's just the three of us in my home, I like to put several pictures of my son, Drake, on cards from throughout the year so people can see how much he has grown. Someday my holiday cards will be individual photos of each member of my family, but for now I like this. I also like the cards that have a single photo on them that takes up the entire card just for its simplicity. Here are some of my favorite designs (though there are just sooooooo many good ones to choose!). Just click on the thumbnail to see the card on Shutterfly's site as well as a bigger picture.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Those are just for Christmas!" Well I celebrate Christmas so those are the ones I primarily look at for myself. They have a wonderful selection of Hanukkah cards and Holiday Cards. They even have cards for New Year's if you don't send the December themed cards. I have always been extremely happy with the quality of their products as well as how quickly they get them to your doorstep. The post office is typically very good at making sure they arrive in excellent condition as well. I think they realize that the bright orange Shutterfly envelope means that you have precious photos that shouldn't be bent.

Now the final thing I want to share with you, since I am posting this on Black Friday, is that they are having a Black Friday sale and a Cyber Monday sale!! Oh yeah! Here's what you have to do for Black Friday:

  1. Go to
  2. There should be a tab or post that advertises "Black Friday code: BLACKFRIDAY 11/22-25, 10 FREE cards*"
  3. Follow the steps to claim your 10 FREE Cards
*Offer valid for one-time redemption per billing address and valid for 10 free 5x7 flat stationery cards OR 10 free 5x7 folded greeting cards only. Customers must choose only one of the two offers. Taxes, shipping and handling will apply. Offer ends November 25, 2012 (11:59 P.M. PST).

Here's what you need to know for Cyber Monday:
  1. Go to
  2. Claim your 25% off unique code (valid on top of already discounted site wide - up to 50% off) from their Facebook page (either it will be a post or a tab)
*Offer ends November 26, 2012 (11:59 P.M. PST).

When you get your awesome deals, you should take a look at some of their other special offers. A typical offer I have seen (and is currently going on) is free shipping on orders over $30. If you like photo books, this a deal you can definitely use.

Now for the perhaps the most amazing part of this post! Shutterfly has authorized me to giveaway a special promo code for one reader to get an extra $50 off order of $50 or more (excluding tax and shipping & cannot be combined with any other promos) (expire 12/14/2012 – no extensions)!!! Isn't that awesome!?! You can make some great holiday gifts and save money at the same time! I know I am completely stoked about this. I hope that you all are as thrilled as me! This is a very quick giveaway so enter today. All you have to do is enter via the rafflecopter below and I will draw a name on December 3rd (ends 12:01AM EST on 12/3). I must report the winner before December 5th, so you will be given 24 hours to respond to the email I send notifying the winner before I draw a new name. If you want to ensure that you do not miss the email, add phaedracamille(at)gmail(dot)com to your safe sender list. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shutterfly’s Long Live Summer Photo Contest

Shutterfly Picture1

Shutterfly is hosting a contest on Facebook for all your summer pictures! We all love to take pictures of our families have tons of fun everywhere we go and as a result, we love to show them off. Keeping track of all those fun times is what keeps us alive. Well Shutterfly would like to reward you for all your hard work capturing all those lovely moments with something completely summer appropriate...Vacations!

Shutterfly Picture 2

Win a trip for four to The Bahamas and a professional photo shoot so you’ll remember your vacation forever. All you need to do is upload your favorite photo and caption based on the theme of the week. Get a gift from Shutterfly just for entering! You can enter at any point during the 5-week sweepstakes period.

  • Week 1(7/9): Americana
  • Week 2 (7/16): Great Outdoors
  • Week 3 (7/23): Water Fun
  • Week 4 (7/30): Sports & Activities
  • Week 5 (8/6): Parties & Celebrations

  • Instant win prizes just for submitting a photo!
  • Weekly prizes (contestants can enter one time/week)
  • Weekly featured photos: up to 5 weekly entries will be selected from the gallery and featured on the Facebook fan page and awarded a $500 gift card on Shutterfly and a copy of the new Lonely Planet travel photography book.
  • Grand prize: trip for 4 to Bahamas, 4 nights, family photo shoot
  • Shutterfly Sweepstakes - Official Rules

Enter to Win A Vacation From Shutterfly!

You can enter by simply clicking on this link.

Shutterfly Picture 3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Free Shutterfly Father's Day Card

Shutterfly Picture1

Some of you know that I have done a couple reviews for Shutterfly and I am always happy and impressed with their work. Well they have put together a video to make all the dads out there cry and tell them that they are appreciated this Father's Day. You can see the video below. After you watch the video, check out their Facebook page for a free Father's Day card. The link is under the video.

Get your FREE Shutterfly Father's Day Card by clicking the link below

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shutterfly Yearbook Options

Shutterfly Picture1

Do you make yearbooks for your children or for your classroom if you are a teacher? Elementary schools tend not to create yearbooks for whatever reason, but some teachers will put them together and give parents the option to buy them. I have not been in the situation where I needed to make a yearbook yet and was not on the yearbook committee for my high middle/high schools. I don't know who they used to print our yearbooks back then, but I can tell you from creating my own photo books at Shutterfly, that a photo book is simple and so convenient. I imagine that making a yearbook would be just as simple as a photo book. Let me tell you a little about them:

Shutterfly Yearbooks are the easiest and most affordable way to preserve school memories for your child and your school, helping parents of a single student, class or an entire school, easily create specially designed page templates for school activities, subjects, and student classroom and faculty photos.

  1. Easy-to-make (we promise) - Use our specially designed page templates to capture school activities along with favorite student, classroom and faculty pictures. Make it just the way you want with our All New Custom Path.
  2. Easy on your pocketbook - Get up to 75% off when you order for your class or school. We have prices as low as $5 per Yearbook, which are only available by contacting Shutterfly for a quote.
  3. Made to love, made to last - Our award-winning photo books are printed in color and professionally bound. Your Yearbook is saved forever and you can re-order it at any time

Shutterfly Picture2

Don't know where to start? They have a wonderful yearbook checklist you can use to start getting yourself organized for making a yearbook.

If you are anything like me, you pull out your old yearbooks every now and then to look at how much people have changed. In the age of Facebook and other social media, it is pretty easy to pull up current pictures of the people we spent so much of our early lives with. I find it interesting to look at how they used to look and compare. I am sure you do too. There are some events though that I wish I had taken more pictures or had organized them in such a way that I could look at them easier. I have actually lost a lot of my old photos due to basement flooding and really wish I had made a book of them. A photo yearbook would have been wonderful to capture all my volleyball memories or even my bowling leagues. You could use a yearbook for a lot of different things. Capture your church groups and events. Maybe your child participates in non-school sports teams. You could make an entire sports yearbook for them. Make your memories last with a Shutterfly yearbook.

Shutterfly Picture3
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