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Friday, December 18, 2015

#ProductReview: Del Sol Color Changing Gear #USFamilyGuide

Del Sol 1

I was given the opportunity to review anything I wanted from This is a company that specializes in creating items that change colors in the sun. They have clothing, nail polish, sunglasses, hats, jewelry and more. They even have a line of Disney items. I was really excited to see how their apparel worked and, even though I am no nail expert, to try out their nail polish line. I received a tank top, a long sleeved shirt, the adult nail kit and four kids nail polishes to try with my daughter in exchange for my honest review.

To start with, their website is really easy to navigate. The shopping options are at the top of the screen. You can create wishlists for future shopping or find a location near you to shop in person. The closest location to me is Put-In-Bay, OH which is over four hours away, so I shopped online. I went through most of the site and found that I wished they had more long sleeved options, but being that most Ohioans stay indoors in winter, I wasn't surprised that there weren't a lot of cold weather options. I found a long sleeved shirt with a butterfly that I thought my daughter would love to see me in. The tank top I purchased has Tinkerbell on it so I could see the quality of their Disney merchandise.

Del Sol 2
Del Sol 3

The tank top Is a size large and the long sleeved shirt is a size extra large. I normally like tank tops to be more fitted. It is a little more snug that I really like, but I am currently starting an exercise program that will help the shirt fit better. The long sleeved shirt is bigger because I like my winter clothes baggy. I wore it yesterday all day and it was extremely comfortable. It was also a sunny day, so I was able to see the color changing. I was pleasantly surprised that it happened very quickly. I don't think I was outside for longer than 2 minutes and I was able to see a difference. Below are what they looked like in the sun.

Del Sol 5

Now for the nail polish. I picked out one color from the adult line for myself. I picked "Get Your Pink On" which is pink when you put it on and turns red in the sun. I have to admit, I don't know a lot about nail polish. I'm not very good at putting it on, but I still try. I really like it, but I never mastered the application art of it. I took a video of me demonstrating how to use their complete kit. You'll see how little skill I have, but I figure it would help other people to see what you need for the Del Sol nail colors.

So the kit has cuticle oil, base coat, the color you pick, and the top coat. I was rather surprised that the color was basically a clear polish with pink flecks in it. I put two coats on and did not achieve the solid color that was shown in the pictures on the Del Sol website. See the picture from their site below.

Del Sol 6

I learned that without completely covering your nails so that they actually look like the picture above, you cannot promise that you actually coated your whole nail in nail polish. When I went to the bus stop to wait for my son, I let one hand soak up some rays and the other I kept in my pocket so you can compare the color change.

Del Sol 7
Del Sol 8

I won't say I am unhappy with the color. I really like how it changes in the sun. I just wish I knew how many coats I needed to do to achieve complete coverage. Now this is not the case with the child's nail polish. My daughter will be two on Dec. 31st so I wasn't sure she would let me put nail polish on her fingers, but after she saw me do it, she absolutely insisted on having it too. I let her pick the first color to try and she went with the Rapunzel Purple.

Del Sol 9
Del Sol 10

She loves her nail polishes. She doesn't let them dry completely before running around, but she thoroughly enjoyed having me put it on her. She even picked out a new color the very next day to have me put on her. Since they are kids polish, the polish peels off the fingernails easily. If you put it on and wash your hands a few times, it will start coming off. This makes it easier to remove from your child if you actually need to. I put it on my own hand so I could see the color changing since my daughter wouldn't sit still long enough for me to see it or get a picture.

**insert picture of color changing**
Del Sol 12

Overall, I think their products are pretty neat. They are very unique. If you are out in the sun a lot, I could see having multiple items for every day use and wear. They would make a great gift for someone that is about to take a vacation to some place in the sun or visiting Disney. They are a lot of fun.

About Del Sol
Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, Del Sol was established in 1994 and has since grown to more than 100 stores worldwide in 25 countries. Today it’s the world’s leading brand of color-changing apparel and accessories and the number-one promoted merchant onboard Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Disney, Celebrity, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

We began selling our color-changing clothing and accessories out of a small retail cart in Murray, Utah’s Fashion Place Mall, eventually spreading our concept throughout the United States and Canada. After expanding our color-changing product line and fun-under-the-sun experience, we took our products to the world’s most popular cruise ship ports, opening the first, full Del Sol store in St. Thomas in 1997.

NASA explored earlier concepts of color change for its space program back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but Del Sol further developed and expanded this technology, engineering its own proprietary Spectrachrome® color-changing crystals that are found in all Del Sol products today. Del Sol’s color-changing crystals are harvested from the sunniest, most colorful places on the planet and then engineered for use on nearly 10,000 color-changing retail items.

Much like a flower that blossoms in the sun’s rays, Del Sol’s exclusive Spectrachrome® crystals open and unfold upon exposure to sunlight; revealing their hidden colors.

Jeff Pedersen, on behalf of Del Sol, is the winner of the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Retail, Utah’s Best of State Statue and medal, and is found on Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 fastest-growing businesses, along with Utah’s Top 100 Private Businesses.

Through humanitarian efforts, Del Sol has donated more than a million dollars worth of product and aid to victims of the Haitian earthquake, the South East Asia Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, as well as hundreds of other projects around the world.

Del Sol utilizes numerous registered and unregistered trademarks (both U.S. and foreign) in marketing and selling its products, including, but not limited to, “Del Sol”, “100% WOW”, “Bahama Polo”, “Cap T”, “Executive”, “Fun, Joy, Smiles & Memories”, “Island Zip”, “Just Add Sun”, “LS Scoop T”, “Polarized Pro”, “Raglan T”, “Ribbed T’s”, “Rio Havana”, “Scoop T”, “Sol Adventure”, “Sol Baby”, “Sol Bear”, “Sol Dials”, “Sol Flyer”, “Sol Gems”, “Sol Kids”, “Sol Pearls”, “Sol Silk”, “Sol Sport”, “Sol Surf Co.”, “Solar Knit Technology”, “Soles”, “Solize”, “Spectra Cool Technology”, “Spectrachrome”, “Strap T’s”, “Sun Accents”, “Sun T’s” and “Sun-Powered”

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Google+ | YouTube | Pinterest

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

#ProductReview: Artisan Gifts #USFamilyGuide

novica 1

I posted a little while ago about this special discount code that is available through on your first purchase of great artisan gifts. The code Save7Novica will save you $7, thanks to US Family Guide. Well I made a purchase for two sets of earrings that I plan to give away as gifts. I want to tell you that the process of ordering is very simple. There's a search box at the top of the webpage that I found to be extremely useful. I did searches for animals that I knew were favorites of people I knew until I found earrings that I knew they would love. When you do a search for something, the left hand side of the webpage will give you other ways to narrow down your search criteria so you can search more efficiently.

For instance, I did a search for elephant earrings. The initial search reveal three ways to narrow down my results: Category (jewelry or masks), Region (Bali and Java, India, Thailand, West Africa) and Price. I was looking for a specific price range due to the discount code that I was provided for my honest opinion of their service and products. This narrowed down my results from 55 to 37 which made finding something I wanted to buy just a little faster. These earrings are coming from Thailand.

Novica 2

When I went through the purchasing process, I had the option to pay with credit card, Amazon, or Paypal. I chose Paypal and found that unlike some websites, this one seamlessly connected with Paypal. I never felt like I was being redirected or that my information would get lost. I was able to apply two discount codes. Some places will only allow you to use one discount code at a time, so I was very happy this one was not like that. The entire ordering process was very easy.

Garnet dangle earrings, 'Dragonfly Glow'

Novica 3
Novica 8

The earrings come in a little jewelry bag or you can pay extra for a nice jewelry box. These earrings are made from sterling silver and garnet. They measure 1.6" L x 1" W which are a very nice size. They are made to dangle and weigh 0.19 oz. With earrings that are over an inch in length, the weight is important. They feel light enough to not hurt your ears after extended wear. I think they are quite lovely and will make a very nice gift.

Each pair of earrings that I ordered came with this little book that tells you a little about the earrings. The Dragonfly Glow book is seen below.

Novica 4
Novica 5
Novica 6
Novica 7

The last thing that came with the earrings is a personalized card from the artisan that made them. Each postcard has a picture of the country where the artisan is from so you get a little more information about who your money is supporting.

Novica 8
Novica 9

Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, 'Naif Elephants'

Novica 10
Novica 11

Again, the earrings came with a nice little jewelry bag or I could have purchased a jewelry box for them. These are made solely of sterling silver. I will say they were a little smaller than I expected, but that wouldn't have been a surprise if I had looked at their measurements on the website. They are 1" L x 0.5" W and weight only 0.06 oz. They are cute little elephants with a satin finish. Another nice gift for the elephant lover you know.

Again this pair came with a cute little book telling you about the earrings and personalized postcard from the artisan. See below.

Novica 12
Novica 13
Novica 14
Novica 15
Novica 16
Novica 7

Check out for some great and unique gift ideas for your family.

Monday, December 7, 2015

#ProductReview: All Things Christmas and More #USFamilyGuide

All Things Christmas and More is a website where you can get mostly Christmas decorations. While searching through the site, I noticed a distinct focus on Christmas lights and wrapping materials. You can find rather long strings of lights that otherwise might be difficult to locate in the store. I know from my own experience that having to get multiple strings of lights can not only be annoying, but can ruin your Christmas display. You have to figure a way to hide the connection and the portion of the string that doesn't have lights on it.

I was given a discount code to order something from the website for my honest opinion. I found the site to be very easy to use, but I didn't really do a lot of searching. I did one search for "mice" because I collect Christmas mice, but the search turned up nothing. After that search I just looked in the $0-$24.99 price range. I looked through multiple pages and decided on an 18" Pure White Ropelit Snowflake. We have a circular window in our hallway that I thought this would fit perfectly in. That's not where it ended up though. I climbed up to the window and hung it on our existing hook only to discover that my window is much bigger than I thought it was. The snowflake didn't look right at all in the window without me trying to find a way to make it dangle. Honestly, I could have done this and it would have looked great, but I'm afraid of heights so climbing off the roof to find something that I could tie to the snowflake and the hook was not very appealing. Also, while I was up on the roof, the extension cord slide off the roof. The slant is just enough that you can't set things down without them falling off. I instead hung it on a screw that is between the two windows on my front porch. It's easily reached and doesn't look funny being there by itself.

All Things Christmas and More 3
All Things Christmas and More 4
All Things Christmas and More 5
All Things Christmas and More 6

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the snowflake. Not only is it made from the LED rope lights, but it is also shaped with a sturdy metal. The shape of the snowflake is actually created with the metal frame that I cannot bend. The rope lights are attached to the frame using zip ties. They even provide you with extra zip ties in case the ones already on it break. You don't have to worry about the bulbs breaking and typically with rope lights, if one bulb blows, the rest will continue to shine. It is designed to be appropriate for inside or outside use. They also use less power because they are LED.

All Things Christmas and More 2
All Things Christmas and More 7
All Things Christmas and More 8

I absolutely love this decoration. My husband and I both agree that $22.53 is a great price for it. We are thinking about getting several more over the next year (to spread out the cost) for the entire outside of our house. We have two stories and it would be really cool to have a couple snowflakes on the portion of our house that I don't already decorate with lights. It is definitely worth the price and I envision it lasting for a very very long time.

Friday, November 13, 2015

All Things Christmas and More #USFamilyGuide

All Things Christmas And More is a family business for over 5 years now. We pride ourselves on offering the best Christmas products around at an affordable price. We stock over 2,500 items year round and expand our catalog every year. This year new Was Halloween next year we are looking to expand and a carry a Spring and Summer Catalog. This Holiday Season we are proud to offer FREE shipping on all order placed November 1st thru December 11th. Use code UFG

Unique Monthly Clubs to guide as Gifts #clubsgalore #usfamilyguide

ClubsGalore Gift of the Month Clubs are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion for more than just one day. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, thank you, retirement, or other special event, the multi-touch programs allow you to show that special someone you care - again and again.

$10 OFF - Ten Dollars off any gift with code: Gift10 at - Gift of the Month Clubs PERFECTED. .@usfg

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Check out #Novica for Unique Christmas Gifts #coupon #USFamilyGuide

novica 1

Novica is a site that sells unique, fair trade items that are handmade from artisans all over the world. They work in association with National Geographic. The artisans that supply them with their products are able to sell their work for reasonable prices for themselves and the people who buy them. This is to help both the artisans and the customers to remain happy. The goal is to connect, empower, and preserve.

Looking over the site, I have seen a lot of really interesting gifts ideas. There's some piece of jewelry for everyone woman in your life from sterling silver to gemstones, from earrings to anklets. There's lots of clothing options which are made from lots of different types of materials. In the sweaters section, they have sweaters made from Alpaca wool. Isn't that cool? People allergic to sheep wool might have a very nice, reasonably priced alternative. The sweater below is just beautiful

Alpaca Sweater

You should take a look at the site and use the code Save7Novica code for $7 off your first purchase, thanks to US Family Guide.

Enter to win a $25 Giftcode - open worldwide

All you have to do is leave a comment with the item you would buy if you won. I will randomly select one comment for the winner. Please leave your email address so I can contact you. If I were writing my email in the comments, it would look like phaedracamille (at) gmail (dot) com.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Check out Color Changing Accessories by #USFamilyGuide

DelSol 1

Everything at Del Sol - from the shirts and tote bags to the sunglasses and hair accessories - changes color with sunlight. This favorite island spot is not only the world's largest retailer of color-changing merchandise, but it also harnesses the power of the sun and cranks it up a few notches.

DelSol 1

The apparel is made from 100 percent pre-shrunk, heavyweight, double-stitched cotton and is guaranteed to change color for the life of the product.

DelSol 1

Their exclusive eyewear collection, Solize, is made with color-changing frames and polarized lenses that protect your eyes from harmful UVA / UVB rays. They're also guaranteed for life against theft, loss and damage.

DelSol 1

Use code SUNFUN20 to get 20% off your purchase on
20% off - Use code SUNFUN20 to get 20% off your purchase on .@usfg