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Monday, September 26, 2016

#ProductReview: Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover #seatcover

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 1

It may seem a little early to be considering purchasing things for Christmas, but for me, I shop all year round. I look at the Christmas decorations when I go to yard sales. I am currently cross-stitching a Christmas stocking for my youngest because I want it finished in time to use for this Christmas. I love Christmas and that's why I wanted to do this review. I have a half bathroom on the first floor of my house which is the bathroom pretty much every visitor uses. I have always wanted to completely overhaul it for my Christmas Eve Party, but I really didn't know what I wanted to do with it. Well I have been supplied with one Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover set that will now be my solution to this dilemma.

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 2
Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 3

This is a four piece set. It includes the actual toilet seat cover, a rug for around the bottom of the toilet, a cover for the top of the toilet and a Kleenex box cover. It is made out of 100% polyester according to the tags. It feels a lot like felt though for most of it. The beard for Santa is a different material, but I couldn't tell you exactly what that is. Important to note is that it says dry clean only. You cannot wash any of the pieces in you home washing machine. I think that is because some of the embellishments re hot glued on instead of sewn. For me, that restricts me to using the decoration for only my Christmas Eve party until my little kids get bigger. I'm potty training my middle child, so I'm afraid accidents will ruin it if I leave it out for the entire holiday season. It's a really cute design.

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 6

I love Santa's face and the top part of the set, when you actually have a kleenex box in use will look like Santa's hat. You need the kleenex to show the white tuft on the hat. I don't keep kleenex in my bathroom because it is game for my kids to pull all the pieces out of it.

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 4
Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 5

My biggest complaint, other than my kids not letting me use it for the entire month of December, is that the piece that goes on top of the toilet is really big. It has elastic to hold it on the toilet top, but it just appears stretched out when it is hanging over it. I realize that this design it to make sure it will fit on nearly every style of toilet, but Santa's face is a bit tight to get on and I know that there are different sized toilet lids. It seems like the toilet top part should be a tight fit too. It's really a minor complaint. It still looks good all together in the bathroom.

A note about the rug, it does have some kind of padding inside of it. Just a little bit of foam to cushion your feet. The underneath is a piece of cloth that feels a little thin to me. It has those little rubber non-slip dots on it to help hold it in place. It's super cute. Just try not to get anything on it since you have to dry clean it.

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 7

I really love the design. I wish it were machine washable so I could use it more.

You can purchase this Christmas Santa Toilet Seat cover from Amazon at

Monday, July 11, 2016

#ProductReview: Motion Bowl #hom

Is there a male in your household? Any male that has to get up in the middle of the night to use the potty inevitably misses the toilet unless they actually turn on the light in the bathroom. It is a constant issue here. Between my son and my husband, the toilets need to get cleaned constantly and the floor even more often. I honestly did not realize how bad it was until I was scrubbing the master bathroom floor and realized that the grout lines were now permanently yellow. I couldn't really yell at my husband because he knows that when a light is turned on anywhere near me when I'm asleep, I will wake up instantly and it will take me up to an hour to fall back asleep. I don't turn lights on to go to the bathroom because that light wakes up my brain just enough to make going back to bed difficult. I needed another solution to help him see the toilet in the night without waking anyone up. Motion Bowl is the answer. I have been given one Motion Bowl in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Motion Bowl 1

Motion Bowl is a very simple device. It is motion activated, so there's no locating a light switch to use it. It will turn on to light up the toilet bowl as soon as it senses movement. It is while, but it lights up the bowl with eight different colors: red, orange, blue, green, yellow, purple, white, and pink. There are two modes. It can be set to a solid color or to rotate between the colors. I'll be honest, I want my toilet to light up red because that's my husband's favorite color. At first I tried just pushing the button on it when the light was on thinking that would change it from a solid state to color changing state. Well it turns out that the bowl has to be lit up when you push the button in order to change the state. A single press changes it from solid to color changing and pushing the button a single time again on the color you want it to stay at will change it to the solid state again. It starts at red so I really didn't have to change it, but I needed to know how for the purpose of this review.

Motion Bowl 2

It takes three AAA batteries which are not included. The actual light that goes in the toilet is on the end of a flexible piece of plastic that has a wire inside of it that you bend to fit your toilet. This design makes it so it can fit on any toilet. You just adjust where the bend is. The motion sensor is on the outside of the toilet so the toilet can light up before you start going. This also keep the actual battery part away from the water in the toilet bowl.

Motion Bowl 3

I didn't tell my husband that I was putting this on our toilet. I wanted to see or rather hear his reaction when he discovered it. He noticed it before we went to bed though, so the complete surprise was missed. He really liked the idea when I described what would happen in the night. That night, when he had to get up to pee, he told me that he was a little startled when the toilet lit up at first. Even though he knew it was going to happen, his brain didn't register it immediately. We've had it on the toilet for about four days now. He is no longer startled by it. I literally asked him while writing this review what he thought of it and he loves it. However, apparently one of the times I was messing with the button, I did actually change it to the multi-color state. He complained about it changing colors on him. I had to go fix it while working on the review just to make sure that I did it correctly.

Motion Bowl 4Motion Bowl 5Motion Bowl 6Motion Bowl 7Motion Bowl 8Motion Bowl 9

You can purchase Motion Bowl from Amazon at*Version*=1&*entries*=0