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Thursday, July 24, 2014

#ProductReview: Tablet Cover by Geekify Inc.


I am a geek, the model building, dice slinging, character painting, board gaming, and noncollectable card game type. I freely admit it and am rather proud of it. I may not be in the know about everything having to do with a geek topic, but I know enough to hold a decent conversation. In the world of geeks, we love our gadgets. We have two smart phones, a kindle fire HD, a tablet, and too many game systems to count or list. We also love to watch tv shows that are based on books and games that we have read/played. Well, there's a company out there that combines both of these! You can get a table cover that is tied to your favorite games and tv series. Geekify makes tablet covers, pendants, and other random geek objects. I found them when I was looking for a tablet cover for my husband's tablet. They were the only place that I could find a dragon cover that I was interested in, but they had several that were up for consideration.

After talking to them about the type of tablet my husband has, we decided to get a Game of Thrones inspired cover. We picked out the House of Stark cover which has the House of Stark family crest. Here are pictures of the actual cover.

House of Stark Tablet Cover 1
House of Stark Tablet Cover 2
House of Stark Tablet Cover 3
House of Stark Tablet Cover 4

The cover is very well made. I was afraid at first that the crest wouldn't stay on because it looked like it was just glued on, but we have had it for over two months now and it is holding up fine. You can see that the tablet fits, but I will tell you that it was a tight squeeze to get it in at first. I show you how the tablet looks from the top to demonstrate that you can still easily plug it in to charge. It is kind of hard to get the stylus out though. My husband tends to take the tablet out if he needs to use the stylus. What we both really like is that the cover lays completely flt when it is closed meaning that the "binding" side was made just the right way.

Other than not being able to use the stylus easily, the only other complaint my husband has had about the cover is that his tablet is magnetized. We sent the product link to them when we asked for the cover to be made, so it should have mentioned in the product description that the back of the tablet was magnetized. It's not really a complaint, but he thought that the tablet cover would have a magnet in the back to help hold the tablet in without having to have the straps at the top. If it had been made with the magnets, the stylus wouldn't have been so hard to get out around the straps at the top. This is rather a nitpicky thing because it means that the cover would have to have been made to the exact specs of his specific tablet. However, this might be something for them to consider in the future because more tablets might be made with magnets in the future.

Myst Tablet Cover

It's a great cover and I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for something a little more unique than the standard tablet covers that most people make. They have one that looks like The Neverending Story, The Labyrinth, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Myst, and many more. You can check out all their products at Also check out their Facebook andTwitter pages.