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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Personal update: Trying to grow the Family

Drake Seabolt

Many of my Facebook followers know that I am trying to get pregnant. Well since my ConceiveEasy review get the most traffic on my blog, and you have been keeping up with how things have been going with me through the comments section there, I figured I would give a more formal update. The picture above is of my son Drake (taken April 2010). I love that picture so much. He just looks so perfect. Anyways...back to task here. Let's start with some history.


I have had two ectopic pregnancies since my son was born. One was in March 2011 and the second was in August 2011. The first pregnancy was a big shock to us. We weren't ready at all for another baby. My son was really horrible early on with his acid reflux. We slept very very little for the first six months. We were shocked by the pregnancy, but I knew right away that something was wrong. Call it instinct, but I called the doctor immediately after taking the test and told that that I felt like something was wrong. Two weeks later I had to have a shot of chemo to kill the cells because the egg was stuck in my Fallopian tube which meant it would eventually die and possible kill me as well. While it was very upsetting, it was a blessing that I realized there was a problem before it was too late.

The second ectopic was a little less of a shock, but once again I was very concerned at the start of the pregnancy. I was bleeding all the time which I did with the first ectopic and did not do with my son. There were other things that just felt off to me, but my blood tests indicated that it was possible that I conceived later than I thought I did. The baby was growing just based on the dates I gave the doctor it was two weeks younger than it should have been. After a month of bi-weekly tests, the doctor ordered an ultrasound. We were starting to get excited by this point and were even picking out names. Sadly, they could not find the egg in the ultrasound. It turns out that sometimes the eggs don't stick in the tubes. They can get stuck in the ovary or even travel out of the uterus to get stuck in random locations in the body. We *think* mine was so close to the ovary that we couldn't tell it was there. This pregnancy was devastating. I was literally heartbroken because I had convinced myself that it was my baby girl. It took me nearly six months to recover. I buried myself in books which also ended up turning my blog into what it is today.

Everything happens in our lives for a reason. I firmly believe that. I believe in God and yes he is supposed to only give us as much as we can handle, but I do sometimes question his logic. I love where I am at in my life now. I love reading and reviewing books. I love interviewing authors. I love that I have been inspired enough to start my own book series. Lately though I find myself questioning why I had to lose two babies and cannot seem to get pregnant again. This is called Secondary Infertility. I carried my son with very little complications, but now cannot get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term. I was really hopeful this month, but I am still not pregnant unless what I am experiencing today is implantation bleeding. Doubtful. I will let you know if that diagnosis changes.

Is there anyone else out there that has gone through a similar experience to me? What did you do to have another child? Any tips/tricks are very welcome. I am sure that many of my readers would be happy to get the information. Every woman that wants to be a mom deserves the opportunity to make it happen. So let me know!