Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#ProductReview: Kidecals Personalized Labels @kidecals

Kidecals 1

If you have kids, you will find that there are times when you just want to write your kid's name across the front of their stuff so they know it is there's and so other people don't take it. Heck, you may feel this way about your own things whether you have kids or not. Most of the time using a permanent marker really isn't the best choice even though I know I do it. Permanent marker on some items will eventually rub or wash off, so it isn't even that permanent of an option. I remember using one of those label guns back in the '80's that made small strip labels that weren't very flexible and nearly impossible to remove later on. I love it. I labeled all my things. I haven't seen one of those guns in ages though, so I have looked for other labeling options. You can print your own in your own printer, but they will eventually be no good. So the labels need to be made of something that doesn't easily rip or fade.

Kidecals 2
Kidecals 3

Kidecals has a solution to this dilemma. Their labels are flexible/malleable without tearing easily or disintegrating in the wash. They are dishwasher safe, washer safe, dryer safe, and microwave safe. With all those options, it is pretty safe to say that they are fridge and freezer safe, but don't hold me to that. You might be thinking, "How can they be washer and dryer safe?" They recommend that you put them on the tags of clothing because they will hold better there, but you can actually put them say on the inside of a jacket and wash the jacket. Your label should stay put. I can't tell you what they are made out of, but they are BPA free. They feel like vinyl, but I don't think that is what they are.

Kidecals 4
Kidecals 5

I have been sticking my labels on all kinds of things. We have a lot of gadgets in our house, so I immediately thought to put them on those. I put them on our sippy cups so we don't lose them when we go out. They are inside of my kids jackets since we are in that awkward season where you need a jacket in the morning, but not always in the afternoon. I labeled various school items for my kindergartner. If your kids go to daycare, you can put these labels on literally everything you are required to take to daycare.

On the kidecals.com website, you can completely customize labels to fit any need. Simply pick out the type of label you want and select customize. They have labels specifically for keyboards, canning jars, walls, school, by gender, by activity, etc. There are tons of options. You can write anything on them, change the size of the font, and even change the color scheme. Use them to advertise food allergies, personal issues like autism, home addresses, and anything else you can think. Those are some of the options that I think would be extremely helpful. You can put an allergy sticker on you child's shirt every time they go somewhere if it is something severe enough that everyone should know. It could be something that saves your child's life.

Kidecals 6

Overall I love these labels. I didn't know what all to demonstrate in my video for you, so I showed you what happened when it went through the dishwasher. I wanted to demonstrate how waterproof they are and how well they stay in place.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#ProductReview: Halloween Haunters Standing Strobe Reaper Prop #HalloweenHaunters

I love Halloween! It is a tie between Halloween and Christmas for my favorite holidays. I just LOVE to decorate and collect things to decorate with. Christmas is all about homemade crafts, but Halloween is all about the crazy things I can put on my porch and lawn. My kids absolutely love the things that make a lot of noise and if I can set them up to turn on automatically, even better. That's why the Halloween Haunters decorations by TCP Global are perfect for us. In exchange for my honest opinion, I received their Standing Strobe Reaper Prop. There are a lot of different things available, but I liked this one the best.

Halloween Haunters

The reaper comes with everything you need to use it immediately in my video, you will see me take it out of the box, set it up, and immediately use him. Actually, you'll also get to see me fumble around trying to figure out what activates him which takes a little time. You will want to see the whole video though because I turned him on to surprise my son and his friends when they got off the bus. So you get to see three six year olds see it working for the first time in daylight. Anyway, he stands five feet tall. I have him on my porch so he is actually taller than most kids and the same height as the adults that will be walking by for trick or treating. He comes with the poles and stand to stand him upright. His head and arms are repositionable. We ended up eventually putting a hand on the porch railing to help keep him standing up when it is really windy. Otherwise, he stands perfectly. He is mostly made of a really long cloth that covers the stand, but inside of the cloth is his rib cage. I was a little surprised by the rib cage until I turned him on. There is a light inside the rib cage so when he turns on, the ribs are visible through his robe. There are holes cut in the robe that make almost a face. My son had to point that out to me. The head and hands are plastic, but he has lights in his eyes so they turn on as well. He makes scary laughing noises too. The sounds last about a minute.

Now, how he is activated...I thought it was a motion sensor at first, but the sensor is in the back of him which didn't make sense to me. You cannot move the sensor at all. It is sewn into the robes, which is great because you won't pull the cords out of it when you move it around or store it at the end of Halloween. Instead of being motion sensor, it is a sound sensor. If you clap loudly near him, he will go off. I haven't hand him go off from someone talking near him though, so the noise does need to be reasonably loud. I am putting a skull near him that does have a motion sensor so when the skull goes off, it will activate the reaper. We will have a chain of effects going off, but I think it is pretty cool.

He's really sturdy and made of really nice quality materials. My kids play with him every time they go outside and he is still working two weeks later. He came with batteries, which I believe were two double A's. So it doesn't take a lot to keep him powered. I really love him. I wish I could get more items and I really wish I had a tree in the yard because they make a ton of things that hang. We are going to plant a tree this spring, so in the future I will slowly be collecting more items from the Halloween Haunters collection for my tree.

You can purchase the Halloween Haunters Standing Strobe Reaper Prop from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JBD42C8

Saturday, October 15, 2016

#ProductReview: Best 60 colored gel pens ink rainbow art set #promotion

Having a wide range of colors for pens is something that I am very happy to have. Fly Pen has supplied me with a set of 60 different colored gel pens in exchange for my honest opinion. This set comes with its own carrying case that rolls up and ties in order to allow you to carry them with you.

Fly Pen Rainbow Gel Pens 1

There are several types of pens in the set. You have pretty much every color you could need. There are metallics, glitters, neons, and standard colors. I will say that the pens are not labeled so it is kind of hard to figure out which are which. The caps help a little, but I do wish that there was something a little more obvious. The glitter pens have little white dots on the pen casing, so those are easy to identify. The neon colors and standard colors are subject to your opinion on what is actually neon. I decided to organize them in the carrying case so that the neon colors and standard colors are grouped by the color itself, i.e. reds, pinks, blues, etc.

Fly Pen Rainbow Gel Pens 2
Fly Pen Rainbow Gel Pens 3
Fly Pen Rainbow Gel Pens 4
Fly Pen Rainbow Gel Pens 4

The case, that you can see in the first picture, appears to be made out of a nylon or burlap material. The pens fit rather snugly in most of the case and perfectly in about a fifth of the spots. The pens come already in the case and they are in the slots alternating directions. For instance, the cap will be at the top for the first pen and the second will have the cap at the bottom inside of the little pocket flap. That flap is there to help keep the pens from sliding out when you have it rolled up. This method of storing the pens is so that the caps don't all line up causing the pens not to fit.

Fly Pen Rainbow Gel Pens 5
Fly Pen Rainbow Gel Pens 6

Writing with them is a breeze. They appear to have a small roller ball in the tip. They write very smoothly. They also will write on pretty much anything. I want them because the number one thing I want to write on is Aida cloth. If you don't know what that is, it is for cross stitching. I have been cross stitching Christmas stockings for my family and it is way easier if I draw the pattern on the cloth ahead of time. Using different colored pens helps me to identify what color floss I need to use while cross stitching. They work wonderfully for my crafts.

Overall, the pens are great, but I wish they had a color or type written on them to help identify them easier. Also, the carrying case, while extremely handy, needs to be a little longer so that the pens can be put in it a little easier.

You can purchase the Best 60 colored gel pens ink rainbow art set by Fly Pen from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01FPSCNLU

Monday, October 3, 2016

#ProductReview: Onairmall Moon Love Heart Luminous Necklace #GlowInTheDarkNecklace

Halloween is just around the corner. It's time to stock up on things that can be used for decorations or costumes. Every year that I was of trick-or-treating age, my mom would dress up as a witch. She had a hat, black robe, and witch's nose that she would use gum glue to hold onto her face. She even painted her face green. I figure that there will come a day when I do the same thing and reuse the same costume over and over to take my kids out trick-or-treating. Onairmll has supplied me with the perfect necklace for my future witch costume in exchange for my honest opinion. It is a silver looking moon with a dangling heart that has a stone that glows in the dark. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Onairmall 1

This necklace is made of copper with white gold plating. It comes with the chain which is approximately 16 inches with an inch and a half extension. It has a crab claw clasp. The pendant itself is fairly sturdy, but I wouldn't wear it all the time. Being that it is made from a soft metal, it can be bent and possibly broken. A great piece to wear with a costume though. The little dangling heart is made like a locket. If the ring that holds it on the moon ever breaks, it can come open causing you to lose the glow in the dark stone. I would be careful with that portion. On the other hand, you can use this knowledge to change out the colored stone as well.

I found that when I left it under the lights in my kitchen, it glowed at night, but it was very subtle. Instead, it works better if you let it soak up sunlight. I hung it on my canopy outside and let it soak up sun for a whole day and it glowed bright enough to capture in my video. It's not super bright. Someone standing ten feet away probably would not be able to see it. However, it has a very nice glow. You will have to look at the video carefully. I could not get my camera to focus on is while I was wearing it in the dark, so no good glowing pictures of me wearing it.

You can purchase Onairmall Moon Love Heart Luminous Necklace from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I1FAC94

Monday, September 26, 2016

#ProductReview: Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover #seatcover

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 1

It may seem a little early to be considering purchasing things for Christmas, but for me, I shop all year round. I look at the Christmas decorations when I go to yard sales. I am currently cross-stitching a Christmas stocking for my youngest because I want it finished in time to use for this Christmas. I love Christmas and that's why I wanted to do this review. I have a half bathroom on the first floor of my house which is the bathroom pretty much every visitor uses. I have always wanted to completely overhaul it for my Christmas Eve Party, but I really didn't know what I wanted to do with it. Well I have been supplied with one Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover set that will now be my solution to this dilemma.

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 2
Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 3

This is a four piece set. It includes the actual toilet seat cover, a rug for around the bottom of the toilet, a cover for the top of the toilet and a Kleenex box cover. It is made out of 100% polyester according to the tags. It feels a lot like felt though for most of it. The beard for Santa is a different material, but I couldn't tell you exactly what that is. Important to note is that it says dry clean only. You cannot wash any of the pieces in you home washing machine. I think that is because some of the embellishments re hot glued on instead of sewn. For me, that restricts me to using the decoration for only my Christmas Eve party until my little kids get bigger. I'm potty training my middle child, so I'm afraid accidents will ruin it if I leave it out for the entire holiday season. It's a really cute design.

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 6

I love Santa's face and the top part of the set, when you actually have a kleenex box in use will look like Santa's hat. You need the kleenex to show the white tuft on the hat. I don't keep kleenex in my bathroom because it is game for my kids to pull all the pieces out of it.

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 4
Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 5

My biggest complaint, other than my kids not letting me use it for the entire month of December, is that the piece that goes on top of the toilet is really big. It has elastic to hold it on the toilet top, but it just appears stretched out when it is hanging over it. I realize that this design it to make sure it will fit on nearly every style of toilet, but Santa's face is a bit tight to get on and I know that there are different sized toilet lids. It seems like the toilet top part should be a tight fit too. It's really a minor complaint. It still looks good all together in the bathroom.

A note about the rug, it does have some kind of padding inside of it. Just a little bit of foam to cushion your feet. The underneath is a piece of cloth that feels a little thin to me. It has those little rubber non-slip dots on it to help hold it in place. It's super cute. Just try not to get anything on it since you have to dry clean it.

Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover 7

I really love the design. I wish it were machine washable so I could use it more.

You can purchase this Christmas Santa Toilet Seat cover from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P66DBS6

Thursday, September 1, 2016

#ProductReview: Jar, Bottle & Can Opener By PumpkinStore #jaropenerpumpkinstore

My dad used to say that if you gave him a lever long enough, he could move the world. Of course you need more than just the lever, but you get the idea. Well I know lots of people that have trouble opening bottles and jars because they just can't get a good grip on the lids. You need some way to give yourself more leverage in order to twist those lids off. Here's the solution for most household jars, bottles, and cans: PumpkinStore's Jar, Bottle, & Can Opener.

PumpkinStore Jar Opener 1

The idea behind this device is that you put fit the lid into the opener into the hole where it fits tightly. You don't go with the hole that is too big because you need the opener to be able to squeeze tightly on the lid. There are four different sized holes. If your container looks like it could just barely fit in a hole, you can spread the handles in order to make it fit which will actually help with opener in. Once the lid is fit in the device, you squeeze the handles together where it is it most comfortable for your hand, twist, and open the container. There are grooves in the handle to make it more comfortable for your hand and fingers. It is also coated in food grade polypropylene and rubber to make it non-slip.

PumpkinStore Jar Opener 2
PumpkinStore Jar Opener 3

I got this with my mom in mind. For people who have arthritis, doing something as simple as opening a jar can be nearly impossible. She has arthritis really bad in her hands and can barely open jars and bottles. This will give her the leverage she needs and a wide enough grip that she will actually be able to open things again. I will be giving her something that most of us take for granted. She hasn't had a chance to try it out, but I tried it out on four different containers. I really don't understand what cans you would use it on because the different between a can and a jar to me is that a jar has a lid and cans do not. Somehow it can be used on cans though.

You can purchase Jar, Bottle, & Can Opener by PumpkinStore from Amazon at

Saturday, August 27, 2016

#ProductReview: IHome | 5 Ft Purple - Nylon Shielded 2-in-1 Android Micro USB 2.0 & iPhone Lightning Cable #ihome

IHome Charging Cable 1

I recently took a chest of seven drawers and turned it into my charging station for all of our electronic devices. They had been plugged in all around the house, but mostly in my kitchen where I constantly worried about them getting ruined when I was cooking. There are five of us in the house, so we each have our own drawer and then there's a drawer for extra cords and a drawer for the plugs. I am currently trying to find USB surge protectors to review to use instead of the power strips I currently have because that would just make life so much easier. Until that happens I have been replacing the shorter charging cords with longer ones so that it isn't too difficult to plug in each of our devices. Honestly, if I had really thought it through, I would have put all the plugs in the drawer in the middle instead of the bottom one and this would be mush less of a problem. Anyway, the longest cord that I have seen is the five foot IHome Nylon Shielded 2-in-1 Android Micro USB 2.0 and iPhone Lightning Cable. They have supplied me with the purple version in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

IHome Charging Cable 2
IHome Charging Cable 3

The pictures show you my chest of drawers. The cords are all plugged into the surge protectors (power strips) in the bottom drawer and then run up behind the drawers and into the drawer it needs to be in. I have velcro strips behind each drawer to hold the cordsalong the back because some were getting caught on the corners of the drawers. This also makes it easier to locate each cord when then accidentally fall behind the drawer. I have at least two cords per drawer and believe it or not, my laptop even fits in it. However, I obviously used the longest Android Micro cords to stretch to the top drawers and left the shorter ones for the bottom drawers. My Daughter's drawer has been a constant problem. The longest cord I had barely reached into her drawer. With the IHome cable, I seriously considered rearranging all of the cords and using it with the topmost drawer because it not only reaches into my daughter's drawer, but also sticks out about three feet from it. Since it is purple though, her favorite color, the cord remains in her drawer for her kindle fire. The excess cords just makes it so she can sit at the dining room table and have the tablet plugged in while she plays it.

IHome Charging Cable 4

The cord is coated in nylon which makes it sturdier than most cords. I would highly recommend using one of these in your vehicle. It is so easy to have your phone plugged in while driving and then tug a little too hard on it thus causing the rubber coating to break. I have exposed the underlying wires of at least three cords while using them in my truck. Some of that is because they get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter which damages the integrity of the rubber. Mostly though it is from the cords being tugged on. The nylon coating *should* prevent that from happening. I know that I love having it be used for my daughter's tablet because she never actually unplugs it. She just pulls on the tablet until it comes free. That has also damaged a cord or two. The IHome cord has yet to be damaged. Every device that I have plugged into has charged just fine, but I can honestly tell you that I have no idea how long it takes to charge anything. I couldn't tell you those numbers even with their original cords so it doesn't really matter to me how long it takes as long as the device it charged in the morning when I unplug it. So far, everything that has been plugged in has gone from completely dead to fully charged over night.

IHome Charging Cable 5
IHome Charging Cable 6

Now, I don't have any iDevices that use a lightning cable. So I honestly cannot tell you how well the lightning cable portion of it works. I do really love how they have both the Android Micro USB 2.0 plug and the lightning cable plug connected in one single string. They are connected using a piece of elastic. The Android plug fits inside of the Lightning cable portion without stretching the elastic. That will hopefully keep the elastic lasting longer.

I absolutely love this cable. I need at least three more...maybe more than that. With the five foot length, I will have no problems with any thing in the charging drawers being able to reach their cords. We could even open the drawers completely without worrying about them coming unplugged from the power strips below (which has happened with other cords). It comes in Navy, Black, Purple, and Pink so we can identify whose cord is whose easier. I hope they come out with even more colors though. A red and orange would be great so each family member can have their favorite color. I need them for my vehicles as well. I absolutely love this cord!

You can purchase the IHome | 5 Ft Purple - Nylon Shielded 2-in-1 Android Micro USB 2.0 & iPhone Lightning Cable (also available in other colors) From Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/iHome-Ft-Purple-Shielded-Lightning/dp/B00XI4VIHO?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Thursday, August 25, 2016

#ProductReview: 16 inch Collapsible Mesh Food Cover Tent Umbrella Set #FoodTent

I realize that summer is starting to wind down and the outdoor activities are probably going to stop soon (unless you live in a warmer climate than I do), but I have a product worth looking into for the remaining outdoor activities you may have planned. Perhaps you have a Labor Day party coming. Oaklyn's 16 inch Collapsible Mesh Food Tents are perfect for such an occasion. I have received a set of four food tents in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Each tent stands about 9 inches tall in the center. They say they have 16 inche square base, but I measured mine to be closer to 17 inches. Each one is white mesh which makes it easy to see inside of the tent to see what food you are protecting and so you can still smell the food as well. The mesh keeps bugs from getting to your food and may even help deter your pets from going after it as well. I have to warn you about two things though. If you put your food on a surface with holes and cover it with the tent, bugs can still get to it through the holes in the table. Seems like "Duh", but I didn't even think about the decorative holes in the middles of our picnic table and the tent didn't help completely protect the food because of it. The other thing is that they are extremely lightweight. If there's a good enough breeze, the tents can be blown off of the food. On windy days, you will want to put something on the excess mesh at the bottom to help hold the tents in place. You could even get some heavy duty magnets and just put two magnets in each corner of the tent to help weight it down.

The mesh is removable. They are an umbrella like structure so you can very carefully remove the mesh in order to wash it if ever needed. I would recommend putting the mesh in a garment bag if you ever do need to wash them just because in my experience, mesh is very easy to catch on things like buttons, zippers, or embellishments from other clothes. Getting a hole in the mesh would render the tent useless. Overall, an excellent product. I need to get magnets to weight them down for the coming windy weather, but I'm sure they will get a ton of use during our billions of fall birthdays coming up.

You can purchase Oaklyn's 16 inch Collapsible Mesh Food Cover Tents Umbrella Set from Amazon at http://amzn.to/2bZwKHY

Monday, August 15, 2016

#ProductReview: Garden Dragonfly Butterfly Stakes #Carry360

I have four rose bushes in front of my house. Only one bush has been there for a while and I planted three more at the beginning of summer. Being that they are still so small, I have been wanting to fill in the flower bed with something else to take away from all the empty space. Since I didn't want other flowers to take away from my roses, I went looking for some kind of neat decoration that would not be permanent. Carry 360 has some unique ways to spice up your garden. I received a pack of twelve butterfly stakes and eight dragonfly stakes in exchange for my honest opinion. I have received no other compensation for this review.

Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 1

The butterflies and dragonflies are made from plastic. They are thick enough to be sturdy against the wind and rain, but flexible enough to to look like their wings flap. The stakes and how they are held together is metal. Each one is attached to the stake using a spring so they will wiggle. Each is brightly colored and very detailed. They are very beautiful. My kids immediately thought I had real butterflies and dragonflies flying around when they saw them outside. I had every intention of removing some of the butterflies to use for decorations in my daughter's bedroom because they are completely usable for other things than just garden decorations. I didn't get that far because the kids kept trying to play with them. The ones in my rose garden have held up fantastic with torrential downpours and very high winds. They don't hold up as well when the kids are flapping their wings and running through the house. They were able to pull the wings out of a couple butterflies before their hardiness. Overall they are very well made and put together. They are perfect for decorations. If you let the kids play with them, I would keep a close eye on all the pieces. I took one off of the stake just to make sure the little metal spring didn't end up in my infant's mouth. Otherwise, they love them.

Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 2
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 3
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 4
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 5
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 6
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 7
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 8
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 9
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 10
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 11
Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 12

They look great in my garden. They are super easy to put into place. They hold up really well for their primary purpose.

Carry360 Dragonfly Butterfly Garden Stakes 13

You can purchase the Garden Dragonfly Butterfly Stakes from Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Carry360-Dragonfly-Butterfly-Decorations-Multicolor/dp/B01IT81SBO?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0