Thursday, December 31, 2015

#ProductReview: Backseat Car Organizer & Visor Protector by Fancy Mobility #FancyMobility

Fancy Mobility 1

If you have kids, your car will become a storage zone and massive mess. It's impossible to go out with kids without taking a few toys, snacks, drinks, etc. Those things inevitably get dropped and spilled. They roll under the seats. They get stuck in carseats. Even if you don't have kids, if you are in your car for long periods of time, you will inevitably drop something. You'll tell yourself that you will remember to pick it up when you get back home, but something else will probably distract you from remembering. Well what about the stuff that is actually supposed to be in your car? Where do you put those things and keep them from getting messed up with the other stuff that is brought in during every trip? What you need is a place to put the things that are actually meant to be in the vehicle that keeps it away from bottomless pit called the floor.

Fancy Mobility 2

The Backseat organizer has two large pockets (one with a velcro flap cover), two medium pockets, two medium mesh pockets, and ten small mesh pockets. It attaches to the seat with two straps that have plastic clips which can be adjusted in tightness to fit your seat. Finally, there's a single strap on the top left side that has a snap button. You can hang something from this strap that you might be able to reach from the front seat. The visor protector has two mesh pockets and two elastic loops that you can slide pens into. You can use this backseat organizer as a seat back protector if you leave it empty. It holds quite a bit of stuff, but the best way for you to understand that is to see it. So I took a bunch of pictures to show you how it attaches to seat and how many blocks I can fit in it. I used blocks because I had a bag of 100 and wanted to see exactly how many would fit.

Fancy Mobility 3
Fancy Mobility 4
Fancy Mobility 5
Fancy Mobility 6
Fancy Mobility 7
Fancy Mobility 9
Fancy Mobility 10
Fancy Mobility 11

The Visor Protector is something I've never really had before having this one. I can see where it is useful. Unfortunately both of my visors have mirrors, so now my passenger mirror is unusable. That aside, the elastic straps slide onto the visor easily and hold it very snug. I can easily put a couple pieces of paper into the one big pouch. I think I might actually try to find the instructions books for my kids car seats to store in it. I can put pens in it which be a life saver when running to the grocery store with three kids (I tend to forget a pen).

Fancy Mobility 12
Fancy Mobility 13

You can purchase the Fancy Mobility Backseat Car Organizer and Visor Protector on Amazon at

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#ProductReview: Norcho Fluffy Chenille Microfiber Bath Rug #norcho

Norcho Bath Rug 1

Bath rugs are something we pretty much all need and some of us are pickier than others about which ones we like. I purchased your standard style of fuzzy rug for around the toilet from K-mart a year ago and honestly, I can't stand it. It's made very much like most bath rugs, so I never bothered to buy a rug for our shower or tubs. I wash the toilet rug and it sheds in the laundry. I end up with lint all over other items washed with it. What I really wanted and needed was a bath rug that wouldn't shed and would hold water.

Instead of having the rugs that I dislike in front of our shower and tubs, we've been using towels which hold water, but still leave puddles on the floor. Towels slide causing a danger to anyone walking on them which is the other reason for needing a rug. Rugs normally have a no slip on the bottom. I'm rambling a bit here, but that's because I'm picky about rugs.

Norcho Bath Rug 2
Norcho Bath Rug 3

Norcho has provided me with their Fluffy Chenille Microfiber Bath Rug for my honest opinion. I received no other compensation for this review. That said, this rug is awesome! As you can see in the picture above, I put it in front of our standing shower. The shower gets used more than either of the tubs, so we felt it would get the best review here. It is one of the softest rugs I have ever stepped on in a bathroom. Soft and super absorbent. When you step out of the shower onto the rug, your feet dry almost instantaneously. You can stand on it and drip for a while, the rug doesn't move. You can see the picture of the back of the rug. It's not super stiff. It's rubbery so it won't slide. The top of the rug has long, thick fibers that comfort your feet and massage them while they get dry. Since they dry so fast, you don't have to stand there very long which means the rug doesn't collect so much water to leave any puddles. It's pretty amazing. My husband is absolutely in love with it. We have decided that we need one for my tub and we need a long skinny one for the kids tub. I don't know if they have one that has the measurement necessary for the kids bath tub, but I'm certainly going to look.

This rug is specifically Smoky Gray, 32x20x0.6 inch, 860g/29.4oz, and made of chenille.

WE LOVE IT! **Sorry there's no video this time. We didn't feel comfortable taking one of us getting out of the shower to use the rug.**

You can purchase this bath rug (when it is available again) on Amazon at

Monday, December 28, 2015

#ProductReview: Fé Fit Women's Workout Program #FeFitWorkOut #tomoson

Fé Fit 1

On November 30th I was released for physical activity after my six week post pardum check up. I was actually extremely tired and fighting walking pneumonia right then, but anxious to get exercising again. At my check up, I asked the doctor for tips to get my flabby stomach back to its tight sleek self. While this was my third kid, I didn't have the stretched out skin with the other two that I do now. The difference this time is that I didn't have a lot of extra weight prior to getting pregnant and I managed not to gain a bunch while pregnant. My skin actually stretched instead of fat just moving around. The advice my doctor gave me was to eat healthy (difficult around Christmas) and get exercise. Exercise will help tight the muscles which will pull the skin back to normal. She recommended doing Yoga or Pilates.

Fé Fit 6

It was time to figure out what I want to do to get my body back. It's a work in progress, but I was given the 90 day Fé Fit Women's Workout Program to try out and review within 14 days. I received no other compensation for my honest opinion of this product. Obviously I am not back in the shape the way I want to be, but after a whole week of the program, I feel confident in my findings about this program.

Fé Fit 2
Fé Fit 3
Fé Fit 4
Fé Fit 5

In the box you get what is pictured above. You have eight dvds of workout programs that are 30 minutes or less. You have an instruction book that tells you how to use the program, five different 90 day challenges, a list of required equipment, a body measurements chart, and ten steps to healthy habits. Since my three kids don't let me workout easily and I didn't know how much I would be able to do physically, I chose to start with the three times a week program. Honestly, I think this is the best way to do the challenge. By starting with the 3x a week program, you actually have over a years worth of exercises that you can do. Five challenges give you even more for your money. Yes, you will eventually be able to do the exercises easily, but that really shouldn't matter. You'll be getting exercise and targeting the areas that drive all women crazy. Constant exercise will help keep you healthy instead of just getting back into shape in 90 days and then stopping abruptly. You are also given 90 stickers to place on each day that you complete. My box came with a bonus 21 day challenge and a postcard note telling you about their facebook group. It's private. If you need someone to help encourage you to keep going, this is where you can go. You can also ask about other healthy tips and hear success stories.

So the first thing that I was actually a little disappointed with was the required exercise equipment. I didn't expect to need anything extra and therefore didn't have the requires things. Under normal circumstances, this would not be an issue. However, I had a limited amount of time to write this review and Christmas hit right in the middle of it. I didn't have the extra money to go buy the 3lb dumbbells, resistance band, pilates toning circle, or yoga mat. You don't have to have these to do everything though, so I made do with somethings around the house.

Fé Fit 7

In the picture above, there are two electric drills that weigh somewhere between 3 and 5 lbs and a bungee cord. The drills actually worked great as weights. I have to hold them just the right way so that I don't drop them for certain exercises. The bungee cord ended up not being long enough to use as a resistance band, but the exercises that used it were doable without the resistance band. I have not encountered a workout that uses the pilates toning circle yet and I really don't know what to use instead, but perhaps I'll be able to buy one before I need it. The yoga mat really isn't necessary for me because I am doing my exercising on carpet that I don't slide around on.

The first week's worth of workouts were extremely tough for me. I learned that I am way more out of shape than I thought I was. I honestly am not sure that I will be able to keep up with the women in the video the first time I go through the full 90 days. I might not even be able to keep up after a second 90 days. Everything they are doing is very doable though. It's not like you have to be a gymnast to do them. I'm just that out of shape. I know that over time I will get stronger and have more balance. Each workout is less than 30 minutes, so you don't get so tired and sore that you can't move later. You do just enough to help build muscle and tone your body without being exhausted. Since this program is supposed to be great for women who have just had babies (like me), it's really good to still be able to move when you are finished. I will say that after one week, I already feel better about myself when I really have been struggling with my body image lately.

Now for some results. Keep in mind, this is after one week and I will be starting the program over after the new year because the holidays made it impossible to follow the recommended program. You are supposed to take measurements on days 1, 30, 60, and 90. There's an aerobic and strength test chart too to help you determine how much you have grown stronger. Honestly, I forgot to do the strength test, but when I start over, I won't forget again.

Fé Fit 8

Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI)Waist CircumferenceHip Circumference
Body MeasurementsDay 1Day 7
Right Bicep Circumference12.5"12.5"
Left Bicep Circumference12.375"12.5"
Right Thigh Circumference26"25.75"
Left Thigh Circumference25.75"25.75"
Right Calf Circumference16"15.875"
Left Calf Circumference16.25"15.75"

As you can see, some areas of my body did actually decrease. The most notable being my Hip Circumference. This is one of my most problematic areas, so I was very surprised by the change is size. I feel very strongly that the program is working great and will actually help the areas of my body that drive me crazy. The only area that isn't measured that I want worked on desperately is the area above the bra strap and under the arms. When I start over, I think I might just measure that area and add it to the list because that is the one place I want to decrease perhaps more than any other area. I long to have bras that fit and not chafe.

IT WORKS! I will be starting over after the holidays and I will be using all five workouts.

You can purchase this amazing 90 day women's workout program on Amazon at

#ProductReview: Saganizer Grocery Bag Holder #bagholder #tomoson

I collect grocery bags to use for collecting dog poop and for other random uses. Mostly I use them for dog poop though. I save enough from two to three grocery trips to last me about four months. Up until this review, I have used one of those cloth bags that you can find hanging in a random grocery store aisle to hold my bags. However, I have not had a very good place to store the cloth bag holder. I actually had it hanging from a hanger in my laundry room (which is connected to the kitchen). I was very happy when I received the opportunity to review the Saganizer Grocery Bag Holder for my honest opinion. I have received no compensation other than the product for this review.

Grocery Bag Holder 1
Grocery Bag Holder 2
Grocery Bag Holder 3

It's stainless steel, which matches everything else in my kitchen. You simply mount it to the wall and fill with grocery bags. Very simple to install and use. I actually took a video of me putting it up so you can see how to do it. I will admit, I'm a do-it-yourself kind of girl, so I know a little bit about tools. I've made tables and shelves from planks of wood. It's not unusual for me to do something like this without any help. However, It really isn't hard at all. You will see in the video that it took me three different drill bits until I figured out which was the right one for the wall mounts. The ones that come with it are plastic. From past experience, I know that these are very easy to break or to smash to where you can't use them. You don't have to be super careful, but you don't want to drill a hole and then just pound them into the wall with a hammer. You also don't want to hammer them so far into the wall that they go all the way through. Err on the side of caution and use smaller drill bits than you might think you need and gradually work up to one that allows you to put the wall mount into the hole so that it is still snug. I ended up using a 316

Grocery Bag Holder 4

It holds a lot of grocery bags. I didn't count them. I just took what I had and filled it. I would guess it was about 20 bags. When I pull bags out of it, it doesn't wobble. It holds firmly to the wall. What more can I say about it? It does exactly what it is supposed to do and I am very happy with it.

You can purchase a Saganizer Grocery Bag Holder on Amazon at

Sunday, December 27, 2015

#ProductReview: BasicsBest Reusable Food Pouches #Planepouch #tomoson

BasicsBest 1

My daughter will eat just about anything, but since she discovered candy, it has been more difficult to get her to continue to eat fruit and veggies. She also stopped wanting to drink her milk which makes the pediatrician extremely unhappy. I started buying yogurt in these self-feeding food pouches to see if I could increase her dairy intake. She absolutely loved them and now eats a ton of yogurt. However, the grocery store only has two flavors that I am willing to buy and only one that I am not willing to buy. I started buying cups of yogurt to get her to eat other fruits mixed in with her yogurt, but boy was it messy! I needed something that would allow her to feed herself and still have her yogurt. When I discovered that BasicsBest need people to try out their Reusable Food Pouches, I jumped on the opportunity. They provided me with six pouches for my honest opinion.

BasicsBest 2

These pouches are BPA Free, PVC Free, Phthalate free, lead free, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. You can fill them as easily as with a funnel, spoon or pitcher. The bottoms a re a ziploc style zipper. They are really difficult to zip and to open, but that is a good thing since children won't be able to open it. You won't have to worry about the food you put in them spilling out all over the place. I have put applesauce and yogurt in them and they have worked great. I am able to get my daughter to eat healthier simply by using reusable food pouches. She gets to feed herself and I even let her pick out the one she wants. The pouches have a place for you to write what is in them, but I have yet to figure out what writing utensil I should use so the writing comes off later. My plan is to get some stickers to represent the fruit that is in the pouch so my daughter can pick exactly what she wants. Either that or I am going to paint the caps. She used to pick her yogurt based on the color of the cap. I am thinking of using nail polish so she can identify what she wants.

BasicsBest 3

The fact that I am trying to figure out ways to label the pouches so my daughter can identify them should tell you how much I love these! I have an infant right now and when he is ready for pureed foods, I just may start him using the pouches right away. It just may make my life easier if he can feed himself faster since I have three kids to deal with on a daily basis. I love them. One word of warning. They say dishwasher safe, but I can't figure out how to put them in the dishwasher to guarantee they get completely clean. I have been washing them with my baby bottle brush because your standard dish scrub brush doesn't fit easily inside the pouch. Other than that, they are fantastic!

You can purchase BasicsBest Reusable Food Pouches on Amazon at

#ProductReview: Get Childish's Glow in the Dark Stars #TheGlowersByGetChildishReleaseTheKidInYou


I love to look at the stars. I always have and I know that there are very few people that don't enjoy it. Many of us have dreamed of having a view of the stars from the comfort of our own bed. Heck, that's why they make hammocks. Of course, without having a a skylight or glass roof, the only way to see the stars is to go outside. There's an alternative though. You can get glow in the dark stars to put on your walls and ceiling. I never had them growing up, but I knew lots of people that did have them. The most common issue that I remember is that they would fall off the ceiling. Most fake stars are a hard plastic and held on to the ceiling/walls using a putty. I bought a set for my son and affixed them to his ceiling as best as I could. They don't come with enough putty to really make they stay. Honestly, I don't even know where to find the stuff they give you. I have seen putty used to hold posters on walls, but that was years ago. So what do you do? Keep putting them back up every time they fall? I have been finding stars all over my house because every time they fall, my kids wander off with them. After two weeks, my son only had about five stars left on his ceiling.

Get Childish 2

Well there's another alternative now! You can get glow in the dark star stickers. Get Childish has created a set of stars, planets, and other space items that are stickers, but still pretty hard so that they don't peel. The thickness also allows for them to glow stronger and longer than your traditional plastic stars. The various shapes create a more unique planetary system for you or your child's enjoyment. Best of all, you get 50 of them! I was able to put a good many of them on my son's ceiling and then I put the rest on my daughter's walls.

Get Childish 3

Did you catch that? I didn't put them on the ceiling in my daughter's room for a reason. My ceilings are textured. You get two sizes of stars and the big ones really don't work on textured ceilings. In the time it took me to put about 25 stickers on the ceiling, one big star fell down. Not much sticks to textured ceilings, so I really wasn't surprised when one fell. It just leaves me to recommend that the big stars get put on walls instead of textured ceilings. Although, I was able to find some flatter sections that have held the big stars.

My son absolutely loves these stars. They glow so bright that I can actually take pictures of them glowing in the dark. My kids turn on the lights during the day so the stars can soak up the light and then hours later they turn them off to look at them. I had only intended to put the stars up in my son's room, but my daughter liked them so much that I ended up putting them in her room as well. Now both kids are extremely happy. The quality of these stars is just fantastic. I do wish that they were slightly more flexible so I could stick the bigger ones to the ceiling, but they work on the walls great.

Get Childish 4
Get Childish 5

Since I have been making it a habit to take videos of everything I review, I took a video of me putting the stars up on the ceiling so you can see how easy it is to put them up.

You can check out Get Childish and their other products at and on Facebook at

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#ProductReview: Gummy Bear Mold by Status Kitchen #gummybearmold #tomoson

Gummy Bear Mold 1

While I was pregnant with my third baby, I couldn't get enough Gummy Bears during my first trimester. I couldn't tell you how many I ate. I bought them every week at least once. I thought then, wouldn't it be great to make my own so I only have the flavors I want? I didn't know how to even begin with making them though. When I found out that Status Kitchen was looking for reviewers of the 50 Gummy Bear Mold, I signed up! They gave me a single tray (shown above) for my honest opinion. Now, I didn't end up making gummy bears with it, I made White Chocolate Bears. Now that I am no longer pregnant, gummy bears don't taste the same. I'm sure this will change when the hormones all go back to normal though. I'll be prepared when that happens by having this mold on hand!

To use any silicone baking item, you start by washing it in warm soapy water. Depending on what you are making, you lightly grease it the first time you use it only. I honestly don't know why you only need to do it once, but that's what is recommended. I'll be honest, the idea of greasing the tray before putting chocolate in it sounded gross so I didn't do that. I used it just after I washed it. I melted my white chocolate chunk, which can be found in probably any grocery store right now with all the Christmas baking supplies, in a double boiler. Then you use the supplied dropper to squeeze whatever you are making into the tray. This helps you not to spill it all over the place and make your gummy bears without having overage. I *HIGHLY* recommend that you have a cutting board under the silicone tray when you do this. If you need to move it after filling the tray, you will make a big mess. Being silicone, it is extremely flexible and very easy to dump. Having a small cutting board under it allows you to pick up the cutting board without bending the silicone mold.

Gummy Bear Mold 2
Gummy Bear Mold 3

If you are making chocolate bears, you don't have to move the tray after you fill it. You just let the tray sit while your melted chocolate cools and hardens. Then simply pop the bears out of the tray and enjoy! It is super easy to use and extremely easy to clean.

Gummy Bear Mold 4

I will tell you that I tried to use jello in the mold. I followed the jello instructions and learned that when you want to make "jigglers" (or jello that keeps a certain shape), the instructions on the jello box aren't the ones to use. I have it in the video so you can see what happened. I didn't try to make them a second time as I state that I will in the video just simply because the holidays and three kids have taken up too much of my time to try again yet.

You can purchase the Silicone Gummy Bear mold from Amazon at